New military judge says Fort Hood killer can keep sharia beard

New judge. Same sharia. Rules for Muslims, and rules for everyone else. via FORT HOOD, Texas: Judge indicates Fort Hood suspect can keep beard – Nation Wires –

FORT HOOD, Texas — The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly Fort Hood shooting rampage apparently will be allowed to keep his beard during his military trial, after a new judge indicated Tuesday that she won’t force him to shave.

The previous judge’s order requiring Maj. Nidal Hasan to be clean-shaven or be forcibly shaved before his trial had tied up the case for more than three months, but an appeals court ousted that judge earlier this month.

The new judge overseeing Hasan’s case told him during a hearing Tuesday that the beard, now thicker than when he first appeared in court with it in June, violates Army regulations. The judge, Col. Tara Osborn, said she won’t hold it against him but that military jurors might.

Hasan answered “yes, ma’am” when Osborn asked if he grew the beard voluntarily. In a previous court hearing, he said he grew the beard because his Muslim faith requires it and not as a show of disrespect. Osborn asked defense attorneys to draft jury instructions about the issue. Jurors likely will be told not to consider Hasan’s appearance when deciding on a verdict.

Hasan, 42, an American-born Muslim, faces the death penalty or life in military prison without parole if convicted in the 2009 rampage that killed 13 and wounded more than two dozen others on the Texas Army post.

Osborn was appointed to the case two weeks ago, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces removed the former judge and tossed his order regarding Hasan’s beard. The ruling said Col. Gregory Gross did not appear impartial while presiding over Hasan’s case and that the command – not a judge – is responsible for enforcing military grooming standards.

Hasan’s trial date hasn’t been set. Osborn first has to rule on several pending motions. Defense attorneys also want Osborn to reverse Gross’ rulings on nearly two dozen motions, including requests for change-of-venue, a couple of experts and some investigative reports.

Defense attorneys also said they will again ask that Hasan be allowed to plead guilty. At an August hearing, Gross said he was not able to accept a guilty plea on the 13 charges of premeditated murder because Army rules prohibit a judge from accepting a guilty plea in a death penalty case.

Hasan also is charged with 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

As we noted before, we can only hope that this move is to facilitate a quick decision in what should be an airtight case leading to execution. But, let us consider the level of corruption at the executive levels in this country and not discount the possibility that Obama has other intentions for this killer – whom Muslims consider an Islamic hero.

12 thoughts on “New military judge says Fort Hood killer can keep sharia beard

  1. Him growing the beard for Muslim faith, PROVES his loyalties lie with Jihad…not the Army…SOOOO,,,,this means it was a terrorist attack and NOT workplace violence…the answer is so obvious. On a lighter note however, he is to be tried by a jury of his peers. Unless they find 12 muslim soldiers on purpose (which is illegal) he is done…A soldier/marine would never let this guy off after killing their own.

    • With respect, Bill, they are getting away with a lot of illegal things! Benghazi comes to mind, just shoved completely under the carpet, and of course the obama gang will do the same here; getting away with murder.

      • The real sad thing Peter is, now we have a man (capt, maybe maj) who is being tried or will be tried for war crimes in afganistan where he allegedly shot up a bunch of civillians in a village, and he WILL get the book thrown at him and possably the death penalty…and he is a US soldier for real, not some muzzie with maj status…and a beard

        • He shot up a bunch of–who? As I’ve been saying for many years now, Western troops don’t know who they’re fighting against, muslims don’t wear uniforms; when the going gets a bit tough the taliban thugs just hide the Kalashnikov and become “farmer Ahmed”, and Western courts or tribunals are too stupid to realize this is happening. As you say, Bill, really sad; also frustrating and disheartening.

  2. The only consolation here is that Mo hates himself for not getting to those virgins
    Now he lives in diapers and a wheelchair hated by all the people around him
    Worry about our PC military and Obama’s classification of the victims a rather then this lump of meat whose day has passed

  3. A liberal judge. God help us all! Looks like he will be freed because workplace violence is a minor offense. Not like terrorist acts. Zero is at work here.

  4. This bastard gets to keep his beard, and here in Canada just today the Supreme Court came down with the imbecilic decision that a muslim woman can wear her niqab–in court! These leftist clods are killing western civilization.

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