Multi-million dollar Muslim food stamp fraud busts in Illinois, Nevada and Utah

Three separate cases mind you, all courtesy of the invaluable Refugee Resettlement Watch website.

First up Utah, 12 food stamp fraud arrests linked to 2 Ogden stores or here Federal warrants served on Ogden stores

OGDEN — A pair of federal indictments unsealed Tuesday allege a dozen people linked to two Ogden convenience stores participated in an elaborate food stamp scam that netted about $8.6 million in USDA benefits.

The stores named in the indictment handed down by a grand jury in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City are Westside Valley Market, 873 W. 24th St., and 9th Street Corner Market, 1390 9th St.

Individuals arrested in connection with Westside Valley Market include:

• Zia Atta, 38, of Ogden.

• Aweas Akbar Al-Quadri, 21, of Ogden.

• Naseer Hamad Durani, 39, of Rocklin, Calif.

• Farad Said Farani, 36, of Ogden.

• Mariana Navarro Farani, 29, of Ogden.

• Seraj Ghasem Pour Babakandi, 23, of West Haven.

•  Shershah Lodin, 39, of Pittsburg, Calif.

Those arrested in connection with 9th Street Corner Market include Atta and:

• Masood Aziz, 36, of Elk Grove, Calif.

• Diana Funez, 19, of Ogden.

• Fidel Funez-Limon, 18, of Ogden.

• Sharara Haidari, 30, of Elk Grove, Calif.

• Siavosh Sabri, 41, of Salt Lake City.

The stores are also named as defendants in the indictment.

The defendants face multiple counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud; wire fraud; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Benefits Program fraud; access device fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering; and money laundering.

The defendants from Utah will make their first appearance in federal court today. If convicted, they face prison sentences ranging from five to 20 years on most of the charges and fines of $250,000.

Federal prosecutors are seeking the seizure of homes in Elk Grove, Thornton and Marysville, Calif.; a home and commercial property in Ogden; several bank accounts; and judgments totaling $7.7 million.

Next up Nevada, Bath salts sales and food stamp fraud earn Reno business owner a trip to prison

Asowadur Khan

A local college student has surrendered to federal authorities to begin serving a six-month prison term related to selling illegal bath salts out of his family’s Reno liquor store and engaging in food stamp fraud at the business.

Nevada U.S. Chief District Court Judge Robert C. Jones sentenced Asowadur Khan, 30, in October. Jones ordered Khan to pay $120,000 in restitution for the money he scammed from the government in the food stamp fraud between 2009 and 2011.

Khan was arrested in February during an undercover investigation by Drug Enforcement Administration investigators at Nahar Food and Discount Liquor, 600 South Virginia St. Khan owned the store with family members.

Khan was booked into the Washoe County jail on Friday and is awaiting transport to federal prison.

Third, in Illinois, Waukegan Grocery Owners Admit Food Stamp Fraud

CHICAGO (CBS) – The owners of a Waukegan grocery store have admitted to stealing nearly $850,000 from the federal food stamp program.

Next up, sentencing for Khaled Saleh and his wife, Fatima, who ran the Sunset Food Market, 1501 Sunset Ave.

 Federal prosecutors are pushing for 2.5 years in prison.

On thousands of occasions, the couple illegally provided cash to customers who made fake purchases on their LINK food stamp cards.

The store owners typically split every dollar 50-50 with the customers — and kept the rest as profit, prosecutors said.

The pair ran the scheme between August 2009 and April 2011, prosecutors said.

More details on all these arrests and many more at RRW.

18 thoughts on “Multi-million dollar Muslim food stamp fraud busts in Illinois, Nevada and Utah

  1. If thats who they really are. Better do DNA screening if it works for these who marry within their immediate family. Many may have multiple identities. Many have multiple wives, who are also sisters and cousins. They are all named mohammed. Canada has some of them as dual welfare collecting residents. Watch for them going over for their welfare checks. Happens frequently. Some have citizenship under many names. They have no redeeming qualities, whatsoever.
    Some idiot church or well meaning liberal is responsible for bringing these parasites in, no doubt.

  2. It’s great to have so many of these wonderful, multicultural magots in the country, isn’t it? Man, how I LOVE diversity!

    When can we bring in a few hundred more planeloads so I can start paying more taxes? I just LOVE paying more jizya, don’t you?

  3. All these bastards should be deported and their places of business closed or burned down. While were at it, lets end the immigration of these scumbags leaches that come here and take advantage of the system that Muslim Obama made so easy to get on.

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  8. Ahhh what a surprise! All are scummy MUZRATTS probably “immigrants” I love the way they repay their host country with fraud, abuse and terror.. All the while bitching and moaning about every slight that happens to them… They should all be deported after they serve their sentences their families with them.. If this govt ever awakens from its multicultural nightmare. They’ll see that the ones that are here respond to harsh measures not Molly coddling like we’re doing they have no respect for the country or its laws just like the 49 million in Europe they despise us for having built great countries but they don’t want democracy they just want the hand outs leaving them time to bitch moan and present frivolous lawsuits against Americans and it gives the. Time yo plot other ways to wage jihad against this land! 2 more years of obola?’ Don’t think we’ll last until we can bote someone else in… A coup by the military chiefs is what we need yo sort the traitor our along with his nepharious acolytes… Then turn the country over to Paul rand and bobby jindal who call a muslim terrorist a muslim terrorist!! Errr this shit makes my blood boil!!

  9. You want to open the border to all these people so that they can depleat our welfare system. Deprive the people that really qualify for help. There will be no money left if this continues much longer. This needs to be addressed immediately with harsh punishment for those that are fraudulently using our system. Wake up America! This is inexcusable there is no excuse that these people should not be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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