Spain to Deport Mohammed Filmmaker, Will Face Death in Pakistan (updated)

Update:  Spain revokes asylum status of anti-Islam filmmaker

The Interior Ministry has decided to revoke the asylum status of Imran Firasat, a Pakistani national living in Spain since 2010 who on December 14 announced his intention to release a video in which, among other things, he asks whether Mohammed “was a child molester and a murderer.”

Spanish authorities contacted those in the USA to alert them over Firasat’s association with Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who excited the rage of the Islamic world when he laid out his plans to burn copies of the Koran and circulate a video of the event.

A Madrid court banned the release of Firasat’s inflammatory work and elected to rescind his asylum status on grounds of a threat to the security of the state. Firasat can appeal the decision but if it is upheld by the judge, he will have to leave the country. The governments of Belgium, France and the US had expressed their concern over the ramifications the release of the video could produce. Belgium raised its security alert level after Firasat announced his intention to upload it to the internet. He had already released a trailer filmed in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón with the Spanish flag in full view.

Who did they contact in the U.S. and what did the U.S. authority tell Spain? What concerns did the U.S. government express? That Muslims will kill innocent people in the name of Allah?

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via Spain to Deport Filmmaker for Anti-Islam Documentary | Radical Islam.

A judge in the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid has charged a Pakistani refugee, who announced the publication of an anti-Islam film a few weeks ago, with incitement to religious violence. The judge has prohibited the publication of the video on the network and makes the filmmaker’s liberty conditional on not distributing the video.

The Pakistani [who gain refugee status and is now a citizen of Spain] Imran Firasat appeared this morning in front of the judge in the Court of First Instance number 50 in Plaza Castilla for two hours. The magistrate ordered him to be freed on condition that he does not publish even a single still image from this video which today was shown in the office of the judge and whose publication authority he has again been made responsible for.

According to legal sources, the magistrate maintains the charge against  Fisarat for the crime 510 of the Penal Code, a crime that punishes incitement to hatred and violence for racial, ideological or religious reasons. Meanwhile, the Ministry of the Interior has initiated a process to revoke his asylum status for “threatening national security with the production of this video.” — Cadenaser

Here is’s report on the case by writer Soeren Kern:

The Spanish government has warned a political refugee that he faces deportation for making a documentary critical of Islam.

The move comes after Belgium raised its terror threat level to the second-highest ahead of the release of the film, originally planned for December 14.

The case demonstrates how the fear of Muslim rage is threatening the exercise of free speech in Europe.

The one-hour amateur film, The Innocent Prophet: The Life of Mohammed from a Different Point of View,” by Imran Firasat, was posted on YouTube on December 15 and purports to raise awareness of the dangers of Islam to Western Civilization.

Firasat, a Pakistani ex-Muslim, obtained political asylum in Spain in 2010 due to death threats against him in both Pakistan and Indonesia for criticizing Islam and for marrying a non-Muslim.

Firasat told the Belgian newspaper De Morgen that he decided to make the film “when I heard that the U.S. ambassador was slain. I said, ‘Okay, you Muslims use violence, but we will continue to make films. One day one of us will lose.'”

The Spanish government, apparently afraid of provoking another terrorist attack similar to the train bombings in Madrid in April 2004, has attempted to silence Firasat by threatening to deport him if he goes ahead and releases the film.

In an interview with the online newspaper International Business Times (IBT), Firasat said he has received far more threats from the Spanish government than from angry Muslims.

Firasat told IBT, “Seven years ago I was granted refugee status in Spain for the reason that I used to criticize Islam. It has been seven years [and] since [then] I have taken the fight against Islam very far. And my right to freedom of expression was always respected by this great country. But now suddenly, for doing the same thing which I have been doing since for the last seven years, I have been threatened by the authorities [and told] that my refugee status will be revoked; I will be deported back to Pakistan where the death penalty for blasphemy is waiting for me, and that I may be detained if I continue with the plans to release the movie.”

IBT then asked Firasat, “What made the Spanish authorities ‘suddenly threaten’ you? What could be the reason?” Firasat responded: “That’s a very funny, interesting and surprising question, even for me. Why now? I was granted asylum because of my criticisms of Islam. I have formally asked the Spanish government for the prohibition of Koran in Spain. I have given thousands of interviews to radio and TV channels. I wrote articles in newspapers. But I was never told by anyone that what I am doing is illegal. Now suddenly they try to revoke my refugee status, detain me and prosecute me for offending Muslims’ religious sentiments. Why? There may be two reasons: Fear of violence by Muslims abroad and in Spain, and conflicts in diplomatic relations with Islamic countries which are investing in Spain … This is not the Spain I arrived in seven years ago, where there was complete liberty of expression.”

Or conflicts in diplomatic relations with Obama – who arrested and jailed the last Mohammed film maker. Whatever the reason, Spain is now undoubtedly under Islamic sharia law.

Watch it here or here.

10 thoughts on “Spain to Deport Mohammed Filmmaker, Will Face Death in Pakistan (updated)

  1. The very people like judges should be applauding any attempt by anyone to expose Islam for what it really is, yet they are the ones doing Islam’s dirty deed of suppressing the truth. Shame on the judge.

  2. Why is it that we can never get criminals arrested in Europe extradited to the U.S.? Because the Europeans assert that “human rights” prevent them from extraditing a suspect to an American state that has the death penalty.

    But if it’s a “crime” against Islam, then they do a 180 and say it’s okay to deport/extradite a “criminal” to a country that could put him to death. What’s become of freedom of expression? What’s become of freedom of travel? This story is TERRIFYING.

  3. So…it’s a “crime” to insult “Islam?”

    Why, then…is it NOT a “crime” to follow “Islam” since it proclaims that NOT to be a “Muslim” is punishable by death which includes ALL other “Religions???”

    “ISLAM” calls for…and DEMANDS…that those who are NOT “Muslim” must DIE!!!

    “…crime 510 of the Penal Code, a crime that punishes incitement to hatred and violence for racial, ideological or religious reasons…”

    ISLAM is every ONE of the above “crimes!!!”

  4. Spain is a fundamentalist and extremist Catholic Christian country notorious for its murderous Inquisition against Jews, mass-murder of Muslims. On the other hand, now that the Catholic Church is supporting Islam, the Catholic Spain is behaving in a Nazi Catholic fasihon and wants to deport an Ex-Muslim …..What religious fascism …..

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