Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church in California

Atlas Shrugs provides an update on the California Episcopal church aiding and abetting Islamists.

via MPAC Convention Report: Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church – Atlas Shrugs.

We had operatives at the event. Here is their first report.

Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church

As the Muslim Public Affairs Council settled into their convention home at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, there was hardly a whimper from the Rector Ed Bacon.  And that whimper wasn’t over the Muslims praying their anti-Christian and anti-Jewish prayers three times in the facility. (see this )  Rather, it was over the nationwide-outrage over All Saints’ partnering with the American Muslims’ political arm, giving them free use of their campus.  Rev. Bacon lamented, “Christians can be very hateful.”  One-third of the convention’s agenda was devoted to a pity party analyzing what the opposition to the conference location meant, moderated by Channel 4 Newscaster Beverly White.  The “backlash” was called one of the most vile and mean-spirited campaign in memory.


The Muslims at the conference could hardly retain their exuberance over their unprecedented coup.  Gloated speaker Haris Tarin, “We have made a church our home!”   Muslim-convert Alejandro Beutel observed that by 2050 whites will be a minority in the U.S., and he asked,  “Are Muslims up to the challenge.”  Their mission must be to be marginalize and silence the racist, Islamophobic bigots who are defaming Islam.  Dustin Craun asserted that Islamophobes are part of a long history of white supremacy dating back to the Klu Klux Klan.  One presenter showed a slide that stated, “Islamophobia has become the accepted form of racism in America.   (Note:  To Muslims, racism isn’t biological – traits that cannot be changed – but rather cultural, indicating their refusal to assimilate or allow freedom of choice with regard to religion.)  White Republicans, Pamela Geller, and those who provide financial support to the extremists were among the specific objects of contempt.

The two most repeated words during the conference were “bigotry” and “justice.”   MPAC was selling a 400 page book on their agenda titled, “In Pursuit of Justice.”  (Note:  The Muslim view of “Justice” consists of the commands in the Quran: “And you shall see every nation bowing down; every nation shall be called to its book: today you shall be rewarded for what you did.  This is Our book that speaks against you with justice. . . .” (Surah 45:28-29).   Rev. Bacon declared, “We have to work towards justice, and to do that we have to join forces.”   Perhaps he didn’t see the command in the Quran, “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.  They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. “  (Surah 5:51)

In view of this specific prohibition, one wonders why Muslims would join forces with Christians?  Their agenda was to gain acceptance and support for Islamic Sharia Law via the endorsements by a Christian church as well as by vote-seeking elected officials.  The conference brochure contained 14 gushing letters of support from state and federal representatives.   Dr. Maher Hathout minced no words about their objective:  “Our job is to make Muslims better people.  What would be better than the Laws of Allah?”

17 thoughts on “Muslims gloat over take-over of Christian church in California

  1. Your headline should read “Muslims Gloat over take-over of faux Christian church in California”. A genuine Christian church would never allow it.

    • too many Christians think that the facade of islam is real and they do what many do – defend what they do not know. They don’t realize the ones who act ‘holy and pius’ are really making all forms of war against us as being holy. they fall for the lies of jihad being ‘an inner struggle’, and other lies that the (stealth) jihadists tell to us. Basically, it makes the Christians who fall for this feel good about themselves while unknowingly condemning our own to islam.

      • I think the problem with these so-called Christians, and note they’re virtually all old mainline denominations, is not simply being mis-informed, they’re stubbornly so. Indoctrinated really. When confronted by unimpeachable evidence to the contrary, they still irrationally cling to their naive views. We are dealing with a pathology here, and these people are for the most part, quite well educated, affluent, and involved in their communities in all manner of professions.

        There is also a more sinister element at play here. Much of their beliefs concerning interfaith dialogue, multiculturalism, i.e. reaching out to the growing muslim community come from an innate cowardice and indeed it is a most hypocritical cowardice. They’re afraid. Terrified really. So terrified in fact that they will convince themselves of any illusion, no matter how ridiculous and illogical, and make all manner of excuses for muslim behavior, if not outright ignore such. Does it not make one cringe with embarrassment when those like Rev. Bacon shamelessly bend over backwards to kiss muslim ass, virtually grovelling like good little dhimmis should? One can litterally smell the disgust and contempt these muslims have for their “tools.” That is why they are gloating about their “victory” in using this church to hold a symposium for their agenda, an islamist agenda. You see, for those of us who remember the last two decades of the Cold War, what we see with these friends of islam today is simply the latest manifestation of the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 70’s and 80’s. They were the pansies who would rather be “Red than Dead.” Nuclear deterrence meant nothing to them. They advocated nothing less than total unilateral disarmament. In other words, surrender monkeys. And today’s version is still feeding the proverbial croccodile in hopes that they’re eaten last.

        Barry Goldwater and Phyllis Schaffelly (sp?) had a term for such people, “Gravediggers.” And that is what we have here today, only this time the croccodiles wear shabby beards, long shirts, skullcaps, and keffiyya.

        • Well said once again, Randy! You should be a columnist, mind, the far-left MSM don’t like to print sense.

          I recently got a glimpse, first hand of media treachery; our friend “Fjordman” has been taking a hammering in the Norwegian press, mainly by Svein Egil Omdal (Stavanger Aftenblad) and Anders Giaever (Verdens Gang) I sent an Email to Giaever, to the effect that Fjordman’s views qualified him as a caring, patriotic Norwegian, and the fact Giaever vilified him showed his own treacherous leftist bias which led to the Breivik massacre. His reply was totally about Breivik, and he managed to twist it so he was blaming me for defending Breivik–which I don’t. Quisling was not the only traitor Norway has produced.

          • Hi Pete. The left is absolutly toxic aren’t they? It is simply way beyond my capacity to understand all the nuances of the leftist mind. (or lack thereof) The one thing I do fully understand is the phrase “Liberalism is a mental illness.” I mean how can supposedly educated people buy into such self, and national destructiveness? It doesn’t make sense. Then we have the rare leftist who has enough of his/her cognative functioning skills intact to actually free him/herself from the insane paradigm of the left. They finally figure it out. It seems that the biggest issue that these people get wise to is the conventional leftist position on islam. At least that is how it seems to me. Fjordman is a fine example of that. He saw thru the lies and hypocracy of both left and islam, their unholy alliance, the damage it does to civilization as a whole, and islam’s intrinsic incompatibility with the best of our traditions, values, and aspirations. I have read some of Fjordman’s work, and he is quite impressive. It is good to have him on our side.

            It is total bullshit how you and Fjordman are being slung thru the mud by these Norwegian journalistic thugs and their knee-jerk reactions. I agree, the sinister spirit of Vidkun Quisling is alive and well today. You don’t have to tell me you’re not defending Anders Breivik, I know you’re not my friend. Thats just classic, old fashioned leftist projectionism, and a very blatant example of it. Since Fjordman broke ranks with these scoundrels, they’re out to get him. They cannot have one of their own become a patriot, they’re too full of hate for their own culture and customs, and they’re hell bent to wreck it, just like our leftists on this side of the pond.

            Oh I so wish the Wildlife Dept. would declare open season on leftists and islamists and with no bag limits too, lol! Yep, positively Breivik of me, no?

            Ha! Ha!

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  3. Yea, those modern Roman Catholic bible perversions are working out so well aren’t they idiotic “Christians”?

    All Nations that forget God shall be turned into hell.

    Whosever hateth the word shall be destroyed.

    Tick tock tick tock.


  5. I was born at an All Saints hospital and married in the Episcopal Church. I am just way too disgusted to even convey my sentiments with the Church of England right now. Havn’t even taken communion in almost five years.

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