Muslim Population of Britain Doubles

Just as the Muslim population doubled and the Number of mosques in US grew 74% since 9/11.

via It’s Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles :: Gatestone Institute.

The strange thing about this “multicultural” society is that it can celebrate every imaginable culture except the one that allows all these cultures to co-exist alongside each other — and all the time with enthusiasm from pundits and politicians, busy trying to pretend that this is all the most wonderful result imaginable.

The national census for England and Wales has come out, and, as usual, this once-a-decade event has had all of its most significant points overlooked.

By any measure, what it reveals is a country undergoing seismic change. Over the course of a decade up to four million more people have entered the country to live. In the capital, London, people identifying themselves as “white British” have for the first time become a minority. Perhaps most strikingly, the national Muslim population has doubled.

This last fact is perhaps one of the least considered of the census so far. Doubled? Surely not. This has to be the claim of Mark Steyn or some other demographics-obsessed nut. Well no, it isn’t, and it is now official: between 2001 and 2011 the Muslim population of the UK rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million. Otherwise put, that is an increase from 3 percent to 4.8 percent of the overall population.

If in 2001 the British Prime Minister had said to the British public that over the next decade he intended to double the number of Muslims in the country, he would most likely never have been returned to office. But of course he did not say that, any more than any of his successors or predecessors did.

For the last decade, every major politician has lied about this issue. While talking tough, about putting a cap on immigrant numbers, pushing people to assimilate and much else besides, they have done nearly nothing. For instance, ten years ago Home Secretary David Blunkett talked as tough as he thought he could, saying that migrants ought to learn English. His successor, Jacqui Smith, said the same thing five years later. As did immigration minister Phil Woolas a couple of years after that. Throughout the last decade the Labour government managed to do exactly what the Conservative and coalition governments before and after them have also managed to do: go as far as they thought they could in rhetoric while going wholly against what they said — and the wishes of the country — in actions.

Now we can see the fruits of their labors. The census reveals that three million people are now living in households where no adult speaks English as their primary language. As Labour’s Sadiq Khan has admitted, local councils have spent their money on translation services rather than language classes, thus actually dissuading people from learning the language. The result is communities with inter-generational language barriers. There are parts of London where a quarter of the people are in the same situation. They have created a society where many people can speak about each other but many cannot actually speak to each other. And all the while politicians and pundits are busy trying to pretend that this is all the most wonderful result imaginable.

The London Evening Standard welcomed the news that white British-born people had become a minority in their own city, and ran a lead opinion piece accusing anybody unhappy about the doubling of the number of Muslims of being “Islamophobes.” Since then, the comments have barely gotten more enlightened. The author Will Self declared on the BBC’s leading talk show Question Time that people unhappy about the direction Britain is going on are “racists.”

On the BBC’s Newsnight I sat alongside two very nice, wealthy, successful immigrants who explained how positive the census results were for Britain, showing a “diverse” and “multicultural” society. I was the only one of the four panelists to point out that this wave of immigration might have any negative effects. And the only one to point out that the strange thing about a “multicultural” society of this kind is that it can celebrate every imaginable culture other than the one which allows all these cultures to co-exist alongside each other. In other words, it is the center which is the only thing not being celebrated, and the center that is being consciously eroded. Worst of all is that this happened in defiance of the repeatedly expressed views – as tested time and again in nationwide polls – of the general public.

Of course much of this simply confirms what the last Labour government appears to have intended.

There are those who wanted this change to happen, and there are those who did not. The former now occasionally notice that their plan has caused troubles of which they were barely aware when they set out. The latter are reviled as backwards, racist, bigoted and out-of-touch with their new country. In reality they are simply people who once had a country and have seen it changed irrevocably, and simply hold on to a feeling of sadness that nobody thought about where this would take us, or whether we the people should ever be listened to in the little matter of our own future.

Review history to see the fates of all the other countries – now territories occupied by Muslims – that were conquered by Islam.

24 thoughts on “Muslim Population of Britain Doubles

  1. Amazing, England nor any other country admiting millions of these sand fleas ever bothered to read their history of 1412 years of murder, looting, plunder, beheadings, intolerance of all but Islamists, various punishments for what they consider wrongdoing, perversion, and THE FILTHY KORAN which requests total annihilartion of all who do not believe in alllah the idiot. For the most part, they are stupid, filthy, barbaric ignoramouse whose stock in trade is to beat, maim,(even their own children) and force other countries to adhere to THEIR RULES – the host country, unless it wakes up, will never know what hit them. Of course, in the USA, the President welcomes them with open arms – even provides jobs in the US Gov’t (to expedite the end of our Constitution, and every other rule under which we have lived for these 100 plus years. Note well the military have already revised it’s manuals to include ‘respecting Islam’. Need I say Obama/Holder need to be shown the door?

  2. “Can you imagine…respecting the biggest “CULT” to have ever been?”

    “Islam, the CULT…KORAN: 101”

    “IMPEACH, OBOZO…NOW!!!” NOT, going to happen when the pundits, politicians, AND media are ALL ONE!

    “WE, the People…” have not had any “representation” since OBOZO was (s)elected the first time (and not much before that)!!!

  3. “multicultural” to get in, and Islam will murder every single culture of them for letting them in. Multicultural is liberal fiction. I will be glad when the islamists target and remove the liberals. Then may be we can clean this mess up. Of course these “multicultural” lies are from the schools, controlled by the left. They will be the first muslims dispose of. Who can tolerate traitors?

    • @ dad,, No, I fear you are wrong.., it is us who protest who will be the first to go when the islamists take over, the left will be the very last as they are the useful idiot enablers without whom the takeover of our countries would have never taken place.there will be no one left to clean the mess up!.

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  5. This is a sad state of affairs that England has fallen to PCulteralism and are letting themselves to be the host of a most inhospitable organism.

    Americans need to speak out about the taquiyah of Islime and of sharia.
    I have been doing my best to do that myself. I have talked to a number of people about this and they all told me they never heard of sharia before, so I direct them to websites like creeping sharia.

    I also have talked on the phone with politicians on the left about this and one who said that there is no need to put any state laws about ruling out any foriegn law because we already have the constitution that seperates religion from government.

    I sent her an e-mail explaining that there is a need for such laws because of sharia law in our court system is being used and gave her an example of a muslim woman’s x-husband who broke the restraining order that was given him after beating and raping his wife for two weeks. He pled not guilty on the grounds that he had the right to under sharia law of Islamic religion for which he openly admited to this in court. The judge ruled in his favor.

    I further explained that Islam is not a religion but a governmental/political system as in sharia law practicing taquiyah and treason in order to over throw our government.

    I finished the e-mail by letting her know the quotes in the Koran that speak of women as being less than the man and that the woman is to be beaten by her husband if she does not obey….

    What we need to be doing by the millions is calmly start educating the legislatures on the left in our states and in the federal legislature.

    They really are clueless, go and educate….

      • Anonymous sounds like a child molesting muslim in our midst, or someone so stupid they can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
        Too much inbreeding to be able to form an articulate answer.

        • Dad,it is well know that you rape your own daughter ,peadophiles like you should have your balls cut off ,you are not safe around any children ,this website should report you to the police before you rape anymore children you sick cunt

  6. To Common Sense – RIGHT! But how’r you gonna educate the legislators when, more and more, they themselves are being infiltrated and deceived by islamists????? It’s the rock-hard truth that we, in the U.S., are in the midst of the biggest, deceptive, “pull-the-wool-over-your-eyes” TAKE-OVER in the history of Western civilization!!!!! Let’s face it–the American public voted for the Obama sharade!!! TWICE!!!!!


    • Hi dapreach!

      You know…the more I look at “how” the media reports (covers) news items…the more I “think” that the American people DID NOT (s)elect “OBOZO” twice! BUT, since the media is a “tool” for OBOZO and his “crew”…(fill-in the rest yourself…whatever you write is correct)!

      “…ewe!!!” the corruption in “our” government is SO “BLATANT!!!” Only a Third Grader could be “fooled!!!”

      • ….the corruption in “our” government is SO “BLATANT!!!”

        Good point, ‘bobby90247’. Truth be told, we’ll probably never know how ‘rigged’ our elections really are!!! GOOD POINT!!!!!

        “HEY! Who ever said that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes? Quit messin’ with me! I like being lied to! Can’t you just see the beautiful robes that the emperor is wearing right now????? Just look how graciously he bows to the war lords of the sharia! Why, if ya’ didn’t know better, ya’ might jes’ think that he was ONE OF THEM!!! Naw!! Perish the thought!!! HE’S A CHRIS– CHRIS– CHRIS-LAM! Oh, I guess I was supposed to say “CHRISTIAN”! Hmmm!?!?!

        OH YEAH! Seems like I first heard the story about “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES” right around the time I was in the THIRD GRADE!!!!

        Note to the American media–ARE YOU ANY SMARTER THAN A THIRD-GRADER?????

        YA’ KNOW–JES’ SAYIN’!!!!!

        • Ah, The Emperor’s New Clothes! An absolute classic, No man, anywhere, plumbed human nature more surely to it’s depths, than H.C.A.

          Good one dapreach, love the sarcasm, amigo!

          • Thanks ‘Peter35’ – At the risk of raising the ire of the minority of those who might tend to be less informed, I would otherwise choose to express myself using ‘less obvious’ sarcasm. It’s more fun that way! You know what I mean–the kind that actually quotes the dumbasses w/o actually saying: “AND NOW I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO QUOTE THE RIDICULOUS COMMENTS OF THE DUMBASSES IN ORDER TO PROVE HOW RIDICULOUSLY STUPID THEIR LOGIC IS.” Hmmmm!!!!

            Unfortunately I’ve found that that sometimes leads to utter confusion!!! Check this out: The other day I approached the check-out counter at my local Rite Aid drugstore with some items that I planned to purchase, and I said to the little teenager behind the counter, “They tell me that today is the day you offer 100% discount.” She blankly looked back at me with her jaw practically dragging on the floor and said, “100% off???” I just chuckled–I’m still not sure she got it!!!!!

          • Thanks, but no thanks, for the link, ‘bobby90247’. Thanks, because it’s the truth about islam! No thanks, because it IS the truth about islam!!! Who ever imagined that we would be living in a world that permits such heinous violent acts under the guise of ‘obedience to God’???

            You’ve probably noticed how that some of my comments, which speak of God’s true justice against unrepentant sinners, have been misconstrued by some into suggesting that God himself is the evil one and that Christianity is equally as violent as islam. No big news there! They accused Jesus Christ of having a demon when he walked among us!!!

            Sadly, some will never know the Truth!

          • Thank You, dapreach! At least you and I and a few others here understand what “we” are talking about…

            ALL “we” can do is tell people about the “Good News”…it’s up to them to allow God to show them the “truth!” IF they make the decision to NOT allow Him into their lives…

            At least “we” did our part….and then some!

            Take Care and God Bless!

  7. I still say that they (and the French, Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Germans and others) will wake up, and there will be massive violence. This is not just a ‘bump in the road’ we’re seeing, as most of you know.

    In the meantime, is the White House imposter going to be impeached, or will he once again manage to wriggle out of trouble as with Benghazi? Teflon Tony was an amateur compared with obama.

  8. If everyone are forced to be multicultural by those supremacist asians moslems and asian non-moslems, moslems middleeasterns, etc, the world would surely have less freedom, become even more uncomfortable, more unstable, more depressing, more backward and more inhumane..

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