Draft of new (sharia adherent) U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped

via Washington Times.

A recent Wall Street Journal article described the U.S. Army’s final-draft handbook, which indoctrinates our military personnel heading to Afghanistan in how to be sensitive to and accept Muslim and Afghan 7th-century customs and values — or possibly be killed by our Afghan partners.

Unbelievable. This is being done to prevent the so-called “green-on-blue” attacks, which have cost 63 American lives this year.

According to the Army’s Combined Arms Center at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., it is our military’s ignorance and lack of empathy for Muslim and Afghan cultural norms that is the basic cause for our Afghan military partners to react violently and kill our troops.

For example, if our military personnel hear or witness an Afghan soldier sodomizing a young boy, the handbook tells U.S. service members to voice no objection, accept it or ignore it, or they could be killed. If an Afghan beats, rapes or kills a woman in the presence of a U.S. serviceman, they are not to interfere or stand up for women’s rights or else they might be killed.

What the Army is saying, in effect, is that if Afghan partners conduct violence against U.S. service personnel, it is the serviceman’s fault. This is mind-boggling. We know, according to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen, that nine out of 10 Afghan military personnel are illiterate and cannot be counted on in combat. Endemic corruption is embedded in Afghan culture and certainly extends to their military. They cannot be trusted.

Other cultural norms our professional U.S. military must accept without reservation by our Afghan partners is desertion, drug use, thievery, dog torture and collusion with the enemy, the Taliban. Also, U.S. military members must not discuss Islam in any form.

All of this guidance is un-American. It is totally against our core principles and everything we stand for as Americans. It threatens to further diminish our military principles, stature and fighting spirit. As columnist Diana West stated in a recent article, if this handbook directive is implemented, we will be forcing our military to submit to Islam and its governing Shariah law or die — exactly the choice offered to infidels who have been vanquished by jihad. Our military’s silence and acquiescence would be the humiliating price for their existence.

This should be seen as another attempt to undercut our professional military and our warrior reputation that has guaranteed our freedom and way of life for the past 236 years.

None of this humiliating guidance should come as a surprise. The Obama administration has had a massive purge under way to remove all training manuals, lectures and instructors who link Islamic doctrine and its governing Shariah law in a factual way to Islamic terrorism. These manuals are being removed from all government agencies, including the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies. All our training manuals have been purged of the true nature of the threat from Islam and Shariah.

The degrading of our military’s fundamental principles should be viewed in a much broader perspective. We cannot overlook the fact that with or without sequestration, we are unilaterally disarming our military force. This is happening in spite of an uncertain world situation with the Mideast still in a state of turmoil and evolving threats posed by China, Russia and Iran.

Separately, we see our First Amendment rights being trashed by our secretary of state through her participation in the Istanbul Process championed by the 57-member-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC is sponsoring a United Nations mandate that would make it a crime to express anything they consider blasphemous against Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. This same theme was expressed by President Obama in his September speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

If these attacks on America’s exceptionalism and core principles are collectively analyzed, it appears that there is an insidious agenda at work to fundamentally change America. All of these negative factors must be challenged and defeated. As a first step, the Army’s draft handbook should be trashed.

Second, Congress must take positive action to protect our First Amendment rights and force the Obama administration to withdraw from any further participation in the Istanbul Process. Third, the unilateral disarmament of our military must be reversed. It’s time for members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to take a position that supports the oath they took to protect and defend our Constitution.

Retired Adm. James A. Lyons was commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.


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21 thoughts on “Draft of new (sharia adherent) U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped

  1. When you don’t say or do anything in the name of preserving humanity…you are condoning it, when you condon it, basically you are saying it is okay…this is the height of being unamerican. If our soldiers are being told this, it is no surprise the muslims are having such a good time at our expense over here!!!

  2. Tyedyed…you are 100% correct.
    We have been manipulated and screwed!

    It doesn’t matter if you were for or against Michelle Bachman or Newt Gingrich, okay? I bring their names up because they were THE ONLY ONES Running for President who openly declared (paraphrase) “Get the Muslim Infiltration out of D.C.”
    At the time, we had and still do have “54” Politicians receiving $ from CAIR and HAMAS. It was only a few weeks later that Pelosi joined the list:

    You and I both know, you take donor $$, and they have a “say so” in what you vote on. We also have Muslims in the Pentagon. Are we getting the dangerous picture yet.

    Bachman and Newt were kicked to the curb to make room for Romney who immediately stated he will use “U.S. Tax $$ to fund a Charter School for Islamists.”

    Enters Romney into the race….well, we all know the history there. Obama won AGAIN through massive fraud; and Romney didn’t both to request an investigation KNOWING full-well Obama won by fraud.

    The fix is in! Unless something drastic happens, we will have the flag of Islam flying over the WH in the not too distant future.

  3. The future must not belong to those who criticise the prophets of underage sodomy, female child rape, ill treatment of animals, killing, beating and disfigurement of women, heroin abuse or discussion of religious faith.

    Mix his UN utterance with the new ROE’s and that’s it.

    Tell you what, how about Michelle and his daughters try out being female in Afghanistan?

    And for an added frisson of excitement send the dog Bo, too.

    • It was NOT in the news, okay. I have a contact that was cracking up when he told me this.
      They went to the Middle East, and Michelle tried talking to the Prince, and was punched in the eye…since women are NOT supposed to talk to men, and especially Important men!

    • IF we had a REAL President…this is the time to tell them.
      We will come over and save your butts…HOWEVER, get out of the way…we are NOT Muslim and will NOT adhere to your rules….OR…

      We will NOT go…and IF you start telling us what we can and cannot do due to your religion….we will take our happy butts home and you fix your own problems.

  4. Why the devil are we still there? If we have no say with these disgusting people why should we commit lives and dollars to these perverted cultures???

      At first (and I probably will get blasted for saying this)…but at first, it WAS all about the oil!
      And, it is my own personal opinion, that is why they wanted us at war in the Middle East and disguised it as something else! Terrorism.

      However! NOW, it is TERRORISM that we are fighting and they brought it to our door!!

    • IF we are going to be there..we need to set down some LAWS.
      You will get out of the way and let us win this!
      You will NOT make our Military Women wear that stupid bag over their heads when they are shopping.

      You will either TELL us IF one of the Muslims is a killer that we are training…because if HE kills one of us…WE WILL KILL YOU!

      We WILL have a cross on a building or a tent where we go to pray, find peace and worship.

      We will train you for an ‘x” amount of time..after that ..”you are on your own.” IF you call us again, we’ll settle it once and for all.

      Terrible Beauty

  5. No wonder our military troops commit suicide, they’ve been witness to unpeakable evil with their hands tied. Imagine their frustration and anger.
    This in itself is torture. If an enemy wants to break a combatant he would use this type of torture. Show a soldier atrocities then prevent him from showing anger.
    It’s unfatherable that generals in the pentagon would allow this type of mind rape. What has happened to them?

    • They are caught between honor, their Oath, him as their Commander in Chief…then they walk into hell with him degrading them every time he has the chance to do it!

      We have more of the committing suicide than are being killed in battle.

    • If I ever went back, the new regs would not stop me…if i saw some f’d up sh!t, I would do something about it…D.D me i don’t care…i am sure I am not the only one, be it current or ex, reserves or guard.

  6. More bending over backwards and appeasing the lowest dregs of the human barrel. islam and it’s followers are so bad I’m constantly amazed the western world tolerates it.

    If the west ever wakes up in time to stop this cultural suicide, I sincerely hope the names of cowards who sold us out to this dirt are remembered, as the traitors they are.

    • Hey Peter, upaces, and everyone else here…I NO LONGER believe that the U.S. general population is unaware of what is happening around this world. I am more and more leaning toward the media and politicians deceiving “us” as to what “WE, the People…” are really “thinking!”

      It’s very hard to imagine that the majority of people in the U.S. are “unaware” of the atrocities of “Islam” around the world to the point that they are “willing” to allow these Mudslimes to exist in our country! BUT, since we are all divided for ALL the wrong reasons…nobody “knows” any different!

      “By-the-way”…while waiting for the “Green Line” (Los Angeles MTA so-called SYSTEM), I am starting to notice many more “men” with full “beards”…of the “Muslim” type. It isn’t something that you’d really take “notice” of if you weren’t reading “Creeping Sharia!”

  7. I agree. As a former enlisted among the lowest ranks in the firld artillery, I remember being deluged with this type DOD BULLSHIT. Never believed it and I don’t think soldiers do now. The only time this is important is when a G.I. is caught doing something ‘against regs’ by a pissant lifer wannabe.

  8. Actually the handbook does not say anything about the Taliban sodimizing and so on, that is Admiral James Lyons’ , words.

    He once made it publically clear that in the navy would never accept three things, thieves, drugs and homosexuals. Actually the navy never accepts a fourth – their senior officers current or retired using their former rank and service to play politics. Obviously he forgot that.

  9. Does any one want to know how Obama got reelected. I think Joseph Stalin said it best. These who cast the votes decide nothing. These who count the votes decide every thing. One other thing, have you ever wondered why we have never been showed Obama’s Collage transcripts and loan records. Its because he was born in Kenya not Hawaii. Went to Collage as a Foreign Student.

  10. Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman were kicked to the curb because they spoke out very loudly about Sharia Law in Our Country. They both were kicked to the curb for Romney; and see where that got us. Romney stated he wanted to fund an Islamist Charter School with U.S. Tax $:
    Video of Newt: Sharia Law+A President Supporting it….

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