Colorado: Muslims fool Jewish, Christian leaders in “love neighbor” campaign

via Colorado Jewish, Muslim and Christian leaders launch love campaign – The Denver Post.

Colorado Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders stood together in Denver’s main mosque Monday and launched a “Love Thy Neighbor” campaign — starting with ads on RTD buses.

They said the ad they unveiled — at a time on the calendar devoted to love and understanding — is meant to respond to recent national tragedies and to replace anti-Muslim ads placed on buses last month.

“Our country is in the midst of a lot of divisions,” Temple Emanuel Senior Rabbi Joe Black said. “Hatred is only going to further violence and the breakdown of society.”

“Love Thy Neighbor” ads, purchased for $5,000, are expected to appear on 10 buses by the end of this week and stay on each bus for a month.

The “Love Thy Neighbor” message conveys “a shared concept in the three religions,” Colorado Muslim Society Imam Karim Abuzaid said. “In Islam, we are commanded to love our neighbor, or at least act in love.”

The Muslim part of the ad, not shown by the Denver Post – likely for the obvious reason that the chosen verse has nothing to do with the concept of loving thy neighbor. In fact, it doesn’t even mention neighbor:


Muslims in Colorado love their neighbors so much that they refuse to share worship space with them in the Denver airport as we reported here, Muslim prayer room at Denver Airport separate from Christians and Jews. Muslim love.

More to the point, the Koran explicitly states Muslims should not take Christians and Jews for friends:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends… ~ Koran 5:052

More h/t Iron Burka

And for inquiring minds, the website consists of one page. Anyone know who they are? Here’s the same ad on their site.


Notice it doesn’t list any of the partners they are supposed to be loving. Here’s the image the Denver Post ran:


The Prophet said, “War is deceit.”

14 thoughts on “Colorado: Muslims fool Jewish, Christian leaders in “love neighbor” campaign

    • chris, they are not stupid. There is a method to their madness. Basically, they want their enemy to believe that they are friendly, until they find out what your weak points are then they attack. To them, any one that is not a Muslim is an enemy, call an Infidel, who is to converted to Islam, enslaved and if the first two does not work, killed. There is no other way, or no other religion to be allowed in the World of Islam.

  1. What struck me was the usage of the word HATRED for DISAGREEMENT with moslems. To disagree with a moslem is to invite VIOLENCE, their apparently standard and accepted response to any questioning of the “best” people by their inferiors.

  2. muslim leaders have centuries of practice working with sheep, mindless drones, so as you might imagine they are scrambling here because non muslims dont take things at face value for long, especially when words dont match actions…muslims are trying to jump ahead while trying to catch up ….the quicker ones are working the legal system to their advantage, thats on them ….if they are allowed to continue, then its on us …..greater masses of Americans had better wise up, time is of the essence ….

  3. Stupid? Hell, no – they are a lot smarter than our politicians and upper echelon of our military (i.e. officers and Pentagon) will ever be. There is NO WAY either group is ignorant of their history, or that the Koran allows them to lie if the end result benefits Islamists. The game is that ‘everything & anything’ is against their religion and western countries are full of perverts etc. England is so full of Islamic sex perverts, gang rapists and into selling sex (they groom girls – English girls only because they are supposedly dirty – from age 12 on up. Christie, gov. of NJ, thinks they are just wonderful – so does Bloomberg. Obama and Holder can’t hire them fast enough to work in the Federal gov’t. They are trying to get our police (nation wide) to stop training their men in terrorist operations – and are suing Ray Kelly, NYC Police Chief for overseeing Islamic activities in NYC – what crap.
    Yet it is sickening how many Americans know nothing of what is going on. Our history books are dropping American history in favor of introducing Islam (& homosexuality).
    They are kicking our asses; winning the battles and will win the war if we don’t organize and start protecting ourselves from them and the Federal gov’t. And while they are doing their evil deeds, we are paying for them to stay in this country – it is really disgusting. Kick God out and let allah in? I think not. Get down on your knees and pray.

    • pray and then get up and educate them… or at least your own. Join Act for America and help do that and also help fund our lobbyist and our efforts to get more lobbyists. sowdie Arabia has 100 lobbyists while we have one. and Go to your religious leaders and give them the Executive summary. Also go to your school boards with it.

    • Dew, I’m with you 100%. Had some teens here and sent them home with Christmas cookies and either “Muslim Brotherhood in America” by Robert Spencer or “Muslim Persecution of Christians” (also by Spencer).
      Let’s not forget the F16’s and billions of our tax $ to Egypt.
      On my knees praying too.

  4. Christians no doubt are harmless as doves in this situation; however, they forgot to be wise as serpents. Churches need to initiate Quran and Hadith studies and forget Bible studies. Jews, too, need to give their heads a good shake and smell the reality. Have they not learned from the experience of their forefathers in the 1940’s?

    • It is time for Christians to pick up their swords again. If not they had better start converting to Islam. All you have to do is open you eyes to see what they are doing. They are slowly trying to install Sharia Law into the United States of America. Foot baths for Muslim cab drivers, allowing Muslim cab drivers to decide who can or can not ride in their cabs. A driver suing his company about the dress code for drivers. Oklahoma being sued in Federal Court about not let any thing in State Court other than U.S. or State Law. No International, or Sharia Law allowed. Like I said before, if you let a camel get his nose under the tent, you will soon have the whole camel in the tent with you.

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