Obama defends another Muslim country, sends Patriot missiles, U.S. troops to Turkey

Whiskey, tango, foxtrot? via Panetta signs order to send Patriot missiles, U.S. troops to Turkey – CBS News.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has signed an order to send two U.S. Patriot missile batteries to Turkey, along with about 400 troops to secure and operate them along the country’s southern border with Syria, he told CBS News on Friday.

The deployment, confirmed by Panetta to CBS Radio News correspondent Cami McCormick aboard a flight from Afghanistan to Turkey, is part of a NATO effort to help shield Turkey from any missiles fired by Syria, and it came as the defense chief said for the first time that previous intelligence indicated the Syrian regime was “very serious about potentially using” chemical weapons.


“Turkey is a strong ally of the United States,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little told reporters during the flight shortly after the order was signed.

Obama said Israel could defend itself from Hamas attacks so why can’t Turkey defend itself? Meanwhile, the U.S. has troops in Jordan, now Turkey, some “non-combat” contingent in Iraq and who knows what in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Interestingly, while Obama  won’t defend Israel, the U.S. is selling Israel 6,900 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) tail kits and thousands of other bombs valued at $647 million (for the coming Iran strike?). Congress has also asked for several hundred million, above the $100M Obama requested, in direct aid to Israel. That is on top of the annual $3.1 billion in U.S. military aid Israel receives.

And to counter Israel’s U.S. funded strength,  Obama is sending more than 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of a $1 billion foreign aid package. An Egypt as you all know is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama and all politicians are playing all sides of the fiscal cliff fence – all at taxpayer expense.

11 thoughts on “Obama defends another Muslim country, sends Patriot missiles, U.S. troops to Turkey

    • Some people think this theory is just going too far–I don’t. Everything fits, and the timing was just right. The only thing unaccounted for was that once muslims are in the heat of battle, (killing) they become complete raving lunatics, and completely unpredictable.

  1. we are arming Turkey, Egypt, Jordan….hmmm something seems strange here…who is in the middle, let just think..hold on it coming to me,,oh-yeah Israel. Obama is not only an A55hole but an Anti-Semite as well
    in his defense we could be going after Syria (which is still another war “America Will get out of wars in the middle east”)…but I doubt it evil is so obvious sometimes

  2. At what “point-in-time” are “WE, the People…” going to realize this idiot is “arming” our enemies and “IMPEACH, OBOZO???”

    When he drops a “Nuclear Bomb” on Los Angeles, New York, Dallas?

    AND then says, “It was a terrible accident???”


  3. Turkey committed genocide against Christian Armenians. They have blood all over their history. WTF is Obama thinking? Oh yeah, it’s all about his Islamic agenda. Forget they are killers.

    • Correct, LM; in the last 2000 yrs they have had a very bloody history indeed, and the muslim in the White House obviously wants it to continue. Perilous times for non-muslims–everywhere.

    • You are not, but sites that tell the truth are…the Dept of Defense has banned this site too

      There is a section upper left that provides some links to bypass censorship…see if they work

      Or are you saying that you are not receiving email notifications from WordPress?

  4. Dis he say how long it will be before they are fired on Israel? Or against US soldiers? That is their intended purpose after toppling another government for muslim brotherhood.

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