4 Out of 5 US Ambassadors Killed in Line of Duty Were Slain by Muslims

Muslims are working hard to add another to their list.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Penninsula (AQAP) has offered a reward of $160,000 in gold for the death of America’s ambassador to Yemen or any US soldier stationed in the country.

Daniel Greenfield, who has been on a mission lately, writes that 4 Out of 5 US Ambassadors Killed in the Line of Duty Were Slain by Muslims.

In the last 40 years, five US ambassadors were killed in the line of duty. 4 out of 5 were killed by Muslims.

Adolph “Spike” Dubs was murdered in Afghanistan in 1979 during an attempted Soviet rescue around the time that the puppet regime had gone to hell.

Francis E. Meloy Jr was kidnapped and murdered by the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon.

Cleo A. Noel Jr was murdered by the Palestinian Arab terrorist group Black September in Sudan at the Saudi Embassy in an attack that has some parallels with Benghazi. And the killers behind the attack were released to Egypt. Most were never seen again.

Rodger P. Davies was killed in Cyprus during tensions over the Turkish Muslim occupation and settlement of the area during a protest by Greek nationalists angry at President Ford’s collaboration in the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It has generally been alleged that the gunman who killed Davies was Greek, but no conviction was ever secured and it may be that the real killer was a Turkish military sniper whose goal was to boost US support for the Turkish invasion.

The fifth was Christopher Stevens. It is telling that four out of five US ambassadors murdered in the last 40 years in the line of duty were killed by Muslims. And the fifth remains an open question.


29 thoughts on “4 Out of 5 US Ambassadors Killed in Line of Duty Were Slain by Muslims

    • It’s your jizya payment. Well, you voted him in, and it should be perfectly obvious obama’s goal is the rise of islam, yet look at your media–you almost never hear the words ‘islam’ or ‘muslim’, even from FOX, and even here in Canada, SUN news still talks about ‘moderate’ muslims, and ‘islamist extremists’–I despair that they will ever get it right.

  1. If the moslemites are successful in pressuring obama (of all people who need pressure) the ambassador out, they will claim a victory. We may know different, but to the local uneducated tribespeople, it will appear the moslems are chasing the infidels out of their countries.

  2. Of course Daniel Greenfield will never also point out that all but one Cold War spy charged and convicted for targetting America was a jew, that would be anti-semitic right?

    • So we need to bury our heads in the sand to the killing of Americans by the Muslim Brotherhood and their protectionism and financing by Obama because you have a burr up your butt about Jews? You’ve never had or will ever have freedom and rights in a country like the USA, yet you welcome Shariah-Islamic law here in OUR country. We have our own laws, we don’t need to incorporate their laws. They need to obey our laws and assemilate to the USA, NOT the other way around.

      • Jean, what the cr*p is this “we” and “you” language? That you already presume so much rather confirms a great deal about you, not me.

        My point is if anyone makes accusations, arguments or claims facts then they should at least be sure they are facts or are in context. Daniel Greenfield avoids context like the plague and does so at the bidding of Horrowitz and for the purpose of creating hate against Muslims to support the Settler Movement that wishes to annex the West Bank.

        I am all for a good argument, logic and pointing fingers at murderous radical Islamists. Sharia has no place anywere and Greenfield will avoid simple facts that Sharia is actually in less than half of the 56 Muslim countries or that of those that have it, half again are only for Family Courts with a Secular Supreme Court supervising it. Facts and context.

        As for Jews, I mention it because of context. Nit-picking contextual abuse by Greenfield about numbers like most US Heads of Mission dying at the hands of Muslims is about as as much value or logic as pointing out that all but one of the convicted Cold War Spies that stole nuclear secrets or stole other high value secrets were in fact Jewish. Does that say anything? Not in itself but as an example of screwing context, everything.

        Oh, one last thing, grow up.


        • Jean has grown up, and sees the problem with absolute clarity. You need to read the quran, because you leftists don’t understand islam, and don’t see any problem, do you? Masochistic twit.

          • Peter,

            Not that I think you can grasp that but there was neither logic or even common sense in Jean’s rhetoric. Your “read the quran” quib obviously puts you in the same corner as with most conspiracy theorists and the likes of the “red’s under the beds” era, kill all the Japs, gooks and krauts simply because the country was at war. AIIA stands for Arrogant Ignorants and Ignorant Arrogants, I suspect your a bit of both.

            When you stop contradicting yourself and then arguing on behalf of that contradiction, try again.

  3. Our Muslim’s President has recently said that the EE.UU aren’t at war with the Muslim’s people neither with Islam. If it’s so, how can anyone explain the killing in the battlefield of thousand of Americans soldiers plus 4 US Ambassadors at the hands of the Muslim themselves? To us it makes no sense at all!. Perhaps our tropes have been fighting against a phantasm, not against Al Qaida, but they weren’t aware about it! Now, it makes some sense to us!!!

    • Paladion,

      with all respect, you obviously are not paying attention.

      Your Christian President – as he is not a Muslim and that wishful thinking by some simply makes them look stupid – is correct that the war is not against either Muslims or Islam – it never has been as much as some Islamist groups and some right-wing groups wish they were.

      So, to ‘explain the killing in the battlefield of thousand(s) of American solidiers …… , they are at war with radical Islamist groups. As you have not noticed, every Muslim country is also at war with these groups as well. That they are Muslims are obvious but to make your argument is like saying that Christian Anglican Britain was at war with mixed Lutherin-Catholic Germany during WWII.

      We can add that every analyst worth listening to points out that Al-Qaeda and these groups are in reality political and religion is the excuse. Of those that can be arguably religious, they are almost all exclusively Salafi, in other words one particular obnoxious minority ultra-puritanical sect within Islam.

      So, in a nutshell, think again.

      • DC, you seem to have drunk the Democrat’s koolaid with regard to obama, who was with absolute certainty a muslim when he lived in Indonesia; when did he change?

        A transcipt released by Occidental College a couple of days ago shows obama (soetoro) was awarded a fellowship for foreign students,and to qualify for that a student had to claim foreign citizenship. He was born in Kenya, by the way, and there is NO record of him ever applying for US citizenship.

        But why is it so hard for many people to connect the dots–everything about the man, everything he says and does, screams ‘muslim’. His very open goal is the rise of islam. Christian? Yeah, right.

        • Peter, I suspect that you stick to only one source of information and it has warped your senses. Also I suspect that you have not many Muslims or know them.

          Obama is a church goer, or does those extreme blogs (like this one) not provide that fact. Yes we all watched the various programs about his schooling, as if that level of age choses one’s faith.

          Rather than point out the obvious facts (like his church going and drinking beer in the WH garden), the rest of your baseless garbage about his being born in Kenya and not a natural-born American citizen only shows that your grasp of logic makes such an effort futile. His birth certificate was shown, he had to provide evidence to not only the electoral registrars in Hawaii but has the entire executive and senior Congress picking at his legitamacy but somehow you know better.

          I think that explains it all, wishful thinking on your behalf is obviously more accurate than America’s civil services, laws, justice departement and basic logic.

          A last point, apart from church going, beer drinking he is unable to even pronounce basic words or phrases that the average Muslim child can, but hell, you know better.

          What a d*ckhead.

          • Bobby, throwing trashy language does not make your argument any more foolish, it only reflects on your own capacity.

            Also, along with crop-circles, UFOs and Obama being a Muslim, no Obama did not say that he would put Islam before America. Because people tell you what you “want” to believe does not make it any more real.

            Get a grip.

          • Obama’s actions while in office supporting moslem initiatives at the expense of the United States and Europe lead people, and I am one, to believe he is moslem practicing the time honored moslem tradition of deception. Also, I may point out, his appointment and visitors to the White House paint him with the same brush. At his level appearances do count, very much.

      • DC: You are smoking crack. You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about and your only purpose here is to spread your subjective leftist propaganda in a place where nobody is likely going to buy it. Why do you try? Because your condescending, overbearing narcissism compels you to do such. It is readily apparent that common sense is not your strong suit, and since you seem to have a problem with Daniel Greenfield, I have yet to see you call him out on his Sultan Knish blog. You’re a cowardly troll, pure and simple.

        People like you, (and I have encountered many) cannot be convinced of anything no matter the amount of empirical evidence at hand, It is all ideology, leftist ideology. The obvious is always beyond your grasp. That being said, the ad hominem is tailor made for use against such as you and here you will get it. You see, having an intelligent discussion with those of your ilk is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good one is, the pigeon will inevitably knock over all the pieces, shit on the board and declare victory. Come to think of it, muslims react the same way. Hmm, birds of a feather, no wonder you support the muslim squatter at 1600 Penn. Ave.

        Liberal pussies like you embolden islamists because they see liberal pussies as weak, pliable and quite useful. Meanwhile, liberal pussies think they can use their overated cognative skills to manipulate muslims, and gosh darn it, cannot for the life of themselves figure out how or why the muslim outsmarts them. The shame of it being such, the liberal goes into total denial of his/her conundrum and assumes a veneer of complete denial, a veritable emperor with no clothes, if you will. We see it, you deny it.

        The really sad thing is how easily Western leftists get so easily used and abused by relatively simple-minded muslims who undoubtedly snicker behind the backs of the stupid, hated kuffar. That is reprehensibly embarrasing to the rest of us so do not get your panties in a row when ridiculed and insulted by conservatives. You earned it, you deserve it.

        Now f**ck off back to the Daily Kos, libtard!

        • randy,

          I wonder how many times you must have gone back to the dictionary to get such wonderfully educative discriptive words…. Simply put, you have proven a great deal about yourself, not me.

          “People like you”, the immediate “leftist” or “libtard” as some form of attack (or defence) only makes you look the fool. Considering I am a conservative (and an active one), it flops like your lack of basic logic and your assumptions that you have plucked out of thin air.

          Greenfield knows my postings well enough, but since he is not man enough to face up to the facts about his funding and reasoning, he simply cuts out any criticism from myself or others, thus you will never see them.

          I state each and anytime, items based on sound facts should be able to stand criticism but items that have no context and are skewered with ugly agendas (and Greenfield’s agenda is very ugly) deserve to be mocked to the maximum.

          Arguments against radical Islamists and the ugly face of Salafism is fine by me and I can add many a fact with them – and I do on other blogs. That is not the point here, the point is context and Greenfield’s reasons for writing his items, not the dangers of Islamists. In fact Greenfield is incapapable of a basic educated argument against the real danger of radical and militant Islamists because Horrowitz simply employs him to attack everything and anything Islamic.

          Now, I highly recommend you take a deep breath and a cold sober look at your response above and note how ch*ldish and rediculous it is. If you wish to argue about my comments then provide a bit of argument and not some wild cr*p-filled flinging that only makes your fingers smell.

          • With conservatives like you, who needs liberals? Methinks there is a RINO in the parlor. All this time we thought it an elephant. Silly me.

          • Randy,

            coming from someone who believes in crop-circles and UFOs (and other rediculous conspiracy theories)…….

            Stick to facts dude, not that there are any on this blog.

          • Well Randy, seems we have to back off in awe; DC certainly knows it all, well he must–he says so. Only his ‘facts’ are right, and that’s suspicious for a start! No, DC, I “have not many muslims or know them”. ( English as she is spoke)

            Randy is right, DC, with conservatives like you, who indeed needs liberals/democrats/marxists. You are the ‘dickhead’ if you believe everything about obama that the Dems tell you. There is a giant hoax going on here, and you’re too naiive to see it.

            Regarding obama’s birth certificate; that’s an example of your naiivete–it took the obama gang 3 yrs to forge it; his social security # is from a dead man, and Kenyans are raising a statue of him in his home town in KENYA as the first African prez. of USA. Cheers Pete

          • Peter,

            So which crop-circle did you buy into? Did I not see you on television at the UFO convention?

            As for the Birth Certificate, that tells me enough, sorry I thought I was discussing with someone serious or adult, my fault.

            As per the other thread, I am actually Spanish, my English fails time to time, that is normal. Your logic fails regularly, what is your excuse? Medicine perhaps?

          • DC,

            So you’re Spanish. That explains much. Since we will, within a few generation’s time, have to reference your once-proud nation as al-Andalus again. In light of that, your vacillitating attitude most certainly adds “context.” Has your dog been poisoned yet? Give it time. I bet you are all in favor of your government’s attempts to deport Imran Firasat back to Pakistan where he faces a death sentance for apostasy. You’re a scared and delusional person DC, already smelling the dhimmitude just around the corner and south of Gibraltar.

            It is pretty disgusting to think about how contemporary Spaniards are undoing 750 some odd years of Spanish blood, sweat, and tears driving out the Moors, only to let them all back in again in some perverse multi-culti social experiment thinking you can make up for your indigenous population’s low birth rate with new tax-paying laborers from Dar al-Islam. Your country would have been much better off importing Mexicans to keep your economy growing. At least they speak an Iberian language, most are Catholic, and they will eventually assimilate. That way Spain would preserve her culture.

            Eurabia starts in al-Andalus.

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  5. So! “EXCUSE ME!” But, at-what-point do “WE, the People…” start the “impeachment process” to remove Obozo from office? He has clearly committed an ACT OF TREASON against “OUR” country by “aiding & abetting” the “sworn” enemy (Al Qaeda) of the United States of America.



  6. @Peter35: Hello Pete! How’s the weather in Canada today? One favor please, can you possibly take the cold front back? It’s ruining my crop circles in the cornfields, lol! They’re so brittle they snap rather than lay down neatly, if you know what I mean. ;) If we’re not careful the trolls will be on to us. (if they’re not already, sigh) Anyhow, Happy New Years to you and the Mrs. Give her my best regards please, and take care my friend!

    • Hi Randy, Thanks for the kind words–and my best to you and yours for the New Year! We are indeed beset by trolls; leftist, masochistic idiots! The one above, anyway; why do we get these people who call themselves conservatives, but go out of their way to slander and vilify the very people whose cause they purportedly espouse? We get no end of these twits.

      • Yep, they come crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches and missrepresenting. Maybe he’s on George Soros’ payroll, hmm. Then again, perhaps he’s a Boehner Republican. In contemporary American politics, that’s the new Rockefeller Republican, lol.

        At any rate, looking at his username, he must be a fan of big government.

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