Muslim Brotherhood is “ideologically required to start wars” (video)

“…in an effort to convert the region and the entire world to Islam.” ~ Egyptian Philosopher, Murad Wahba

12 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood is “ideologically required to start wars” (video)

  1. Isn’t it strange the way Clapper goes to the extreme to claim the Brotherhood is secular. Since we have to suppose our intelligence community knows about every group out there, I can’t help but question why he out-in- out lied about this. Another observation: why mention their opposition to al Qaida, when at the time we were arming al Qaida in Libya (secretly) even though publicly they were our enemy.
    Something doesn’t smell right here. Why did the US push so hard to back the Brotherhood that they even lied to congress? Could we be experiencing a coup within our government without congresses knowledge? Have we already been taken over by this president and his puppet masters? Is this the real reason for open borders?

  2. Islam is a political system with a religious component…. Claptrap is right that it is NOT a religion. Brotherhood is like a vile poison on the free world, and Obama uses it as his warped adviser…. They are doom to the western world, and are so vile and despicable they are beyond comprehension.

  3. Muslim Brothehood do not really start a war. they use relgion for monetary gain and when they fail, they can live in another country. They talk about the importance of fighting someone like Israel or America, then, they organize the people and propagandixe the idea among the masses. When the people get excited and want to do something, Muslim Brotherhood tells them to wait. But, the people cannot wait forever. So, Muslim Brotherhood take advantage on any event that can help a successful revolution while they are looking very nice to the real target like America, Israel, Shiittees, ….etc.

    When they ride over the revolution and put the revolution on the leash, they continue looking nice to the target while they legislate to make their job legal. When they have all legal and popular support , they will start war.

    it is ironic for Mohamed Morsi to send good wishes to Natanyahu and call him: “Your good friend”.

    America and the West are not the only people that Muslim Brotherhood hate, they hate the shiittees as well. We see this in Syria. Everytime one of the “freedom army” dies is bad news for Muslim Brorherhood because it reduces their numbers and it is good news for Israel because as that “freedom army” said: “Today is Asad, tomorrow is Israel”, if this freedom army exterminated, Israel will be safer.

    We may see Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Lybia, and Egypt are behaving as good peaceful people just as Turkey is doing for long time. But, they are preparing for a hell of a war.

  4. ISLAM stands for “islam spreading lies about muslim” (beliefs)’ there is NOTHING spiritual or good about anything associated with islam

    cant say it much plainer; (lying is in the islam dna) they will stop at nothing to get what they want and obozo goes along with anything they want and fully supports them

    obozo wouldnt know the truth if it slapped him in the face which is what many of us would like to do

    how many latent muslim (terrorists) are in government waiting to get the ‘call’???

  5. Why is a ‘secular’ group such as a Muslim Brotherhood group, the ISNA, and its members leading up ‘interfaith dialogs’? Why do secular people such as professors in academia also in leadership roles in those dialogs? … (I know the reason why but I wish people would start confronting their religious leaders about these dialogs and warn them of the dangers of islam AND to read sharia and any other islamic text to know that there will be no peace with others according to islam itself)

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