U.S. companies hosting Hezbollah television web site

via U.S., U.K. companies host Hezbollah-funded propaganda site | Washington Free Beacon.

A United States-based Internet company is currently hosting a propaganda website operated by the terror group Hezbollah, potentially in violation of a law meant to prevent Americans from providing material support to U.S.-designated terror groups.

The Missouri-based GSI Hosting is granting server space to Al Manar TV, which is owned and funded by Hezbollah, according to research provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

The U.S. has cited Hezbollah and Al Manar as terrorist organizations, a designation that makes it illegal for anyone in America to “knowingly provide ‘material support or resources’” to the groups, according to the State Department.

The U.S., Canada, France, and several other countries have also banned Al Manar, rendering its current dealings with both U.S. and British companies even more problematic to observers.

Al Manar has been known to employ members of Hezbollah, which is committed to Israel’s destruction, and routinely broadcasts anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda.

GSI Hosting, which is owned by the Texas-based Layered Tech, was notified last month by MEMRI that it was hosting Al Manar’s website.

The site was subsequently removed on Nov. 26, but reappeared on the company’s servers on Dec. 6, according to MEMRI executive director Steven Stalinsky. Stalinsky has authored several reports detailing Al Manar’s emergence on both U.S. and United Kingdom-based Internet servers.

Two U.K.-based companies play host to Hezbollah’s website: Coreix and ServerSpace Ltd in addition to GSI hosting.

MEMRI has notified all of these companies that it could be violating the law by hosting the terror group’s website.

“It is one thing for a company not to know who’s on their servers, but after having a major terrorism organization on their servers and being notified it’s unacceptable it has happened again,” Stalinsky told the Free Beacon.

Layered Tech, GSI Hosting’s parent company, did not respond to a request for comment about its business dealings with Al Manar.

It was still hosting Al Manar’s website as of Monday.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. companies hosting Hezbollah television web site

  1. I say, Let them…if we close it down, we will be opening the door for the Government to close any site they want. The US has control of the fcc and what can be on tv but we do not own the market on the internet and hopefully it will stay that way, once the us gov tries to take control of that, Obama and the New world order will be able to dictate what and what not can be seen and will take over

  2. Hezbullah was using the CIDA website for a long time through Al Manar to assist Muslim terrorists (Shia Muslims) into entering Canada. CIDA was actually helping them with assisting to fill out forms without adequately vetting Al Manar, which is a political arm of Hezbullah. My complaints to CIDA removed Al Manar from its website. We should not in any way, shape, or form allow terrorist groups and their sympathizers to have free run of the internet or of government institutions.
    There are times when we need to police up the internet. What I do not like to see is government liberal ideology determine which political parties can bank, lobby, fund raise, leaflet, etc based on their ideals of following their concepts socialism, and outside those concepts be able to determine legitimacy of political parties, defamation of political parties and followers of political parties to retain jobs in government, union and unionized jobs, policing and military, and so on. Decent people being criminalized for their political beliefs.
    When we can prove terrorist ties we must take actions to protect ourselves. That would have worked before the Newton shootings had the boy been treated for psychological problems, but our society refuses to deal with such problems until it is too late.
    Two decades of advocacy have left a sour taste in my mouth about politicalism in socialist states, states run on socialist ideals by Democrats and Liberals, who refuse to accept responsibility and make laws, within Constitutional constraints, that protect society.
    Obama’s and Justin Trudeau’s liberalism idealisms are not about protecting society, but about “Divine Right to Rule by the Elite of Society” ideology. God, If we had only one decent leader who had any sense or reason and well-educated people who actually had anything intelligent to say.

  3. i would personally host it, Just because you disagree with its content does not meen it should be banned. nor are they terrorists. just because the us calls them that does not make them so. the us calls all its enemies terrorists. despite the fact it funds terror groups in syria.

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