Muslim cabbie sues city of St. Louis, taxicab commission

Muslims want to live by sharia law and nothing else. And when they are forced to abide by laws or rules that contradict sharia, they wage legal jihad. via Muslim cabbie sues St. Louis, taxicab commission over clothing rules : Stltoday.

Muslims ponder how they can collect jizya from city and submit to sharia

Muslims ponder how they can collect jizya from city and submit to sharia

ST. LOUIS  A Muslim taxicab driver is suing the city of St. Louis, the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission and a private security company, saying he has been harassed and arrested because he insists on wearing religious garb.

Raja Awais Naeem, who works for Harris Cab and manages a shuttle service called A-1 Shuttle, says his religious beliefs require him to wear modest, loose-fitting clothing and a hat called a kufi. But that garb has run afoul of the taxicab commission’s dress code for cabbies, Naeem claims in the suit filed Thursday morning in St. Louis Circuit Court.

Naeem, originally from Pakistan but now a U.S. citizen living in St. Louis County, said he has been told he must adhere to the commission’s rules requiring a white shirt, black pants and no kufi. Baseball caps are allowed, as long as they have no logo other than the taxi certificate holder.

 We’re going out on a limb to predict submission by the city and taxicab commission to sharia.

29 thoughts on “Muslim cabbie sues city of St. Louis, taxicab commission

  1. If you had read the company policy (if you can read) you would have known the dress code…just another chip at the stone. Taking peice by peice…someday women will not be able to even get in a Muzzie cab unless they have face gear.

  2. Hertz Rent-A-Car went through huge issues with the Muslims who worked there. They wanted time off “5 times” a day to pray. Hertz tried to oblige them by having them “clock out” during their prayer times.
    In the end, Hertz DID win.

  3. As for the “cabbie?” Just “fire” him for “…failure to abide by dress code!” He has “obviously” been give chances to comply. He can’t comply…then, simply “fire him!” END OF STORY

    He can take up another line of business or career! The idiot should be charged with “filing a frivolous law suit!” Or is California the only State that has this on the books?

  4. This is deliberately done in order to convert any civilized society into an Islamic one. These guys want to stick out like a sore thumb and proud of looking conspicuous like the tents their women wear. This cabbie should not only be fired but deported to his Sharia compliant country Pakistan where he is welcome. No Muslim should be allowed citizenship unless he/she agrees to be assimilated into the society they have emigrated to. Freedom of religion shouldn’t be given to Muslims.

  5. I don’t know anyone anywhere that likes Muslims. They seem to be the most hated people on the planet by people in every country.

      • Bill T. ” They even dislike each other to a degree ” That has been the case from the times of their so called profit [ intensionally misspeled]mo-ham-mad, muslims have killed each other and non muslims, early muslim Khalifas were murdered by muslims themselves.

        • Read the time-ticker on this page:
          thereligionofpeace dot com
          Over 20,000 killing events (many more deaths) since 9/11.

          Most of the Muslim killings are by Sunni versus Shi’ite.

          Any concession to Muslims is payment of Jizya, and any bureaucrats who comply MUST be treated as traitors in a time of war, and dealt with accordingly (not vicariously, but via the justice system).
          It’s such a shame that we’re too civilized to hang traitors from the lamp-posts and eviscerate them, but the time WILL come!

          It’s time to outlaw proscribed political correctness and allow people to speak their own truth, right or wrong. Wrong-speak will expose itself if not hidden from public view. A wound cannot heal if covered.

          You DO have the right to offend, just as the offended have the right to defend themselves publicly.

  6. We have 56 islamic nation these muslim should be given one way ticket to those nations of their choice.
    We had enough of multi culture where they have no respect for other culture.

  7. And here is the point; his RELIGION requires him to wear this clothing. His misunderstanding is that the U.S. protects the freedom of WORSHIP. Simple math unless you are raised and nurtured in a supremacy culture, such as ISLAM.

  8. Let us hope that the cab company will win this suit. However, if the cab company caves, will the passengers have the opportunity to refuse to use these Moslem cabbies? If there is a line of cabs, and the Moslem cabbie is first in line, will the passenger be required to use that cab?

  9. …someday women will not be able to even get in a Muzzie cab unless they have face gear.

    BINGO !

    Boo-hoo go back to the sh*t hole ya came from Mohead!

  10. All jobs have rules to go by and dress codes. If they don’t suit you for what ever reason, go find another job. They go to work for you then sue. If you don’t hire them they sue.
    Get out of my home.

  11. Islamists have pulled the same thing in so many cities and been denied. They will lie that anything and everything is a religious requirement because allah said in the koran they could lie to achieve all for allah. Screw allah and screw Islamists, they came to a country they are trying to remake – and with the help of Obama, they may very well accomplish this.
    In the past, when I wrote anything negative about Islam etc. I would receive comments from them that were threats or trying to enlighten me; this has not happened in a long time – have they all gone home?

    • As a Minnesotan living in the twin cites, I well remember the taxi-jihad here. Talking with friends who know cabbies, I learned it was about the cabbies(moslems)greed. They wanted to select who would ride in their cabs based on ride length and tip. To refuse, according to taxi/airport policy, puts the refusing cab to the end of the line.

      • In NYC they’ve tried every trick in the book and were being fired left & right-that was a while back, I would hope they learned from it but they are so tenacious. At the St. Louis airport (about 4 yrs. ago) they threatened a strike unless the airport provided them with a footbath (huh) and got what they asked for. We have very few in my area BUT I learned there are 4 mosques within a 15 minute drive from my house. Where are they hiding? They are such a plague.

  12. Muslim men aren’t required to wear kufis- the black pants and white shirt shouldn’t be that big of a deal either. Most companies make reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs but like most Muslims he is making a big fuss for no reason.

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