Tennessee: Muslims oppose law enforcement checking citizenship status…of inmates (video)

The ACLU and Muslims are working to prevent a program that resulted in the deportation of 10,000 illegal immigrants who had already been jailed for other crimes. FYI, the ACLU has become increasingly run by Muslims. h/t halalboozeshack

The plan is being proposed in the same Tennessee county (Rutherford) where Muslims and the DOJ forced a mega mosque on locals against their wishes and Muslims bullied a local newspaper into complying with sharia blasphemy laws.

Tenn: Congressional Candidate Receiving Death Threats from Muslims for Opposing Mosque

Tennessee free weekly targeted for exposing Islam and sharia

DOJ sues, forces illegally-approved Tennessee mosque open in time for Ramadan

The Murfreesboro Mosque: Built on a Foundation of Lies

Tennessee mega-mosque proselytizing in public school curriculum

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19 thoughts on “Tennessee: Muslims oppose law enforcement checking citizenship status…of inmates (video)

  1. They don’t like it, TOO FRIGGIN BAD!!!!! Get the hell out of my country you damn camel humpers!!! Illegal is illegal and the program should be implemented nation wide to rid America of ALL illegal people in the country. Does not matter what country the person is from, illegal is illegal period!!! The ACLU is just another terrorist entity that needs removed from American soil.

    • obama..lets all of his buddies in..free ride..he is allowing thousands more in the next 4 years…the muslims care nothing about anyone that does not believe in allah…they will continue to try to destry Christen and Jewish houses of worship…WITH obama’s blessing…

      • Alice, do you know if those American kids are still in prison in the middle east for crossing their borders illegally?

        They have laws there; and so SHOULD WE ENFORCE OURS!!!

  2. Awwww, are they getting their widdle bitty feelin’s hurt? Too bad.

    Do you remember when the big hooplah about the Illegals protesting about us NOT allowing them in? THE ugly ACLU raised its head. Many of us, blasted them…and the surge went away defending the illegals. They did go back in their little black holes.
    Now their ugly head pops up again on THE WRONG SIDE.
    They did one thing right! The Miranda Act….and that was the LAST TIME they did anything righteous!

  3. Having an illegal alien Muslim in the White house allows them to get away with furthering their cause at the cost of fairness and betterment for the people of The United States. The Liberals want to help people who are illegally in the country over people who were born here and wish to make the country a better place to live. They are only supporting those who are dragging the country down in all ways imaginable.

    • Sounds dumb…to file a law suit against any Federal Entity…you have to get permission UNLESS lawyers have found away around that.
      That was the law in 1997.

        • Bobby…UNLESS…it has been changed…which may be the reason no one is getting anywhere with all of these law suits.

          Think about it…once a law suit passes the U.S. Court, say in your city, then it goes on….up the ladder. Well, hell if it reaches the Supreme Court, he’s not worried about that. He has HIS OWN judges, “hand-picked” knowing this would happen.
          That’s why the Birth Certificate won’t mean a hill of beans….because it would finally end up in the Supreme Court with HIS judges.

          • “Yeap, upaces, WE know this…don’t WE!!!”

            Do you think the “general public” has any idea what IS happening to this country? Then again, as we have discussed previously, the media wouldn’t let us “know” anyways…would they!

          • I am chuckling because I felt sorry for a dear family friend I have known since she was 14 yrs old; and living next door to us.

            This woman could teach Liberals a thing or two about Self Reliance and never giving up after she had been told she was “retarded.” She really was!

            She now works all of the time with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She pulls down enough that her husband stays home with the children while she makes A VERY GOOD LIVING even in this economy. She also has a 2nd job at a Pottery Barn. The woman is NOT lazy!

            She is an adult now…and called me about a month ago. She was so upset and frantic. She wanted to know if I knew anything about Obama being a Muslim and what he was/is doing to the country! I calmed her down and told her I would send her the basic information by email — bless her heart, I sent her about 30 emails.

            Two days later she called me back in tears. She was frustrated because she was working all of the time to support the family and couldn’t get politically involved; so she asked me to send her things about the candidates when it is time to vote.

            When she absorbed what I send her…she emails me back and tells me she is ready for more.

  4. Bobby, that is exactly why they want control of the Internet….the media talks “AT” an issue but NOT ALL of the issue. We have either read between the lines and get only some of it right OR research it for ourselves.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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