Philippine govt moves forward,rewarding jihadists with Muslim region

Wage jihad, get state. Kidnap non-Muslims and hold for ransom, get state.

via Creation of new Muslim region moves forward

President Benigno Aquino today ordered the creation of transition commission that will draft the basic laws of a new Muslim region in Mindanao.

Teresita Quintos Deles, Aquino’s adviser on the peace process, said the order “affirms the president’s resolve to move forward the peace process… as a strategic initiative for political stability and economic development.”

Peace through submission? Also known as dhimmitude.

She said Aquino’s order also provides a mechanism for “authentic democratic collaboration” in the crafting of proposed laws where the affected people themselves are actively involved.

The executive order creates a 15-member body that will be appointed by the president. The rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is expected come up with a list of candidates from among the people of Mindanao.

The transition body will also recommend to Congress proposed amendments to the constitution.

“The aim is to install [a new Muslim region] through a new organic act as soon as possible in order to have an elected Bangsamoro government by 2016,” said Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, head of the government peace panel.

She said the government is committed to the reconstruction of conflict-affected areas and to fast track socio-economic development in the region.

Aquino’s order came after the latest round of peace negotiations with Moro rebels ended in a “technical impasse” on Saturday. The MILF said in a statement that no formal agreements have been reached.

Government and rebel negotiators were supposed to finalize details regarding “power-sharing, wealth-sharing and normalization” before the year end after signing a peace deal on October 15.

The MILF said the unresolved question on whether the MILF will lead the transition body was the reason for the impasse.

If you want to get caught up on the jihad in the Philippines, see some of these previous posts and videos including U.S. officials meeting with (possibly coaching) the jihadists / rebels.

8 thoughts on “Philippine govt moves forward,rewarding jihadists with Muslim region

  1. Negotiating with “rebels” and “terrorists”…what a way to go! NOT!!!

    It is OKAY to “rebel”…in a peaceful manner…with logic, etc., BUT, when these rebels resort to violence, then they become “criminals” and “terrorists” and should be treated accordingly, at which point there is NO “NEGOTIATING…ANYTHING!

  2. I go to the Philippines often. I absolutely love this country and it’s people. However, I sat though a Muslim terrorist bombing in Makati ( part of Manila) in 2005 when they blew up a bus station killing many people. That is all they know, all they do, all they create along with the illegal mosques they are building everywhere. They should not negotiate with them. They only come to destroy and destroy they will. Destroy them before they destroy you.

  3. WPF, I agree with you. that is what most asians are fond of doing that. they thought they can depend on moslems for economic “success”. But it alwys end in unhappiness or failure.

  4. Oh, how nice! Rewarding muslims for being nice, i.e. blowing up things, raping women, beheading people……………! Always appeasing and giving in to the “religion of peace”, and the nice muslims will be perfectly happy in their new home, and never bother the Philippinos again, yeah, right.

    When, oh when will people ever understand muslims are not like ANY other people; do not act like other people. Absolutely right, Freedom John!

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