Minneapolis: Mom Sentenced to 10 Years for Death of Daughter

via Mpls. Mom Sentenced To 10 Years For Death Of Daughter « CBS Minnesota. h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 23-year-old Minneapolis woman was sentenced Friday to more than 10 years in prison for the second-degree murder of her daughter.

Deqa Mohamed Yusuf pleaded guilty to the murder charge in November and will spend 128 months in prison for the death of her 2-year-old daughter.

According to the criminal complaint, just before midnight on May 31, police were sent to Yusuf’s apartment. She was screaming that her daughter was dead, as Yusuf had left her daughter in a nearly full tub while she grabbed something from another room.

Police say her blood alcohol level was more than .20 at the hospital later on that night, and her daughter was pronounced dead on June 17 from the May 31 incident.

There had reportedly been efforts through child protection by friends and relatives to help Yusuf overcome her alcoholism and be a better parent.

10 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Mom Sentenced to 10 Years for Death of Daughter

  1. in all fairness to the greater good of all here…She obviously was not a Creeping Sharia threat as she lived alone with her daughter and is an alchoholic…she sounds to me like she is just a muslim not a jhadist…she should be found guilty no doubt, but I do not think this deems to be here…imho

  2. I don’t know why you consider this appropriate for creeping sharia. This is a tragic case of alcoholism and breakdown of the social service / child protection system. It has absolutely nothing to do with her being a Muslim any more than has she been Jewish, it being a Jewish thing.

    Mark Leventhal 2770 Belgrave Road Pepper Pike, OH 44124 216 464-1199


    • I agree that alcoholism or at least drunkenness was involved. On the other hand, I do not see it as a breakdown of social services because government agencies should not be seen as substitutes for a FAMILY. It was the conduct of one isolated Somali refugee. Perhaps a breakdown in the family was responsible, for there is no mention of a father or other family members. Two things are obvious:
      1. There is no clear reason to call this sharia. I follow this blog to stay abreast of the ways our jellyfish government is surrendering to pushy, arrogant libs and others who demand rule of sharia law here. What is the connection? Perhaps that her sentence seemed light? I am unclear.
      2. Without more information about the details of this case, I have no opinion. Was she afraid of being deported or losing her food stamps or Sec. 8 housing? Did she have a mental problem? Was her husband making threats? Who can have anything to say without facts.

      Why do we keep supporting so many refugees who hate us? I don’t understand this strange policy at all. But my question has nothing to do with this murder story.

  3. This post is just another example of Islam/muslim baiting and therefore text-book bigotry in every sense of the word. I suspect the website gets a bit of cash from the Horrowitz purse.

    Even out of logic, why would any blog stoop so low as to search for every mistake, bad behaviour or evil act by any muslim jut to post it? By doing so it not only makes the blog look itself ugly and bigoted but it gives a precedent for others to do similar and in the other direction. Image how many pages of thousands of items a day one can produce by the sick actions of say the average non-Muslim American citizen and point that out as being Christian-Jewish or White, Latino or Western or just American?

    Frankly speaking this blog is worse than a farce, it is technically it is just a bigoted hate-fest and really makes the case for tightening controls on the internet as apposed to the other way around. The Founding Fathers of America when they put freedom of speech as a right, they never thought of collective freedom to hate.

    • as I wrote here myself and somewhat agree with the reasoning of your post…methinks you might have went a little far with the blasting

      • Simple, if you leave out context and the argument has no value, rather like this article (or Bill t’s comment below).

        i have no issues at all with a well structured critique or argument and have never seen one here on this blog over the years I have time to time watched it. We all know this is Horrowitz propoganda and he probably pays for it as well, that is why this is classic text-book bigotry and if they should just admit to it and not be hypocrits. Again, though, if they actually put up a real argument with context, I will be the first to say yes or bravo.

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