Muslims: Christmas mass in front of mosque “not be a good example of [interfaith] tolerance”

via INDONESIA Islamists against Catholics in Central Java, Christmas celebrations in jeopardy – Asia News.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – For Catholics in Ungaran (Central Java), Christmas is in jeopardy because of threats from the extremist Islamic Defence Front (FPI). Since the local grand mosque is located on the centrally located Sidomulyo Square, where Christians are preparing to celebrate Christmas with Masses and prayers, Muslims fundamentalists have threatened to stop all celebrations. A big meeting in front of the mosque has already been announced for the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

Central Java FPI leader Jindan Bahrul warned Christians that an open-air Mass in front of the mosque would “not be a good example of [interfaith] tolerance” before Christmas. “Other possible locations exist,” he said, adding that Christians “should go elsewhere”. Indeed, Christmas Eve’s big prayer meeting in front of Ungaran’s Grand Mosque should be reason enough for Christians to pause.

However, regency police said that they would stop the Islamists if they acted, by force if necessary. Although no public official personally made the announcement to avoid retaliation, the statement does indicate the authorities’ intention to stand their ground even against a leading mosque leader in Ungaran.

For its part, the local administration noted that the Catholic community had applied and obtained the necessary permits for Christmas celebrations within the required timespan. “We gave the request due attention,” said Abdullah Maskur, a local top official, “and decided to issue the necessary permits after consulting all parties.”

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world. Whilst its constitution recognises the principle of religious freedom, attacks and violence against minorities, be they Christians, Ahmadi Muslims or members of other religions, have become very frequent.

In Aceh Province, Sharia is in place, the only jurisdiction in the entire nation to have done so. Under Islamist influence, a more radical and extremist vision of the faith is being imposed on residents in many areas.

Increasingly, laws, rules and regulations like building permits are being used selectively to prevent the construction of Christian places of worship or prevent Christians from using those they already have. This has been done in Bogor Regency (West Java) against members of the Yasmin Church.

And in the U.S. the interfaith racket is big business with Muslims cashing in, mainly with government cash, access to high ranking government officials and jobs. More via Islamists Exploiting the Interfaith Racket.

8 thoughts on “Muslims: Christmas mass in front of mosque “not be a good example of [interfaith] tolerance”

  1. These people are like lice – you can’t get rid of them. Their religion does not apply to us; and everything they contend is an offense to their religion is a damn lie – it’s not even in the Quran. They make it up because the local authorities are too lazy to check it out or question it. Islamists are nothing short of ‘walking, talking sin on two legs’. Mohammad was a drunken pervert and if they follow him, what does that make them – followers of a false god for one thing. Pagans.

  2. Aceh was the main area where the 2005 tsunami struck.

    The outpouring of generosity by mainly western donors was astronomic, at one point reaching $14,000 per minute from Britain alone.

    Here’s a take from Time magazine…..

    . Billions of dollars in reconstruction funds have poured into the province, and it shows. Banda Aceh, where the tsunami killed 60,000 people — a fifth of the population — is now bustling and prosperous. There is a new hospital and airport, and tourist shops selling I-love-Aceh T-shirts.

    Read more:,9171,1950930,00.html#ixzz2FtVgGzOM

    Remember this massive amount of aid was down pretty much entirely to Europe and America, both nominally and in terms of numbers Christian.

    This is the islamic thankyou.

  3. Interfaith tolerance bahumbug. Didn’t we learn enough about tolerance and PC to make people get it doesn’t work.

    Why would Catholics do this unless they are an off shoot of Westboro Baptist Church, Java branch.

    The only thing different faiths share is believing their faith is the truth.

    The real truth is in the reason for the season…the birth of Christ Jesus.

  4. They claim it is intolerant for Christians to pray in the street one day a year…but we are supposed to tolerate the muzzein and their rears in the air 5 times a day? Hypocrite whiney crybaby fake victims, like most so-called minority special interest groups. As an elementary school teacher, I encounter this immature, self centered attitude fairly often among my more immature students. Tattletale passive aggressive bullying b s.

  5. How is the pope, Benedict xvi to deal with something like this? If he speaks truth in love to the moslems, they will kil without mercy Christians. If he remains silent, he asks the Western world to understand he, too, can be held hostage.

    • A former nun in my church intended to give a course on the Three Great Religions of the world – Catholic, Judais, Islam – nobody signed up and had I, they would have taken me out screaming. The Catholic church recognizes Islam through some nexus with Abraham. Google it – perhaps you will see the same picture as I of a Pope kissing the Koran-I really need to speak to or write an apologist. I’m ready for Crusades and we’re getting NOTHING!!!

      • Dew, Also Google Mormon and Islam. Mormons say on their LDS dot org site
        1-they share similar values with Islam
        2- they share their cannery (for prepping) with Muslims so they can make halal food
        3- They agree the Mormons are the only ones they won’t try to convert
        Look at the 9/11 attacks 1684 and 1857

        Bring on the Crusades! I an ready to die for my Savior, the Christ Jesus…His birthday is tomorrow!

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