CAIR-Michigan Goes After the U.S. Constitution, Again

via CAIR-Michigan Goes After the U.S. Constitution

There they go again. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has just put out an Action Alert that takes direct aim at the Constitution of the United States.

At issue is the Michigan state legislature’s House Bill No. 4769, which looks likely to pass in coming days. Quite simply, that bill states that no foreign law may take precedence over American law or Michigan state law in a Michigan court room.

The key provision of the bill is Section 2, which says:

 “A court, arbitrator, administrative agency, or other adjudicative, mediation, or enforcement authority shall not enforce a foreign law if doing so would violate a right guaranteed by the constitution of this state or of the United States.”

That’s it. Seems pretty straightforward and entirely in keeping with Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, which states:

“This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby…”

So why would CAIR call on its members to oppose legislation that protects all American citizens, upholds the U.S. Constitution and in no way interferes with the right of any individual to freely exercise his or her religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment?

CAIR (a Muslim Brotherhood front group) points to the answer in its own words. Its Action Alert decries “discrimination on followers of a minority faith” and terms the legislation “anti-Islam,” even though there is no mention of Islam or any other faith in the bill.

There’s also no mention of any specific foreign law, just the general proviso that if ever there is a conflict between any foreign law – be it French law, Islamic law, Japanese law, Zambian law or any other – and U.S. and/or Michigan state law, it is the American law and the Michigan law that will prevail.

So, then, in what way is such legislation “anti-Islam”?

It would seem that CAIR is saying that Islam is not just a religion, but actually a legal system (hint: it’s called “sharia.”) This is quite forthcoming of them, because in fact, of course, Islam is not merely about diet/fasting, devotion, prayer, worship, pilgrimage, and proselytizing (Da’wa), which are completely 100% protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. No, as CAIR is rightly pointing out, Islam is also a “complete way of life,” encompassing a legal, military, political, and social system. The name of that “complete way of life” is sharia (Islamic law), which governs every aspect of a Muslim’s life and actually forbids a separation between faith and governance. It is unlawful under sharia for a devout, practicing Muslim to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.”

The CAIR Action Alert against Michigan’s pending legislation perhaps unintentionally illustrates this in a most instructive way.

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16 thoughts on “CAIR-Michigan Goes After the U.S. Constitution, Again

    • A better question is if CAIR is an Unindicted co-conspirator in The Holy land foundation, why are they NOT indicted and why do they and their front organization even still exist in tis country. If they want to in their vile subversion tactics. Why don’t they go back to their sandbox in the Middle East? They are not welcome here.
      PERIOD. I am aware that there are a few Muslims that just want a peaceful existence, but the number of them are far and few between and quite frankly I am tired of wonder which ones are and which ones aren’t . Either they are intimidated by the majority Sharia lovers or they are Stealth Jihadists that don’t have the guts to look someone in the eye and kill them. Either way. Co-exist or get out. If you don’t like the way we live, go to a part of the world that does want to live under the Islamic thumb. But don’t come here and think that we are going to follow a pedelphile dirtbag from 2,0000 years ago by force or subversion. You are sadly mistaken And by the way, Muslims.

      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! We are having ham for Christmas dinner

    • Law Suit against and first hand experience with CAIR attacking our Constitution..
      ## PRESS RELEASE 01-31-2012
      Allegan shut down of “Defending Our Constitution from Enemies Foreign and Domestic” event:

      The Rest of the Story,

      On Tuesday the 24th of January, CAIR (Center of American Islamic Relations) had in fact sent a letter to Allegan High School Administration office, the Allegan County news and others. CAIR is the unindicted coconspirator in a $12,000,000 dollar laundering scheme to finance terrorist groups – Google ref: (the Holy land Foundation Trial 2008) more information about terrorist groups can also be found at resources tab: terrorist. The purpose of this letter from CAIR was to try to stop our Freedom of Speech and Kamal Saleem from speaking. Homeland Security vetted Kamal Saleem, on Friday, January 27th, 2012 saying that Kamal is who he claims to be, clearing him of all CAIR fabricated actuations, General Boykin, former Delta Force Commander, says Kamal is in fact for real!

      About 10 days prior to the event I met with Chief Hoyer to discuss the event: Protecting the Constitution from Enemies Foreign and Domestic, that was going to be held at the Allegan High School on the 26th of January! I told Mr. Hoyer that we were going to have an event that is designed to support and strengthen our constitution! Anyone who attended the event will tell you, “That is exactly what was being done“. I also told Chief Hoyer that Representative Dave Agema would be one of our speakers and that I would like a couple of officers at the event and that Kamal Saleem a FORMER ISLAMIC TERROIST was in fact going to be our main speaker and would be speaking about Sharia law and the Constitution! Mr. Hoyer then said he wasn’t sure if he could afford an officer or not and I mentioned that we could really use at least one, Chief Hoyer then agreed to let me have one officer and that he “WOULD GOOGLE KAMAL SALEEM” and check him out, I then thanked him and left!

      At the event, 3 officers instead of 1 showed up at 5:40 pm, there were no threats; there were no picketers, no protesters. We were about 1/4 of the way through Kamal’s speech, of which, “was about protecting our Constitution from Sharia law” and there were no threats to this event! Kamal Saleem has spoken at several venues consisting of Colleges and Schools, never being shut down, with any threat whatsoever. Kamal’s unarmed body guard had explained that, along with the issue “of the rumors” to the officers in detail, about the price on his head and that it was a rumor from 5 years ago!

      The Sunset Lanes (where we finished the Allegan venue) on the 26th, 1st assembly of God in GR on the 25th, Streeters Center in Traverse City on the 27th and finally the Moline Baptist Church on the 29th
      Of January 2012, with Kamal speaking at each event, were all advertised and accomplished in the same week without any threat to the public, without police presence and without incident!

      I am truly disappointed that more of our elected officials were not present at this important Constitutional event that “for once” actually has some real solutions to the underlying problems that are facing our Constitutional Republic today. I believe that if they were, the shut down would never have happened! IT’s time to take our “HEADS OUT OF THE SAND AND REALIZE THAT WE HAVE A PROBLEM” to aggressively start defending our U.S Constitution and our Country!

      “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to; this is the last stand on Earth.” Ronald Reagan
      More references: Center for Security Policy: Washington DC


      Bill Sage
      Allegan County Commissioner
      Constituting Michigan – founding Principles ##


  2. werent muslims crowing about how they are all in favor of following the laws of the lands they move to? …could this possibly have been …..GASP! a lie???? seems muslims lie about a lot of things …no swimming hole in the WTC mosque either …if shariah is so holy and they cant live without it…would seem logical they move to a muslim controlled country where they can flog themselves on any bloody holiday they choose …just dont plan on forcing it on anyone here…..

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  4. May be O will assist them with Erik Holder in dismantling the constitution and replacing it with sharia. Its one of obamas goats, I mean goals.

  5. no surprise; their main goal is to take over; no matter the cost; they have all the time they need; and if our government doesn’t stop caving in they will achieve their goals; sharia all over the place
    time to lock and load

  6. Soooo…who do I write to…to let them know that I “approve of” and “support” this, House Bill No. 4769?

    AND…who do I write to…to tell them to “take-a-hike”…that filed the “Action Alert?”

  7. there are NO moderate muslims!! they may not all fly hijacked planes into tall buildings, they may not all bomb train stations,shopping centers, tunnels, hotels & US embassies…nor ships in port {the USS cole}. they may not all honor kill their disobedient daughters, nor stab, strangle or stone their wayward wives, BUT, be assured, they are ALL programmed to take over the world & establish the caliphate. their “holy” book gives them permission to acheive that goal by any means…lying, cheating, stealing, murder…anything goes if it’s done in the name of their faux god, allah.

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