Obama to reimburse Pakistan $688M, Kerry co-authored $7.5B giveaway

Taxation for Islamization. via Pentagon to Reimburse Pakistan $688 Million – NYTimes.com.

The Pentagon quietly notified Congress this month that it would reimburse Pakistan nearly $700 million for the cost of stationing 140,000 troops on the border with Afghanistan, an effort to normalize support for the Pakistani military after nearly two years of crises and mutual retaliation.

The biggest proponent of putting foreign aid and military reimbursements to Pakistan on a steady footing is the man President Barack Obama is leaning toward naming as secretary of state: Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts. Mr. Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has frequently served as an envoy to Pakistan, including after the killing of Osama bin Laden, and was a co-author of a law that authorized five years and about $7.5 billion of nonmilitary assistance to Pakistan.

The United States also provides about $2 billion in annual security assistance, roughly half of which goes to reimburse Pakistan for conducting military operations to fight terrorism.

Until now, many of these reimbursements, called coalition support funds, have been held up, in part because of disputes with Pakistan over the Bin Laden raid, the operations of the C.I.A., and its decision to block supply lines into Afghanistan last year.

The $688 million payment — the first since this summer, covering food, ammunition and other expenses from June through November 2011 — has caused barely a ripple of protest since it was sent to Capitol Hill on Dec. 7.

Thanks is large part to a corrupt and complicit media.

Coincidentally, earlier this week the U.S. granted Pakistan’s spy service immunity from prosecution for Mumbai jihad mass murders. Did the just nominated Clinton replacement broker that deal too?

49 thoughts on “Obama to reimburse Pakistan $688M, Kerry co-authored $7.5B giveaway

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  2. We can’t balance the budget and don’t have enough money for “our” schools…yet we are going to “give” money to “OUR” enemies!

    …go figure! i can’t

    AND, to “top-it-off”, the American people AREN’T doing anything to prevent it! “They” AREN’T EVEN COMPLAINING!!!

    “Jesus! Please, come soon! I Pray to God, In Your Name, Jesus…Amen!”

  3. Have the same complaint, or even aware, how much the United States sends to Israel in foreign aid? Even concerned or just cherry picking to satisfy anti-Islamic perceptions?

    • The US can’t give too much to Israel; or too little to Islamic countries. We don’t have ‘ perceptions’ about Islamics, we have 1412 yrs. +/- of facts, your evil Koran. Jews do not propogate fear, hate or intolerance. They always have been and will continue to be superior to any Islamist. They are God’s Chosen people and you all go around assuming ‘allah’ is real and you’re his chosen peoople. How amusing.

      • More amusing is how one can ignore the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity. You are another pawn in a religious war created not by God, but of feeble men.

        • Check the title of this site – we’re not ignoring shit. We focus on a specific topic.

          You on the other hand are deflecting your apparent hatred of Christianity and Judaism and apparently all religions except Islam which you defended.

          Either way – if you want to do comparative religious analysis or bashing that’s fine but you, like many other commenters who do the same – are on the wrong site.

          • Not hatred. There is no hatred toward Christianity or is there acceptance of Islam. How do you know that you are on the right side? What difinative proof do offer? I will never understand the exceptional belief that one has in the United States and Christianity when so many horrific things have been done in those names.

          • Also this website is based off rumors and fear, there has been legislation against sharia, but no evidence that of actual legislation of sharia law.

          • Beliefs aren’t facts. Sorry to tell you this. Should we have a long conversation about Santa Claus or should we wait until after the 25th.

          • If I am so blind, then show me evidence. Strong evidence. Of actual legislation of sharia law. Not marriage law, but actual sharia law being passed in city municipalities, state governments, or federal governments. Show me actual proof, not the building of a mosque. Actual solid proof.

          • proof of Christian atrocities, Oklahoma City, white Christian male named Timothy McVeigh, detonated a car bomb that killed 168 people, including 19 children in a day care that was inside the Murrah building, and injured 680 more.
            then there is Eric Robert Rudolph, his terror attacks began with a bombing in Olympic parks which killed 1 person and injured 111 others , not to mention the other bombings that he committed before he was finally caught in 2003.
            Then there is Scott Roeder, he walked into a church and shot a doctor in the head, that is the few in the US that I can name just off the top of my head. Around the world this is what I can come up with in recent times.
            In India there is the National Liberation Front of Tripura, the Baptist church of Tripura supplies bombs and weapons, to one of the 10 most active terrorist groups in the world. At least 20 Hindus in Tripura have been killed by the NLFT in two years for resisting forced conversion to Christianity, These forcible conversions to Christianity, sometimes including the use of “rape as a means of intimidation,” have also been noted by academics outside of India.
            In July 2011, Anders Behring Breivik was arrested and charged with terrorism after a car bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting on Utøya island. As a result of his attacks, 151 people were injured, and 77 killed. Hours prior to the events, Breivik released a 1,500 page manifesto detailing that immigrants were undermining Norway’s traditional Christian values, and identifying himself as a “Christian crusader”
            There are others too, Uganda, where small children were murdered by having battery acid forced down their throats, because the local preacher thought they were “too feminine”
            The list is pretty long, and I could go on for awhile, but there is proof of Christian atrocities
            just sayin’

          • Sorry…but you are simply referencing those that follow “Satan”…they “OBVIOUSLY” don’t follow “God”, the teachings of “Jesus Christ”, OR the Holy Scriptures!

      • Oh, and propagating fear? No other religion has ever done this? Ever? I really doubt that, but go ahead believe that and keep acting like an ostrich.

    • are you an asshole or just another jewhater? What do we receive in return from Pakistan? harboring Bin laden- nuke experts helping Iran, two faced liars helping Taliban and taking our money-

      90% of USA money to ISRAEL is returned to USA defense industry in buy backs- YES- it funds USA – it’s mandatory as part of trade agreements we have the money we give to Israel is less than 3% of their GDP b/c their country makes it’s own money- we also get FREE intel, FREE weapons testing, HUGE gains in inventions and technologies we are unable to develop-

      care to tell us what the same amounts of money spent in EGYPT have bought us?/hate!!! we feed their people or they will STARVE!! b/c they make nothing but trouble- then throwing things at Mrs Clinton, raping reporters, killing Copts, wanting to tear down the pyramids.

      ditto for Libya, Gaza, Fatahstan……………….we are buying nothing but trouble

      • Neither. Just not blind by my ideologies. The only anger I have is to those that suppress others based on ideologies. Why don’t you supply a link to those statistics? Yes Isreal buys American products and the United States also gives them forgein aid. But they also remain on agitator in the region. Isreal is part of the problem, as well as others in the region that have extremist dictate how they govern.

          • Yes, I am a critic of the state of Isreal. As I am of all governmental states. I also come across commentary that is threatening and angry, like yours. I asked for a link because I need proof and seem unable to find such statistics. Nice shirt, wear it to bed? Keep on spreading the hate.

        • Every post here is linked to a source – the majority major news outlets like AP, Bloomberg, Reuters and al Jazeera, not to mention direct quotes from the Koran and Muslims galore.

          We dare you to tell Muslims their Koranic beliefs are unsourced rumors.

          The more comments you leave the more you expose your true intentions and hatred and your desire, like Islam’s, to suppress the truth.

          Please keep explaining yourself.

          Meanwhile – here’s one of those unsourced rumors you lie about from the Washington Post: New Jersey lawyer [and Muslim] Abed Awad has been involved with more than 100 cases that involved some component of Shariah, or Islamic law

          • So your example deals with marriage law. Not legislating shariah, but how to deal with a dowry and Muslim marriage in United States divorce court. Not very strong argument for a wide spread or creeping shariah law. A problem yes, but not one in which we should all live in fear. Unless you married a Muslim. So, where’s those statistics about Israel? That is what I was commenting on. I do want to know the truth, but websites like yours muddy the truth. I will keep responding.

          • So now your a sharia law expert?

            Don’t come here telling us you’re anti-government when your defending sharia law and the fact that your government is using your taxes to fund jihad, promote sharia and Islam, and put Americans in harms way.

            You couldn’t be more full of shit.


            You didn’t break anything down – all you did was lie to deflect the fact that even Muslim lawyers in the US are boldly admitting the rapid increase of sharia cases in American courts.

            We have many more examples from Muslims telling us not only is sharia in use in U.S. courts but they want it, they are fighting it from being banned, and many also want separate sharia arbitration courts. Of which there is at least one already operating in Texas.

            Your Chicago style lies don’t work here.

          • You gave me an example of sharia law, I broke that example down as offering no proof. Instead of offering another example, you attack. I never claim to be an expert in sharia law. Never said I was anti-government. I am not pleased with the way my taxes are spent. How much of my taxes is spent in the promotion of sharia law? Because I am sue that it is not as much as the government spends on drones. And I have in no manner stated how I really feel about the Muslim religion, but since I don’t agree with and question you, I must be defending Arab nations.

            So who really is full of shit?

      • WE aren’t “buying” anything…the idiot in charge, “OBOZO”, is GIVING them the money for NOTHING IN EXCHANGE except the ability to kill our own people! wtf?

        but then, who am I telling this too? You (WE) already know this…huh!

        “IMPEACH, OBOZO…NOW!!!”

        • With that response, I do believe that you are listening to skewed commentary that is passed off as news, but it it just someone complaining because the world isn’t the way they thought it was. Obozo, that’s cute.

          • “…skewed commentary?” Oh, you mean the “media?”

            NO! I DO NOT listen to that…it is so “convoluted” it’s no longer believable by anyone with any kind of “common sense!”

            The general public has been completely “brain-washed” into believing the “media” and ALL of it’s deceptive reporting. The “readership” of these “blogs” is NOT enough to make a difference the population of the U.S. which is estimated around three hundred eleven million people!

        • What I mean is slanted commentary that you listen to. Not the media, but information that does not challenge, but confirm your beliefs. It an easy way to live.

          • The ONLY “slanted” commentary I’ve read in the past ten years comes from the “media” and “politicians” of this country! AND you are making your way into this list very quickly!

          • Reading these many comments and laughing! Every now and then we get a muslim, easily identified because of the hatred, poor English and four letter words; and sometimes people like you, Anthony, who can’t bash Jews, Christians and other non-islamic religions enough.

            What is it you can’t/won’t see? We’re talking apples and oranges here; yes Christians were indeed responsible for many attrocities in ages gone by, but they went through a reformation, became better people, smarter, they invented things. Christians, Jews and other non-muslim people brought the world to the 21st century, while the murderous, lying, hate filled cretins you defend are trying to take us back to the 7th century.

            I don’t like blind insult-slinging, but seriously, you have your head in the sand if you can’t/won’t see through islam. Look at any muslim country, Churchill got it right; they are backward, medieval cesspools, because muslims are incapable of doing anything themselves. Oh, you say, Dubai, Arab Emirates? All Western designed and built. The “Muslim Golden Age” in southern Spain? For those who believe that nonsense, if those Moors were so smart and inventive, why, when they were driven out, did they NEVER invent anything again? Just faded away into nothing; because they were the inventions of the Jewish and Christian dhimmis. Obviously.

            LOOK at a quran, read it, and don’t say: “Oh well yes, but they don’t mean that literally” they DO! I have no hesitation in labelling islam and it’s followers as a human cancer; the most backward, cretinous, inbred, murderous people on the planet–the absolute dregs of the human barrel. Wake up.

          • Hi, Peter!

            Everything you said is “almost” correct. True “Christians” were not part of the “Crusades” as those were master-minded by the “Roman” Catholic Church…with emphasis on the “ROMAN”…as in “Roman Empire!” AND, in “that” case, Anthony has finally made his point!

            Anthony said, “…I’m willing to defend the innocent trying to live their life…” In which case, there ARE several “Muslims” totally unaware of the depths to which the Koran sinks! Just as the “true” Christian of ages past was unaware to the depths in which the Catholic Church would delve as is NOW becoming more and more clear!

            However, Anthony is making a BIG mistake in thinking that “WE” follow some “man-made” religion! I, for one, do NOT! I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as contained within the Holy Scriptures!

            The Koran, on the other hand, is an “outright” CULT! It DEMANDS that you follow everything contained within its writings and nothing else! NOT EVEN “COMMON SENSE” or simple “MORAL LAWS!” AND, furthermore, it mixes “truths” with “untruths!”

            The Holy Scriptures and teachings of Jesus Christ “allow” you to make the ultimate decision to follow Him or NOT!

            God gave us, “…FREE WILL!”

            Sorry, Anthony, you’re fighting the wrong battle!

          • You are wrong. I am not a Muslim. You are also shortsighted in your history of Arab nations, but why learn. Glad I made you laugh. Sad what this website promotes. Division among religious lines. Exactly what Christian and Muslim extremist leaders want, hate and dispise the other group. Good luck on being a pawn in a much larger game.

            What is also interesting is the reduction of argument. Instead of attacking ideas, one attacks personally. A sign of lack of substance.

            Still waiting for proof of a creeping sharia law.

          • I don’t believe I have bashed other religious, but questioned the hypocrisy in the stance that you have taken.

  4. I didn’t say you were a muslim, read properly. But for some reason you leftist/marxist/dhimmis always go out of your way to defend muslims. Why? Exactly what are muslims bringing to the Western countries they are infesting in ever increasing numbers, tell me one single solitary positive thing we can attribute to them? I see nothing but hatred, (which they tell us themselves in no uncertain terms) trouble wherever they go, rape, murder…..I could go on, but even you SHOULD admit this.

    It seems to me that like all masochistic lefties, you hope that by cosying up to the muslims, you are being ‘chic’, tolerant (which they are not) or that somehow you will curry favour with them–all you’re really doing is feeding Mr Kapitza’s crocodile, you traitorous fool. Why? Why would you side with the savages–unless you are indeed one.

    • You’re right. I did read it wrong. So when did liking Muslims become chic. As with Christians, Buddhist, and other religions, leaders have used religious beliefs to spread their own version of hatred. I have not bashed any religion here. This is a pathetic website used to spread fear of others while ignoring atrocities committed by their own people. I’m a traitor? Why? Because I’m willing to defend the innocent trying to live their life against those that want to prosecute them based solely on religion? Websites like this are geared toward harvesting fear so that the readership has a misguided purpose in life. Keep on hating, I’ll keep on fighting.

  5. Christians, Jews Buddhists and other religions do not spread hate–only muslims. Are you a traitor? In view of the fact that you vilify Jews, Christians and all other peaceful religions; and continue to support the only people in the entire world today who really do hate us, and indeed tell us so–or have you just not heard them? Then yes, either you are a traitor to your kind, or a naiive religious crank like George W,, or you’re a follower of allah. Take your pick.

    Websites like this have nothing to do with fear, and everything to do with the truth, which seems to escape you completely. All the points you raise in your last comment were in fact already answered in my previous comment. You just don’t read properly, so I see no point trying to talk sense to a naiive leftie with a closed mind. By all means keep on being ignorant.

  6. pakistan was hiding osama but we found the dumb bastard; hell yeah, give them more money; makes a lot of sense

    too bad the msm can’t print any truth; only what obamahole wants us to know while our country goes down in flames financially

  7. keep sitting on that fallacy-only one? LOL- maybe spend your holidays reading the rest of the site- there are multiple examples- the whole blog in fact- hit a KEYWORD if you know how to- buy a clue, read a fact

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