Wilders: Freedom is Worth It (video)

Is there a Geert Wilders in the U.S.?

Is there anyone in America who will stand up not only to the increasing Islamic influence in the U.S. but more importantly to the tyranny of a corrupt, dictator-like government now imposing its will on Americans? 

33 thoughts on “Wilders: Freedom is Worth It (video)

  1. America MUST follow Wilders examples,,and fight against Islam, & that means against Obama, because that is what HE wants, because he is a Muslim & is the #1 Enemy of America..!!!!..BHO=Traitor !!!! Un-American !!!!

  2. one geert wilder is worth 1,000,000 toadies of islam! he speaks openly, honestly, knowledgeably, courageously & truthfully. why can’t america produce a geert wilder? we have the same problems that the netherlands has…the muslims are taking over this country & they are being assisted by the extreme left. the faux POTUS is one of them & he is allowing islam to infiltrate every aspect of this nation…if not stopped, we will no longer be the nation we were meant to be; they will have destroyed our integrity, our culture, our freedoms, our ethos & our very americanism! long live geert wilder!!

  3. Some one ask is there an American Geert Wilder. I can answer that, but its a she not a he. Her name is Pamela Geller, her web site is Atlas Shrugs. Her web site is fantastic. If not for Atlas Shrugs, I would never had known as much about Sharia Law, about how the Islamic’s force them selves (sharia law) on their host countries. How they will not assimilate into their hosts cultures. How they try to con every one into thing that there is nothing to fear from Islam. About how Muslim’s, Jew’s, Christian’s can coexist together in a Islamic Society. If you even have a half of a brain you can see that its a big lie. There is only three things that the Muslims will do with infidels(any one not a Muslim) First they will try to convert you. If that doesn’t work, enslave you. If that doesn’t work, kill you. So show me how any other religion can coexist with Islam.

  4. When you meet someone who feels that there is nothing to fear with Islam ask them why there is no tolerance of Christianity in the Middle East. When American soldiers were stationed in Saudi Arabia they weren’t even allowed to take their Bibles with them. We are always told that our soldiers are fighting for our freedom and they didn’t even have the freedom to read their own Bibles. There is one very important point to bring across to people: The Koran says that Christians can go to Heaven. Okay, then Islam for non-Muslims is useless. But for Muslims to turn their back on Islam their scriptures condem them. So if you are already a Muslim; you are stuck. It is important to reach all young people to tell them that it is very important for them not to become Muslim or they will be stuck with it. If you are a Christian who leaves Christianity, God may condem you, but as a Christian I don’t have that right. If you become Muslim you are putting yourself in unecessary peril. Before you enslave yourself, think first. How grateful you should be if you weren’t born into a Muslim family. How grateful you should be if your father was a Muslim and denied you child support. At least he gave you freedom in one way. He denied you but you have freedom of religion. I know there is a website of American mothers with children by Saudi fathers who deserted them. I thank God that my child’s father “deserted” her. It was the best thing for her and I and our descendants. Thank you, Jesus for that blessing! And one of the biggest secrets in the Middle East is that there are many people who love Jesus. And if you love Jesus, no one coming after Him is important. He completed the mission on earth that His father sent Him to do: He died on the cross to save the world from its sins. Nobody coming after that can compare!

  5. To all of you wanna-be islamist sympathizers and brown-nosers—

    This man, Geert Wilders, is speaking the TRUTH about islam!!!!! He’s been attacked unmercifully within his own country (and throughout the world) for it, but he persists in fighting the GOOD fight!!!!! Would to God above that we had more true God-fearing men to follow in his example!!!!!

    Now, prove me right, all you islamists and islamic sympathizers! Show the world just how prejudiced and hate-filled you can really be. Let’s hear it! Do you sympathize with the islamists??? Are you muslim????? Go ahead! Attack me! I know the real truth, and I won’t back down to your filthy islamic hate-filled garbage!!!!! If you’re muslim, then I’m offering you a fair warning–WAKE UP–YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!!


    Just consider this for one moment:


    TALK ABOUT HELL…..WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ISLAMIC DECEPTION????? “By their fruits ye shall know them”! “Can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit???”

    So how can you tell the difference between someone who is giving you a fair warning and someone who is filled with hatred???? Just this–I DON’T WISH FOR ANY ONE OF YOU ISLAMISTS TO GO TO HELL–NO, NO!!! JESUS CHRIST CAME THAT WE MIGHT HAVE LIFE, AND THAT, MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!!!


    If you live in the Western world, stop trying to change it to resemble the cesspool middle-eastern countries that you’ve come out of. Explore Christianity! Give your life to Jesus! Let Him change you! He’s only a prayer away!!!!!


    • dapreach, I’m not. You believe in a lord–I don’t, but that’s the only point we disagree on! Just goes to show how two people poles apart when it comes to religion, can have almost identical values, and when it comes to islam, I believe we are in total agreement.

      Good luck trying to convert them; over the entire islamic world of about 1.5 billion, the literacy rate is only 56%. Over half of all Egyptians cannot write their own name.

      I don’t believe America has a Geert Wilders, unfortunately, despite having a population of 310 million, the 3rd most populous country. In any case, Mr Wilders is only one man, and he is consistently vilified by almost all of the western media. If I sound negative, it’s because the entire western world apparently can’t wait to become part of the caliphate; it’s as though the people are mesmerized, exactly as they are in the States with the obama gang.

      Most people have computers, but don’t watch blogs like this. I seem to remember about 30-40 yrs ago reading somewhere that the world’s I.Q. was dropping, something you and I will surely also agree on! With absolute certainty, the leftists/Democrats/marxists/communists/so-called ‘elites’ are becoming more stupid–and I’m NOT being facetious here.

      • Thanks, ‘Peter35’ — You’re a free man, Charley Brown! That’s the blessing of living in a Western society! The opposite of that, of course, is to be cooerced into believing something by force.

        Makes you wonder just how many muslims (particularly the women) actually secretly hate their islamic slavers, i.e., ‘husbands’ and /or imams, while at the same time feigning loyalty and submission. Of course it’s so ingrained in them–women are the absolute property of their male counterparts, with a lower status than that of camels!!!!!

        And of course you’re absolutely correct to say that most people in the islamic world (particularly the women) are essentially illiterate and they believe anything that their dictatorial leaders tell them.



        You must admit, ‘Peter35’, that Western society, with its foundations of Christian morality and free thinking, has ‘one up’ on the 7th century islamozombies and slavers!!!!! To me that’s conclusive evidence that My Lord Jesus Christ is for real and that he has only our best interest in mind! IT’S ALL ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP–NOT A RELIGION!!!!!

        • Happy New Year dapreach–and everyone else too! Yes, I would indeed agree (admit) that religion, or ‘crowd control’ has shaped the values of western society; where in hell does that leave islam?

          A Jewish lady I receive Emails from wrote an excellent book which came out last year: “The World Turned Upside Down”, (Melanie Phillips) which is excellent reading, and I’m sure you would enjoy. Like me, you probably wouldn’t agree with everything, but my point is you don’t have to. Melanie is a jew, I’m an atheist, but we agree on most things. To blindly disagree with almost everything is the mark of a leftist, and being American you can see where that has lead, and is leading your country.

          Looking over the above comments, I’d have to agree with HE Johnson43 that Pamela Geller is a light in the darkness; now if America could find a few thousand more!

  6. Watch Obama go for a third term! How you say? It’s against the Constitution. By the time he completes his second term, there will be no Constitution! Only Sharia Law, with Obama the Califite of The United Muslim States of America! (UMSA)!

    • To ‘slobo’ – Your comment is frighteningly more possible than most Americans want to imagine! Yes, indeed! We’re definitely headed in that direction. Many years ago, my 8th grade civics teacher once told me, “Don’t forget, you can vote yourselves into slavery!”

  7. Yes, I do and I will. I stand up….and I speak out. Do me a favor Creeping Sharia…and view this…oleglorynews.com…search for Islam, sharia and FGM… feel free to share…just let me know you do….we are not all lost.

    • glad to hear from you. I willing to bet there are millions of females in the world who do not want to live under Islamic Law. I will say, that if possible (if the government doesn’t kill me first, trying to disarm me) I will take a lot of Muslim Radicals with me before the kill me for not converting to Islam.

  8. We have a handful of brave souls willing to speak the truth in public forums, thats true. But, not a single politician. Not a single American can go on TV and say what this man has said. Not a single journalist in any widely read newspaper or magazine. Not a single law enforcement officer. Not a single military expert or clergyman.
    For those of you that believe we still have freedom of speech, this should wake you up.

  9. Taking the easy way or saying the most exciting always looks impressive but never really goes anywhere. Nationalism, popularism and scapegoating in the end only provides power to those that push it and nothing else.

    Wilders says the exciting things and the things people want to, not what they should hear. He spends most of his money on publicists and therefor provides a great package. If you want the gloss, then you have it, but push the gloss aside and you have nothing, worse than that you have a cesspool underneath.

    When pointing out the problems with Wilders most who defend him will avoid them and say his message is right. However, if this messanger stinks and is questionable, thus you should look at his message as well.

    Wilders is anti-democracy. He is the leader of a one-man party, everyone else is an associate with no rights, no votes and thus his views, policy and agenda is unquestioned. When asked he stated that “the membership is not ready”, thus he is a dictator. The PVV only exists because The Netherlands has the most antiquated electoral law in Europe and thus he would not even be in parliament in any other country. The Netherlands is the only country in the EU that allows parties to hide their contributors and though every other Dutch party has done so, Wilders refuses. Why? It has something to do with most of his funding probably coming from Horrowitz in the US and ultra-nationalist/pro-settler parties in Israel.

    Of the candidates that Wilders has put forward for local, national and EU elections, two thirds have been forced to drop-out because of serious police records. One candidate was also the representative of Likud in The Netherland and was detained by police on no less than five occassions for brandishing a hand-gun in public.

    Wilders claims that he cannot debate others because of his personal security and yet each time he has been offered a video-debate or a debate in a secure location like within the Dutch Parliament building, he refuses. His typical day in Parliament is making his speech (as head of a party he is automatically entitled to it), that speech is usually saying something outrageous, and then he leaves the chamber immediately before someone can ask him something. Wilders has the lowest attendance rating in the Dutch parliament’s history.

    The question is really what does Wilders stand for and why does he say what he does? As a popularist he points fingers at minority groups (he targets Muslims because of Sept 11, before that he said almost nothing), and more recently Polish migrants and Gypsies. Before 11 September he considered Surinamese people to be uncivilized and the greatest danger to Dutch “values”.

    If people here think he is a genious, great or some form of saviour, then I suggest you stop there. His statements are verbatum from Horrowitz and thus you should at least give him credit and not Wilders, who is just following. If you consider Wilders to be brave, well actually he is quite the coward, as he uses security as a shield and those real politicians world wide who are under threat usually push, not hide.

    Regardless if you agree with Wilders that all of Islam is out to get us, if you put value in the man, then you should at least value the man for what he does, not only for what he says.

    • You really are a leftist/marxist idiot, aren’t you. It doesn’t seem to occur to you that leftists like you hate Wilders and will do anything to smear him, so you don’t even know the dirty tricks of your own kind–or do you?

      If you’re against Geert Wilders, and Pam Geller, and Fjordman and the rest of us who see what is happening and where the western world is heading, then by default you are for the downfall of western society; and who will fill the vacuum? Not you, unless you ‘moon allah’ five times a day.

      • Peter, try being logical if that is at all possible. You do not know me and your instant leftist/marxist slur only shows your own foolish habits than anything about me. For a start I am conservative and an active member for over 32 years of my political party. Thus trashing your entire argument from the start.

        I put examples and a simple logic to my argument, you have done neither.

        People like Wilders are tools for agendas and apparently your the food that energizes them because you “want” to believe their propoganda.

        As for Geller she thrives off confrontation and along with Wilders the blogger Spencer they all live off your fringe hate and are miling your money every time you buy their rubbish, in fact they are laughing at you.

        Fjordman and the likes of him also have blood on their hands as they are responsible for building up hysteria and feed radicals willing to go a step further. Personally, those that like him obviously enjoy mass murder as well.

        People on this blog are into conspiracy theories that are proven wrong and only continue such views by feeding each other the same rubbish. Obama is not a Muslim and Eurabia is a myth. Eurabia’s main principle is that Muslims are out-breeding and will eventually take over Europe by sheer population. None of your blogs will point out that second generation Muslim immigrants follow the same birth-rate as locals and in case of German and Dutch Turks, they are in fact less.

        I could continue but I suspect i am talking to a fool.

        Try, though I doubt it, to actually provide some evidence and context to your argument and perhaps you will be taken seriously.

        • ‘DC’ – What a mindless rant!!!!! Is that a picture of you????? May I suggest that you have a head transplant–starting with your FACE!!!!!

          OH YEAH–no doubt you would call the Holocaust a big mith too!!!!! Hmmm!!! Anyway, thanks for helping to prove the point–THAT ALL leftist leaning liberal brown-nosers are afflicted with a deadly condition resulting from surgical lobotomy.

          P.S. As for Geert Wilders–HE IS A TRUE PRINCE among men. Of course, a frog like yourself wouldn’t recognize that fact even if you were given a real brain! HEY, LET’S GO SMOKE ANOTHER DUBIE!!!!!

          • dapreach1,

            I suggest you look at your allcaps and inacurate assumptions of me before you even think of attempting anything logical.

            It is absolutely laughable that since I disagree with Wilders that I must be a leftist/liberal/marxist and an anti-semite. All, of which is absolutely wrong, only shows that your capacity to argue back is insults and slurs and no logic. Sad for you, go back into your dark, sick hole that you obviously thrive in.

            If Wilders is a prince then please do tell why he does the above that I noted?

            The problem here is you defend without knowing why you do so, no logic, no examples, no context – and thus no value.

          • I find it truly amazing how that those of your “ilk” and temper simply find an inexhaustive supply of imaginative “arguments” to bolter your neanderthal ruses. Perhaps you think you are better equipped ‘all by your lonesome’ to face off with the islamic hate-mongers. Good luck with that!!!!! I, for one, would rather unite my efforts, and my arguments, with a reputable spokesperson who is partial to rational Western ideology! I HAVE NO SHAME ADMITTING THAT I SOLIDLY SUPPORT THE EFFORTS OF ROBERT SPENCER, PAMELA GELLER, GEERT WILDERS, WALID SHOEBAT and others who are FEARLESS CHAMPIONS of the American way of “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”. But, hey, what the hell, maybe after sharia law is firmly inculcated and established in ALL WESTERN CULTURES by the islamo-enablers such as yourself, just maybe we’ll find that we love seeing our neighbor’s wives and daughters being brutally murdered and decapitated in cold blood!!!!! Hmmmm–duhhhh!!! Jes’ sayin’!!!

        • Your political party, if you have one, is certainly not the conservatives; they wouldn’t countenance a dyed-in-the-wool lefty like you.

          Your very first comment on this site was to trash westerners and Jews–a dead giveaway to the eastern university, leftist/elitest, terminally masochistic mind-set. That, coupled with your overbearing, know-all attitude cements it for me. (and several others, I notice) I like to discuss relevant issues, but not with people with closed minds.

          I also have an aversion to being labelled a purveyor of terminological inexactitude, I’ve been around a long time, and while I like to get my facts right, it is not always possible to provide videos to back things up! No, you didn’t ask for that, but we have a woman who comments on this site who does–and you’re from the same camp.

          Fjordman has no blood on his hands, he’s a patriotic Norwegian, and was in no way responsible for Breivik’s massacre of the leftist/hamas supporting teenagers. I don’t see any reason to prolong this discussion; as I said I like to discuss things, but not with a troglodytic stone.

          • Peter,

            If you cannot read then I suggest you go outside and play ball or something. I have not attacked western civilization or Jews at all, just like your instant brandishing of the leftist/marxist/liberal attack, it is illogical and in fact only embarassing for you.

            My issue is and always will be those that attack based on agendas and those who abuse context and facts. Wilders is a very good example of a combination of “wannabe famous”, to extreme for the Conservative VVD party (and thus will go on his own) and his financial connections to extreme agenda groups that give him material to spew out.

            Since I have had a dozen years living in the Dutch city of Delft, I watched Wilders growth and radicalisation. The details I gave above are accurate, his record is public enough. Unfortunately Dutch society has become reactive and disgruntled (with politics not foreigners) and thus enough of them have given Wilders the vote out of protest.

            I am a dual Spanish/British national and I was born and live in Gibraltar. I am a paid and active member of the British Conservative Party and you can attempt to assume all you like, it only looks stupid since you have no idea about me. It is also rather stupid to accuse any Brit or Spaniard from the Right that he is a lefty/marxist as you in the United States have never really seen what living under a socialist government is like. To be frank, the US Democrats is not even remotely marxist and ever-so-slightly socialist. America, because of its history, is incapable (thankfully) of following a true socialist agenda. As for the Right, except for a handful who you can call real Conservatives, most of your Right is in fact far-right and close to fascist (which is of the Right, not Left if you study real political science). Unfortunately for your, there is almost no real true Conservatives left in US politics and your GOP is so fractured that I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton will be a walk-in in 2012.

            As for Fjordman. No he and those that push there manipulated hate not only have encouraged the likes of Brievik but also have done a great diservice to those of us who do in fact what we can to fight radical Islamists. By incorrectly targetting Islam itself and the average Muslim instead of realizing that there is an internal political/radicalisation battle within the Muslim world, the result only makes the matter worse. Fjordman, Horrowitz (Spencer, Geller and Wilders’ master) and the Evangelical extremists in your country are in fact supporting radical Islamists by turning the myth of a “clash of civilizations” into a real one. A great example is Spencer who changed tactics two years ago by arguing that Salafism/Wahabism is the real Islam and all the rest are either not serious or “bad Muslims”.

            Do not get me wrong, our enemy is radicalism, both the violent militant type by Salafis and terrorists, but also radicalism in our own communities who need enemies to push their own agendas.

            Enough said, i come onto these thread two or three times a year and the illogical sheep-like BS remains the same. No logical arguments here, sadly, only “f*ck off” – the mature academic response.

    • Dc,you are a lefty cunt ,you look and sound like a peadophile,i hope your family all get cancer and die a slow very painfull death or get raped by Muslims and blown up,dirty filth like you is why america is being flooded with Muslims,you talk so much shit,you stupid lefty filth ,WILDERS IS A HERO ,,,,,,,jim and mark 88

      • And that is why you post anonymous. Rather than deal with the subject you simply use foul language. In fact you do what you claim other and that speaks a great deal about what a pathetic individual you are.

        • You are a dirty lefty peadophile ugly cunt,,if i seen you in the street i would punch your ugly face until you die ,i hope Muslims rape your children ,see how you defend them then ,i would love to line up you lefty cunts and shoot you all ,america would be much better off with you filth dead ,(i bet you voted for obamabinladen)

          • my guess is your fifteen years old or that was when your education finished, your unemployed (because you do not bother), you live-off your mother and the only time you step outside is either to buy beer or get KFC. Either way, go ahead and continue your spew, we all need to laugh at fools and see who represents this blog.

        • Filthy ugly lefty peadophile,fuck off child molester,you are one ugly bastard ,,,who the fuck are you to put down wilders ? You should where a hijab over your ugly face,like a muslim women ,

    • Well now, I just had to comment on your input, DC.

      So you have lived for 12 years in Delft? You have experienced the “radicalization” of Wilders? Now let me run down your points one by one.

      First of all, I am Dutch and have lived all over the country. You talk about nationalism as if that is a bad thing (because it only provides power to those that advocate it), but without nationalism, which means essentially be proud of your culture, not your race, every culture is doomed to fail. You take some cultural practices and values in, because you BELIEVE in them. When you believe in something, you cannot be ashamed of it or deny it. That’s silly.

      You say Wilders is a populist and only wants attention (and eventually power). Hmmm, isn’t that what every politician wants? To get into a position where he can get his message across and bring solutions? Wilders is a typical politician in that respect.

      Well, you say he’s the leader of a “1-man” party, so he’s a dictator. Doi you know WHY his party has that structure? It’s because it’s vulnerable to infiltrators, due to it’s unpopular message. It has happened more than once that leftist journalist or students infiltrated the party and wrote damming articles with “inside” info. Also there’s the possibillity of attracting the wrong people, like far-right or neo-nazilike people and Wilders will have none of that. That’s why the screening of new members is so important. Because the party is fairly new and succesful, they needed many new members, so there are bound to be slip ups min the process.

      Now, you talk about members with questionable pasts. Like I said: the screening could be better. You talk about a Likud-member, Gidi Markuszower. He was once obtained by the police, not 5 times as you claim. He was working as a security guard at an pro-Israel happening. He carried a gun. He had a licence, but did not have permission to transport it this way. The state attorney dismissed the case later. I’m not defending the history and actions of some PVV-members, but you have to take the circumstances in which they are being screened into account. Furthermore, when dissatisfied members decide to quit, you can assume they are a bit biased against the PVV and Wilders. Finally, you hear many accusations in the media about the PVV and not of other parties. The PVV is in the spotlights and every little thing that goes wrong is being enlarged and emphasized. Other parties have many dubious memebers like GroenLinks, with several memebers with a violent, activist past. No emphasis there in the media.

      According to you Wilders doesn’t engage in dialogue. I don’t know much about that, but would you get involved in discussions when your only experience is that the other side calls you names and get heated very easily because of the topics you discuss? Furthermore, is it his duty to discuss more? Who are we to determine how Wilders should engage in politics and how he should behave? Maybe you call him hypocritical when he doesn’t engage in discussions, well, so be it. I don;t see a crime here, but rather smart politics in the light of the defamation of his ideas.

      You say Wilders does it for his 15 minutes of fame or for the power. WHY would he risk his life just because to get some power? I guess there are easier ways. Why would he still be carrying this message if he knows he’s in danger? Wouldn’t it be easier to give the same message about Hindoes or Aboriginals? At least they aren’t as violent and don’t react the same to criticism as some muslims do. Doesn’t the fact that Wilders is seriously threatened just confirm his message? Why don’t we talk about the threats against them and who makes them, instead of shooting the messenger?

      To be fair to you, I guess when you are so protected, you kind of forget the consequences of your statements and could get extreme. But I think Wilders is anything but extreme, although some of his comments I find in bad taste and I do not agree with him on everything. But he NEVER advocated violence or discrimination against muslims. He HAS proposed measures that could be taken against the islamization, like stop the building of mosques and islamic schools. And expell criminals with two pasports. That seem hard measures, but when something is ugly and wrong, you cannot remain stubbornly civilised and think current laws will do the trick, because they have done so for a long time. Sometimes laws aren’t sufficient and harsher measures should be taken, like with the ousting of the Nazi’s or dealing with communists and traitors.

      You say you are a member of the British Conservative Party. Well, that’s fine, but it doesn’t prove your points, does it? Sure, you set the record straight with these leftist/Marxist accusations you got. But it doesn’t say anything, does it? You can say anything, but it is the arguments that count. To be honest, the BCP isn’t what she once was, is it? Just like mall the mainstream political parties in Europe. Luckily there is a trend of new parties which are against the socialist tendencies of the EU, the bailing out of Greece and speak out against islamization. You say the PVV could only exist in Holland because of the political system here. But look at Die Freiheit in Germany, Le Front National, Danish People’s Party and the UKIP. The media would like people to believe they are al far right extreme xenophobic groups, but do not accurately portray their agenda’s if they do at all. So, parties like the PVV are popping up everywhere. Not because of xenophobia, but just because of the islamization of Europe. This is particularly the case in Norhern Europe, because there are the social benefits the biggest and therefor draw many “refugees.” And because Norhern Europe is the dope who send billions of tax payers money to Southern Europe in crisis. THAT”S why people are fed up: because of socialism and islamization.

      That brings me to your point of demography. According to you there is no way that muslims will out breed the indigenous people. You do not back trhis up with statistics or evidence, though you claim you will not commit yourself to a dialogue while the other does not produce evidence and arguments. The problem with finding good reference on this subject is the media which will only quote statistics that show that second and third generations foreigners do not have a higher birthrate, because they “adapt.” First of all, let’s forget the term foreigners. We are talking muslims and they DO have a higher birthrate. But because they are being lumped together with all other “foreigners” the figure isn’t that high.

      Furthermore, besides the higher birthrate, other factors play an important role in the demographic doomscenario. EU is leftwing and eager to let foreigners (that is muslims in), because most of them are poorly educated and therefor doomed to do low wage work. Therefor they are mostly inclined to vote socialist policy, because that way they benefit from society. Look at the muslim population in France: 95% voted for Hollande and in England 83% voted for Cameron.

      Also the policy of socialist Europe determines the islamization of itself. The Pact of SChengen constitutes that immigrants are free to travel througout Europe, so it’s easy to make concentrations. Furthermore, the policy is that every culture should retain their characteristics, because this enhances the diversity and blablabla. That’s why ghetto’s are being formed, wherin sharialaw becomes dominant. And finally, it doesn’t take a majority of muslims to dominate a region. It takes determination, blindful faith and ruthlessness. THe Nazi’s weren’t a majority in Germany, still they succeeded in taking over the country.

      You talk about Fjordman and incidentally accuses Wilders and Geller of instigating the deeds of Breivik. Breivik also mentioned Ghandi, Obama and Churchill in his manifesto. Also, blaming someone who points out the problem for the problem itself is kind of irrational thinking, don’t you think? It’s like someone’s warning the firedepartment of a fire and accusing him of setting it on himself. As long as someone doesn’t call for violence, actual discrimination or lies about things, you can say whatever you want. At least, that should be the case if we want to live in a FREE society.

      You say Dutch society has become disgruntled with politics, not foreigners. Hmm, I gues you are partly right. The (socialist) politics have sucked for a while and foreigners, nope, no problem there. A problem with islam? Well, with those muslims who force their religion down our throats and those who propagate sharia…eh, hell yes, we have a problem with them! Wilders didn’t accuse Srinamese of bad conduct, but people from Antilles. After muslims (“Moroccons” as the media calls them, which is accurate but doesn’t address the real problem) people from Antilles are the ones that show up in crime statistics. So there is a reason why Wilders said this, whether you agree with it or not. And yes, we have a problem with people from Eastern Europe which also show up frequently in crime statistics. Bu that’s the EU policy for ya, with it’s naive (?) opening up the borders.

      You accuse Spencer of changing course when he said Wahabism / Salafism is the real islam and others are “bad” muslims. Well, the scriptures of Islam are just painfully violent and agressive and the Wahabi’s are just orhodox muslims who carry out the commandments in their holy scriptures. Just to make people aware of the content of these texts and the history of islam is tantamount to extremism you say. Again, you play the shoot the mesenger tactic. In fact, almost everything you have brought for as arguments against Wilders and other critics of islam are ad hominem. According to you it is bad to speak about islam, because that way you are libel to antagonize moderates and drive them to agressive behavior. So why not blame those muslims who want to radicalize moderate muslims? And if that’s the case, don’t you think those “moderates” are easily persuaded to do harm to others? Don’t you think that’s a problem all of it’s own?

      So, I hope you will consider what is happening all around you and stop trusting the media at face value. I don’t demonize you or call you names; I just happen to strongly disagree with you. I can imagine that some people will shock you with their message ( I muist admit I was a little shaken by themessage of Geller, when I first heard of her. I thought she was too forceful and too harsh on islam. I started to follow her and other critics of islam and began to realize there’s nothing factual wrong with what they say.) I have read the Koran many years ago and was truly shocked by it. Since than I’ve read also “Way of the traveler” (ordered it from Amazon) and again could not believe what I was reading. I urge you to do the same (read Koran, Way of the traveler and start listening closely to Geller, Spencer, Gaffney, Guandolo and other islam critics. It’s not so much about islam as it is about our freedom.

  10. To “Peter35” — I find it so extremely interesting how that liberal leaning lefties such as ‘DC’ seem to inevitably find a way to argue that they are the “true conservatives”, with all of the remedies needed to “save the world” through “pure” dialogue and diplomacy. Of course in their world, there are only variations of opinion. There’s never any radical tendency toward extremism or violence! Even mass murderers need to be understood and given the benefit of the doubt. Muslims have no malicious agenda!!!! Of course not!!!!! It’s we Westerners who have destroyed the foundations of society through our “radical” concepts of FREE SPEECH AND “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”.

    All that’s needed is for everyone to just smoke a peace pipe together. Their processes of rationale are completely convoluted!!! I once had an ongoing email dialogue with a German friend–a relative of a relative. She eventually put an end to our little communiqué by accusing me of sending her incendiary information pertaining to muslims. She said that she considered all such propagaganda to be akin, and partial to, the Hitler-extremist ‘RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVES’!!!!

    • dapreach, Hi, didn’t see this before, yes, this DC character is really no different from many clueless, naiive people who probably really do think they’ve got it completely right,, and are-as you say-the “true conservatives”. Laughable, because he’s so wrong–and a nasty character with it; every comment he made to everyone was insulting, another lefty characteristic. Worst of all was his narcissism, this man loves himself, and would be a great buddy for obama.

      Interesting about your German ‘friend!’ Some people just don’t want to wake up, do they lol!

      • Yes, hello again! With regard to the ‘DC’ blogger–he’s so confident in his flippant, condescending mindset; and truly I must say, that I’ve never heard anybody who had so much to say, who really has NOTHING to say!!! AMAZING!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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