Poll: If ordered, would you attempt to confiscate guns from American citizens?

Please take our previous poll as well: If ordered, would you draw your weapon on and detain American citizens on U.S. soil?

Both questions presume the action to take place on U.S. soil engaging “law abiding” American citizens with the directive coming from the White House through your chain of command.

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17 thoughts on “Poll: If ordered, would you attempt to confiscate guns from American citizens?

  1. I believe in the near future they will try to confiscate all the guns in this Country that belong to Civilians. They can’t take over this Country in a Dictatorship while the American Public is Armed.

    • Washington knows they cannot send officers to your home and take your arms. The fallout will be horrendous, and the system will be overloaded with Americans who refuse to comply, clogging jails, courts, and will put many lives at risk, including LEO’s and civilians alike.

      Confiscation will be in the form of “sell-back” programs. It will be administered through the IRS. No agents, police, sheriff officers, or military will show up at your house to get your arms. Watch for legislation which will require registry, and then progress to the sell-back, wherein you will get a tax credit for every weapon you sell back. Any firearm you have ever bought legally with a paper trail will bear your responsibility. If you fail to “sell-back” to obtain your tax credit, you will have your tax return placed on hold, or be fined.

      I don’t have a crystal ball. It’s just the way these bastards work. Look at Obama Care.

      Gun control will come through the IRS. Write it down!

      • making sure that a black market exists, with high prices and we can have another failure like the drug wars- only criminals will have guns and the rest of us will be tempted to become criminals by having to buy them illegally at inflated prices and risk of jail time

  2. Where are the men who have the power to prevent this event from happening? Surely there must be one or a dozen patriots in Washington who will stand up and shout, “enough”!! The evidence is all around us. The halls of congress have become a rotting corpse of corruption and deceit. And yet not a man, not a single man, has spoken the truth to the American people. For four years we have watched as our constitution has been little by little shredded into obscurity. Yet no one has stepped up to stop it. Can’t we count on even a single senator? A single congressman to speak for the People? Have we been deceived for so long that our entire system has been taken over without our knowledge? Is there no one left in government who loves this country enough to defend our liberties? Not even a single man? Are we left like sheep to be slaughtered by the very soldiers who are sworn to protect and defend this nation? Have we been so blind as to think no one could turn away from America, our beautiful America. The envy of the world’s appressed. Maybe so. Maybe so.

  3. citizen elected congress people need to be accountable to the electorate instead of sucking up to obama; the self announced dictator and destroyer of our Constitution.

    what is the matter with congress???? too much greed, graft, stupidity, lobbyists, and not standing up for the American citizens.

    enough is enough is enough

  4. You can find in your local government the same thing that going on in Washington. They just do it on a bigger scale. Usually a honest politician will come along, and maybe even make it to Washington with out being corrupted. But once there, people like David Axelrod will make sure he doesn’t get a change to change things. Obama owes his whole political carrier to David. If it wasn’t for David Axelrod’s smear campaign on Obama’s political opponents, he would never had got elected in the first place. It didn’t matter to David if it was true or not, he would insinuate some thing, an let it take its course. I am just hoping that the TEA Party will get some more members into Congress. Maybe we will have enough honest politicians up there before the 2016 election to make a difference. Hell, even when you go to a public restroom, you have to be sure you don’t tap your foot, because some one might mistake it to mean some thing else.

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