Documentary: Muslims in Europe (video)

In meaning “infiltrating.” We posted this in four parts previously, here it is in one, before it’s gone.

Related evidence:

Muslim Population of Britain Doubles

The Islamization of Germany in 2012

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Elected Muslims Declare: “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

7 thoughts on “Documentary: Muslims in Europe (video)

  1. islam think they’re the only fish in the pond; sorry, they aren’t. ALL of us need to stand up to them; they do not own us or any part of the Universe. Islam is the scourge of the earth.

    • Well aren’t all religious-political systems the scourge of the earth then? Doesn’t history show that each type has or still does seek to destroy anyone who will not follow or give it power through loyalty, land, and loot?

      • OK, but what about the non- Muslim Europeans whose taxes and goodwill are supporting the Muslim scrum overrunning the continent? They are not seeking to destroy the Muslims who despise them and are taking advantage of them.
        Unfortunately many semi- informed people take anti- religious stances in an effort to appear superior, or perhaps because they have sketchy information about history vis a vis the liberal educational system. Don’ t believe the lie that all religions are evil: after all, that is the credo of the cult of liberal secularism, certainly the most self- righteous faith on Earth.

        • I like your comment nice lady – the foundations of all govt and civilization owe much to religion- I am tired of that worn our oft repeated myth of religion being the culprit in the worst wars and all religions being the same- they are not.

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