Mystery of the sword-wielding Florida mosque visitor

Why wasn’t this story big news this week following Sandy Hook? Why no outrcries to ban swords (a popular Islamic icon along with AK-47’s)? Why such a muted reaction from the Islamic school and the sharia-pushers?

Could it be because the perpetrator isn’t an ideal target for CAIR nor big brother media? Could the perp herself be Muslim?

According to the News 6 video she was driving a vehicle registered to the Dept. of Defense at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Odd to say the least.

6 thoughts on “Mystery of the sword-wielding Florida mosque visitor

  1. Hey, the Muslin school has “security guards” (plural), gates at front entrance with a stop sign, and super high chainlink fencing to protect their students. The Jewish school near me does too. Imagine that in the same sentence.

  2. She’s probably Muslim. Muslims are attention whores and probably did this to associate/conflate their pity-party professional faux victimhood with the CT shootings. They have no shame and will do anything.

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