Obama & Congress Giving Fighter Jets, Tanks to Muslim Brotherhood

via Fighter Jets for Muslim Brotherhood | Middle East Turmoil, American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ.

With a continuing moral crisis in America, the fight over whether we continue to spend taxpayer money we don’t have, it is unthinkable that the Obama Administration would be willing to spend $213 million to give arms to Egypt.

Yet, the United States is poised to give the Muslim Brotherhood-led government of Egypt 200 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks and 20 F-16 fighter jets. These represent some of America’s best, most sophisticated weaponry – used today by our men in women in uniform. This gift will increase Egypt’s M1A1 tanks by 20% and represents nearly a 10% increase in Egypt’s F-16 fighter jets.

This is not an insignificant award of firepower or finances, costing American taxpayers $213 million for the fighter jets alone. But it is also extremely important to know to whom we are giving these highly sophisticated weapons.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, recently declared himself above the law. While he claims to have partially backed down from this power grab, he then declared martial law in order to secure the passage of a new radical Shariah law based constitution put forward by the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi’s martial law decree allowed the military to detain opponents of the proposed constitution until after the results of the national referendum were announced. The Muslim Brotherhood waged a significant intimidation campaign to keep Christians from voting against the radical Islamic constitution. Islamists took to the streets shouting, “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians.”

As a result of these Islamist intimidations tactics, the new radical Shariah law-based constitution passed overwhelmingly, ushering in what Morsi called “the second republic.”

The newly passed constitution significantly expands the role of Shariah law and Islamic clerics’ role in interpreting it.

Secularists, women, and Christians had protested by walking out of the panel drafting the new Shariah law based constitution.

The last thing that the U.S. government needs to be doing is borrowing more money from China to pay for sophisticated weaponry to give to this new radical Shariah government that readily suspends the rule of law over its own people.

via Fox:

Florida Rep. Vern Buchanan, who recently called for ending foreign aid to Egypt altogether, told FoxNews.com last month the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi government has been sending increasingly troubling signals to Washington, and giving it state-of-the-art fighter jets is a dangerous idea.

“American tax dollars must not be used to aid and abet any dictatorial regime that stands with terrorists,” Buchanan said.

No American dollars to any regime. Period. It’s not why we pay taxes and it’s not what the Founders intended.

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17 thoughts on “Obama & Congress Giving Fighter Jets, Tanks to Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Why is Obama still in office? Is there anyone in this country with a workable idea and a spine to put him and Congress, roaming, jobless, up & down Pennsylvania Ave.? Are all patriots, from ‘sea to shining sea’ going to spend another 4 years writing comments to webletters and on social sites to dissipate their frustrations? Move, act – be a true American.
    I’d join you in a New York minute but I’m old, old, old.

  2. Oh great! Obamy is giving arms to an organization who have proven time and time again to be terrorists. Dosen’t he know those arms will eventually be used against American and other non-islamic countries, especially the Jewish states? A serious impeachment and trial is in order, soon or we’re all doomed!

    • If there was ever going to be an impeachment, it would have happened years ago. Congress had to approve this arms deal, so it proves congress is in alignment with Obama. What does that say about our government?


    Obviously, “WE, the People…” have been “taken-over” by our enemy! The “general public” simply isn’t aware of it yet! OR are they? Perhaps it’s just “us” here that are NOT aware of it!

  4. I have followed this blog for quite a while. I must now express my protest that you post an image of the US flag upside down. I assume you are making a statement, since it is clear you are fighting against subversive elements and organizations that are infiltrating free nations globally … however, this depiction of Old Glory is disrespectful to the symbol of our nation (freedom and liberty) as well as an affront to the true patriots of the United States. It is bad enough that over 62 million “useful idiots” kept Obama in office, but this affront to the symbol of the United States made me angry.
    As I stated, I am sure you did not mean disrespect, but would it not be a good idea to depict our flag with respect?

    • The upside down flag is used to indicate distress. Every U.S. flag in the country needs to be upside down now, and needs to remain that way until Obama is gone and forgotten. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

      • NOW…that’s an idea! I “wonder” how many households will do this in a effort to “by-pass” the media?

        Imagine…driving through neighborhoods and seeing house after house with “upside-down” flags opposite of what the media says!!!


        • I cannot argue that Obama as president and too many democratic-socialists in Congress, the United States is indeed “in distress” as the flag code dictates. Thanks for your polite response.

      • Absolutely Kaafir, well said! It’s the same with the Union Jack–upside down means distress, and it would be an idea (but will never happen) to keep them upside down until obama (piss be upon him) is finally turfed out.

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  6. Barrak Hussain Obama was born a muslim.
    He was consecerated as a muslim
    he was schooled as a muslim
    he studied the koran as a muslim
    he swore to “stand with islam if the political winds get ugly”
    he has placed muslims in every critical office
    he is giving our best weapons to muslims.
    But he has nice creases in his trousers and gives out our wealth to the slovenly voters.

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