Prominent U.S. Imam: New Caliphate Should Wage Jihad

via Prominent U.S. Imam: New Caliphate Should Wage Jihad

Imam Zaid Shakir, one of the founders of America’s first Muslim college, preached in 1992 that a new Caliphate (an Islamic state ruling the world by Sharia) should be created that will wage jihad and “use…weaponry against the enemies of Islam,” audio posted on YouTube on December 18 shows.

Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir aka Mark Hanson

The sermon, titled “Failure of the Muslim Political Order,” laments that there is not a single Islamic State that will “undertake the jihad” on behalf of Muslims. Shakir points to the violence in Somalia at that time as something Muslims should intervene to stop. If the Ottoman Empire was still around, he says, the “massacres” of Muslims would be “unthought-of” (8:30 minutes into the recording).

Shakir criticizes the Muslim world for not having a country equivalent to Israel, which he says dispatches the Mossad intelligence service around the world to protect and avenge Jewish lives. “Jews know, you kick my cat, we gonna blow up your dog, an eye for a head, or a whole body,” he says (10:20).

“As Muslims, we have more weaponry than any other group on earth,” Shakir says, mentioning huge U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (10:59).

“Is there a political will to use that weaponry against the enemies of Islam? There’s no political will. That is what we mean by the breakdown of the Islamic political authority,” Imam Shakir states.

They [the political rulers of an Islamic country] can be tyrants, they can be corrupt, but what is the task?… to determine if this state is still pursuing an Islamic policy … The internal task is to maintain order … and externally they undertake the jihad [emphasis added]. There’s no Muslim country on the face of the Earth that meets the task, that passes the test.” (11:46)

Read it all at Radical Islam site.

Also refresh yourself on Shakir/Hanson here:

Radical Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir, a frequent guest speaker at CAIR events, tells his Muslim audiences: “Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad.”

Acceptable targets of jihad, he says, include U.S. military aircraft.

“Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people,” Shakir once told a Muslim audience. However, “If you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that’s something else.”

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  1. come knock on my door…i’ll be waiting

  2. Islam would NEVER hijack a plane filled with the 82nd Airborne–they are far too cowardly for that, and: “Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack planes filled with civilians”, WHAT!?!?!?

    • off topic but we got this from WP today:

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      • Thank you Creeping for your support, and giving us the chance! I wish you the best for 2013 Peter35 (and 76)

  3. Islam would NEVER hijack a plane filled with the 82nd Airborne–they are far too cowardly for that, and: “Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack planes filled with civilians”, WHAT!?!?!? Of course they focus on attacking children, and hiding behind them like Osama bin mutilator
    They are cowards and in need of red mist. (Pork wine)
    See what they burn on new years? Does not make the media, though.
    The politically correct are just as dangerous by hiding the truth from the masses.

  4. FU you goofy looking queer!!!

  5. On Dec 15, at the MPAC convention at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, a young convert told the audience that he had recently moved to the Bay Area so he could be “mentored” by Shakir.

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