New Jersey Papa John’s robbed by hijabis

No calls yet for banning Islamic headgear in NJ and elsewhere in the liberal wastelands of America. via Four charged in armed robbery of East Rutherford Papa John’s |

Four people have been arrested and charged with robbing a Papa John’s restaurant on Paterson Avenue last week, police said Monday.

East Rutherford Police charged Whendy Laurencio-Blanco, 21, and boyfriend Michael Gomez-Polanco, 20, in connection to the case, Chief Larry Minda said in a statement. Two juveniles were also charged.

Employees at the Papa John’s told police that one man and three women robbed the restaurant on Dec. 12. Two of the women wore hijabs, Muslim head scarves, to hide their faces, Minda said.

Gomez-Polanco forced the manager to open the register and took $585 in cash, Minda said.

The two other alleged robbers are 16- and 17-year-old girls, Minda said. Juvenile complaints are pending for both girls.

Laurencio-Blanco and Gomez-Polanco are being held at Bergen County Jail on $132,500 bail. Their first court appearance is scheduled for Wednesday.

Why do criminals don Islamic garb to commit their crimes? Because groups like CAIR and ACLU have established favored status for Muslims and Americans have been cowered into submission to even look at a person in Islamic garb suspiciously for fear of legal retribution by Muslims or the Dept of Jihad inJustice.

6 thoughts on “New Jersey Papa John’s robbed by hijabis

  1. This makes no sense. A headscarf is something you wear on your head. A hijab does not cover your face. If they covered their faces with scarves, that’s one thing, but it doesn’t mean they covered their faces with a hijab. OTOH, maybe they wore nikabs, which would suggest that they are even more conservative Muslims (or were pretending to be). Something isn’t adding up here.

  2. By the name of the male perpetrater not sounding Muslim my guess would be that they are not Muslim but they still could be.
    In any case Muslims will practice their B.S. taqiyah and say muslims do not steal.
    If these morons were in a Islamic country they would have their hands cut off or be tortured and or killed by the sick tenants of Islime….

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  4. Hey, you look like a conventional Westerner, white or black person dressed in standard clothes–you’ll have to submit to a pat-downs, body scans, charmin squeezing, etc.

    Oh, and this one is wearing a hijab. Right this way, ma’am! Please allow me to unhook the velvet rope line so you can cross through and do whatever you like without screening. We recognize that there is no god but Allah and we will dhimminstrate our respect by exempting you from the same standards we would apply to ourselves. By all means, hide your face and true appearance whenever and as often as you like.

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