Saudi cleric issues fatwa allowing Islamic rebels to rape Syrian women

Obama calls them rebels and sends your tax dollars to fund and arm them. The Saudi cleric calls them mujahideen. Hat tip @TarekFatah

4 thoughts on “Saudi cleric issues fatwa allowing Islamic rebels to rape Syrian women

  1. “SO?”

    NO! this is NOT my opinion, BUT, it is the opinion of the American President, OBOZO! Otherwise, would he NOT condemn these actions and take “action” against these “horrific” acts?

    NO…we don’t need to send troops…a simple “embargo” can change the way governments “rule” their countries…if “enforced.”

  2. THIS IS THE TRUTH: Every American President and Politician knows that our country runs on oil from Saudi Arabia. There is a dire need to develop and implement whatever it takes to change that. It is like America has sold its soul to the devil. That would be a honest comparison. And in our hypocrisy we go to Afghanistan and Iraq and try to give them elections when the people in Saudi Arabia are ruled by a monarchy and live under some of the world’s worst oppression caused by religious/state fanatisim. Since there is no separation of church and state in those countries we need to use the word religious with government when we speak of them. There are great minds there that do see the peace in Islam but unfortunately they must struggle with thousands of years of ignorance and barbarity propped up by important men. Maybe it is good that Saudi Arabia has a monarchy or it would have a dictator and I suppose it could be worse. Maybe they are taking baby steps. I think our society has misused freedom to a great degree it must come with common sense. But there they are in the Middle East on the very opposite of the spectrum. Surely common sense is found in between total freedom and none at all. As for me I’d chose total freedom and set the meter. I believe that God gives us common sense and we have to use that when we are reading the Bible and praying. I wonder when it will occur to the masses of people in the Middle East that God has also gifted them with common sense. God doesn’t put us on Earth to destroy each other. He is good. You can tell that by all the blessings that start with just your life and all that is around you: the beautiful earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the rainbow…the trees the flowers. It must be evident that God is good. You love your family and other people love theirs. To say that God wants a man to hurt a woman is a lie that the man has in his mind because surely he has lost his heart along the way. So don’t just blame President Obama because there were Presidents before him and there will be ones after him. Everyone that gets in office in the USA cowtows to the Saudis. That is why there is no child support agreement with Saudi Arabia like with other nations. The best thing we can do is raise our children in the US to be Christians and to become more active in our churches and our communities. I tell you there was a time in Europe when the Jews, Gypsies, and Polish people felt safe. A man came along like Hitler and he was greatly underestimated. Remind the Media when they laugh at our fear of Sharia Law creeping into the USA like a prowling tiger.

    • O, if it was sex booklets they (the perverts) would have gladly allowed these anytime you bet. As for the N.T it’s a barrier full of Life’s rules and regulations that must be followed (Deut. 30:15-30) that the sexually immoral don’t give a darn about!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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