Video: Why are some afraid to know about Islam?

And why are those who do know about it afraid to admit the truth? via

The history of Islam in Europe and how it effects us to this day. This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is based on its own doctrine and practice.

We haven’t had time to watch so leave comments.

9 thoughts on “Video: Why are some afraid to know about Islam?

  1. I know Wikipedia is not always a reliable source. Is this man (Dr. Warner) an anti-Semite? I have read a fair amount of Jewish history. I’ve not come across this charge that the Jews were dominant in the slave trade even by Christian authors like Paul Johnson. If the Jews were, why would Johnson and other historians white wash history? Is Dr. Warner peddling the kind of stuff Obama’s twenty year spiritual mentor peddled? This looks to be a good lecture till I got to Warner’s Jewish slave trade thing. Maybe someone can produce some good scholarship. I am open to changing my thinking.

    Wikipedia: “Several scholarly works have been published to rebut the antisemitic canard of Jewish domination of the slave trade in Medieval Europe, Africa, and/or the Americas, and that Jews had no major or continuing impact on the history of New World slavery. They possessed far fewer slaves than non-Jews in every British territory in North America and the Caribbean, and in no period did they play a leading role as financiers, shipowners, or factors in the transatlantic or Caribbean slave trades.,,,,”

      • Thanks so much. I just sent him the following:

        Dr. Warner, I posted the following a couple of days back on Creeping Shariah website. Your lecture looked pretty good until you got to the Jews and our leading role in the international slave trade. You do know Mr. Obama’s twenty year spiritual mentor (Jeremiah Wright) also furthered this theory. I would be interested in seeing some good links, articles or books I might read on this topic.

        Steve Klein

    • With respect, Steve, no one knows who invented slavery, which has, very obviously been with humankind since ‘day one’. When I was at school (60-70yrs ago) we were taught the British invented slavery–what a laugh, the Romans had slaves, the Egyptians, and so, no doubt, did others before them. The muslims still have them, as you know, as do many indigenous races in Africa, New Guinea, South America and no doubt other countries. From what I’ve read, I agree with you that Jews did indeed have far fewer slaves than the peoples around them, particularly muslims. With it’s bloody, evil history, I have no answer as to why the western world tolerates islam.

      • In this age and time, there is still slavery going on in asian countries. . Those asians very often treat their carers and cleaners like slaves. In those parts of the world, they expect theri maids to follow them night and day. they call them maids or in any other names but still they are treated like slaves. that is another one of the unpleasant characteristics of asians. And many times they treat foreign slaves/workers worst than local /workers and their conditions are mostly inhumane. Most probably slavery originated from middle east and Asia. Those Asians moslems and asian non-moslems, as they grow richer, they grow even more inhumane. I don’t know much about middle eastern but I do know that many middle eastern countries traffic slaves too under the guise of employing maids. I think slavery is a horrible thing and to be enslave by islam is even worst.

    • Well, even the Bible – the Old Testament – tells of the Jews having slaves. The difference between what the Jews have done, the Christians have done, etc that is bad – we don’t do it anymore and if a bad person does do it, it is against the law and they are given a trial and punishment is meted out. Not so in islam. If moe did it then it is a-ok, and any agreement that is made with non-moslems is not honored very long, and in fact broken when it is convenient for them to break it, as the agreement that was made in the 1960s to stop slavery. But they use the agreement as proof they stopped it so the gullibel will fall for it, those who believe that moslems do not deceive. (deception is an obligation in islam)

      • I noted till this age and time, those moslems and asians of other faith still condone slavery of foreigners, even though they don’t call it slavery but their people still treat foreigners like slaves.It is more like exploting and enslaving foreigners who want to earn some money for a period of time. It is disgusting.. They get filthyrich out of exploting and enslaving workers that they considered as menial or poor. It is just another shabby system that coninues in the predomant islamic infested place and asian infested place. It is very difficult to get any decent care job in many parts of asia, because it is infested by a sort like bondage inhumane slavelike system that is very prevalent in manyparts of south east asia.. Their islamic and asian culture is indeed very inhumane and extremely horrible, whenever they have the upper hand

  2. To not know at least the basics of Islam, in this day and age, is sheer folly. To not read their intent (in parts) of the Qur’an is sheer stupidity. To accept debasing, denigrating, Islam as politically incorrect is wrong.
    To help, aid and abet them is a sin. Who wants them in the US except Obama?

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