France: Muslims force school to cancel Santa’s visit

Tolerating the intolerant. via Islam v Europe:

It’s a story that has a nursery school in Montargis, in Loiret, boiling. Now that the end of year celebrations are approaching, the headmistress of the school has decided to deschedule the traditional visit of Father Christmas to the classes. Officially, it’s because of financial problems. The parents, stunned, denounce religious motives.

For some parents of the nursery school in Grand-Clos, there is no doubt: the reason for the cancellation of the visit of the gentleman in red with the white beard is “religious”. One mother said, this Wednesday, in “Le Parisien – Aujourd’hui en France” : “The headmistress explained to me that she didn’t want to get her knuckles rapped by certain Muslim families”, she says.

A problem confirmed by the assistant to the mayor of Montargis, responsible for children’s affairs. He adds that “each year, families threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas’ visit”. The headmistress therefore appears to have given in. For some, “it’s too much”. According to them, it’s a question of the “islamisation of an educational institution”.

Source: RTL

“I went to see the headmistress to find out the reasons for this cancellation,” recalls the mother of a young girl who wishes to preserve her anonymity, “and she explained to me that she didn’t want to have her fingers rapped by certain Muslim families.” The headmistress, who has been in charge of the school in Grand-Clos for a few weeks, also invoked this argument to the mayor’s office who called her for explanations. “She admitted to us that she had called the previous headmistress to learn how to deal with the families who, each year, threaten to boycott the school on the day of Father Christmas’ visit,” recalls Jean-Paul Fonteneau, assistant in charge of children’s affairs and teaching.

Source: Le Parisien

13 thoughts on “France: Muslims force school to cancel Santa’s visit

  1. Hey Musies, don’t like it go back to the sh*thole you came from! Nobody asked you to move there and i’m sure the majority of locals would help you pack to leave! Too knuckle under to these animals is sad, My dogs are higher on the societal tree then musies!

  2. more caving in to the jerks leads to more caving in; give the bastards an inch, they take a mile; muslims will never stop taking away Christian activities and freedoms. wake up France and everyone else who caves in to the jerks. Freedom isn’t free

  3. You can not given to changes because of muslums. They are suppose to go by our western ways. If they don’t like it get out of my country. Kick them out of your country before they change our whole society. Do not let Shuria law in your schools or legal system. You got to get tough back.

  4. The Jehovah Witnesses don’t celebrate Christmas. When the school would have a Christmas party the JW children would stay home and do something special with their parents. Now-a-days, the schools are used as baby-sitters so much that the parents would have to find other childcare for that day. Oh well! The school should not have caved. A traditional visit from Father Christmas is not promoting any religion.

    • Come to think of it, each religion conflicts with the other – there’s no unity because they are all of different pagan beliefs. All these pagan gods that people worship are the Nephillim (demons mentioned in the Bible Genesis chapter 6). What the Bible says is the only Truth. If the Bible was wrong in its prophecies, then the world would have ended on 21/12/12 as per the false Mayan calendar. All prophecies have come true according to the Bible and so will it be in the future as per the Bible… Yahshua(Jesus) is the God of ALL creation. He was not born on 25 Dec & He NEVER taught to celebrate His birthday. He is a Hebrew from the line of Judah and was born on the day of “the feasts of tabernacles” …. He is the TRUE MESSIAH returning soon like a devouring LION to destroy the false messiah or mahdi…. and ALL the paganism of this world.

  5. …& meanwhile, their stupid, socialist gov’t is on stand-by, allowing these interlopers to alter the mores, the ethos, the minds, the very nature of their country to become just another sand-box on their way to conquering all of europe. [wake up, frenchies, multiculturism just isn’t working!]

    • forgive me…i don’t mean to downgrade multiculturism, per se, that is one reason our beloved america is a great nation. IMO, the difference is that the LEGAL immigrants who came here from europe were willing to assimilate & become americans. they had no complaints, nor any demands for recognition of their ethnic background. they wanted to make a better life for their children than they had themselves. my parents came from italy & managed to start a business, own a home & educate their children w/ no gov’t freebies nor handouts. at that time in our history, there were no handouts or free money. they did not speak english but they learned it & became proud american citizens! i am thankful that they had the courage to come to america & prosper here.

  6. If they don’t like Western culture, let them crawl back to the desert. Don’ t these jack@55*5 realize we have better lives in the West mainly because we do not follow their abominable cult? If we start caving in, soon our countries will be as dangerous, backward, oppressive and barbaric as theirs.

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