Europe’s Lemming-Like Rush to Become an Islamic Paradise


Islam is a complete code, system, or way of life. It only believes in a single state, culture and law, guided by the Quran, prophetic tradition and Sharia. All else must go. While Christmas doesn’t symbolize the same old religious significance any more, it still is the signature cultural festive event in secularized European tradition. While Muslims are evidently making vigorous push for its obliteration from the Western tradition, the native populace, particularly the politicians, are as willing to let go of it. And when Muslims are projected to become the majority in Brussels by 2030 according to sociologist Felice Dassetto’s book, “The Iris and the Crescent”, that is going to become a reality in double quick time in the iconic European city of Brussels, the headquarter of the European Union. Given the situation are even worse in places like the Swedish city of Malmo, and Muslims dominated areas in Oslo, the rest of Europe is all set to follow suit.

Year 622 CE. The Prophet of Islam had tirelessly preach his religion in Mecca for 13 long years. With only 150-200 converts, mostly from amongst the lowest of lows in society, Muhammad’s prophetic mission was all but a failure. It was a stroke of luck that he found refuge in Medina at about this time, where he moved to with all his disciples.

The rest is history!

Within two years, he put himself in a position to be terrorizing force in Medina, the city that gave him refuge at his time of difficulty. He expelled the Jewish tribe of Banu Qainuqa in 624, and Banu Nadir a year later, and eventually exterminated the Banu Quraiza tribe in 627 via mass slaughter of their men and enslavement of the women and children.

Thus he became the untouchable force in Medina, terrorizing everyone on his way. What a remarkable difference just a few years can make?

Well, that’s all just history, one may think. Many more remarkable things have happened in history. Not any more.

It seems, when it comes to Islam, the same is as much possible as it was ever. If one has kept eyes wide open at the world, especially toward the West, he/she would see many signs of Muslims moving toward achieving similar remarkable things. Major Muslim-dominated areas from Norway and Sweden to the UK and France have already becomes inaccessible to non-Muslims. Rife with disproportionate violent crimes, yet ambulances do not dare enter many of those areas without armed police protection. With Muslims growing much faster than rest of the population, 10 times faster in the UK (2006 estimate), thanks to unfettered breeding amongst them, such no-go zones are on a path to fast expansion.

In Islamic doctrine, the Universe is a property of Allah (Q 24:42, 34:1):

“And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and to Allah is the destination.” (24:42)

“[All] praise is [due] to Allah, to whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth…” (34:1)

And Allah has made Muslims, the only followers of the true and righteous path (i.e. Islam), the owner and ruler of the earth (Q 6:165, 24:55):

“And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you…” (6:165)

“Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them…” (24:55)

As a result, the ultimate goal of Islam is to bring the control and ownership of Allah’s world to the hands of Muslims. And Allah has commanded Muslims to wage incessant war against the infidels (non-believers of Islam) and commit mass slaughter and enslavement in order to attain the control of the entire globe, and establish Islam over its every nook and corner in the process. For example, Allah says:

“…fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah (alone)…” (Q 2:193)

“And fight them until there is no fitnah and [until] the religion, all of it, is for Allah…” (Q 8:39)

…some ye slew and ye made captive some. And He [Allah] caused you to inherit their land and their houses and their wealth…” (Q 33:26-27).

The divine commandment and design of the Almighty Allah can never fail. It will be achieved in one way or another. The Prophet’s exploits for establishing the rule and supremacy of Islam in Medina was basically a precise application of the above-outlined design of Allah, and he did it with stunning skill and success leading to establishing the first Islamic State in history.

In extension of Muhammad’s above protocol for realizing Allah’s dream of establishing global Islamic dominance and supremacy, Muslims had achieved numerous further successes – from the shores of the Indian Ocean and Africa to the heart of Europe. Indeed, at one point, it seemed the entire known world would submit to the feet of Islam. But, thanks to some strokes of luck, Christian Europe, despite conceding much of its territory and sustaining terrible wounds, was able to hold its own and eventually beat back the Islamic invaders from within its shores.

But for Islam and Muslims, that was only a temporary set-back.

Read it all.

19 thoughts on “Europe’s Lemming-Like Rush to Become an Islamic Paradise

  1. If you are going to make an argument then make it based on facts and not some other’s agenda.

    “It only believes in a single state, culture and law, guided by the Quran, prophetic tradition and Sharia. All else must go.”

    No, the quoted statement above is not correct. That is the Salafi view. The reality is that there are Salafists claiming this and stating they represent Islam but the facts say otherwise. Less than half of the 56 Muslim nations have Sharia and of those again just less than half have it only for Family Courts and subject to a secular Supreme Court.

    Also, and this is the real litmus test – the reality on the ground – how many of the 56 Muslim nations support a Caliphate single-state? The answer is zero, none, squat!

    The reality is that items like this are agenda-based bullsh*t there to sell books and raise money for interest groups that thrive off fear, conflict or worse. Popularists and far-right nationalist groups want your vote to so that they can get their ego trips, others are part of the Settler Movement that wish to annex the West Bank , basically steal land. All want an enemy and thus will push rubbish like this.

    Eurabia is a well-worn myth that has been disproven a number of times (not that any of that will ever reach blogs like this one). The main core element of the Eurabia concept is that Muslims will outbread and thus dominate by numbers. Such a falicy was cut down immediately by simple reality. Immigrants to Europe from Muslim countries, like other immigrants end up following the national birth-rates at the second generation and in some cases, such as those from Turkish backgrounds in Germany and The Netherlands, actually had lower-birthrates. Also the 15 or so percentage of those at the second generation that marry into the local populations mostly no longer participate or are included into representing their origins. The concept of out-breeding was simply a scare-mongering rumour that certain blogs (like this one) simply ate up and assumed as gospel.

    • This is pure Taqiaah. Lies and obfiscation. Islam is Submission, and as the name suggests, it wants the whole world to submit to Islam. By any means. Stop your lies and tell us the truith so WE can decide our future NOT YOU.

      • John

        I wonder if you know the reality that the word taqiyah is only used by islamophobes who read Robert Spencer’s cr*p. 99 per cent of Muslims have not even heard of the word but every crack-pot from blogs like this (and obviously we count you amongst them) use it like butter on toast. The word, not that you know or care, actually refers to a dispensation in the 7th century for Muslims whom were threatened for joining the faith.

        Based on that, now look at your statement and realise what a joke it is.

        • It doesnt matter if 99% of Muslims have heard the word Taqiyah or not, they are taught the actual practice of it from a young age.

          • Yes they do. I knew an Egyptian family when I lived in England,and they told me that Muslims lie to people who are not Muslim. First I had ever heard of that. They did not use the word taqiyah. We were at a college where there were quite a few muslim students & this conversation arose because we were having trouble communicating ,not in the language but in expectations. They would tell you they would do something & then do the opposite. We were very frustrated with their lack of accountability & truthfulness, as we called it.

    • what you are insinuating is that there is an alternative to the salafist view, which in fact there is the extremists who own islam which is most likely why you saw hoards killing for mohamed cartoons, but no one (no muslim, that is) standing up against bin laden’s actions.. you are slick, but that only proves one other key element of islam …AL TAQIYYA (albeit of shia doctrine)..which is pretty much like a blank check for liars to spew what they want as long as it benefits islam. just count the number of fatwas against binladen/al queda vs those against those cartoons

      • Take a look at my reply to John above about the pathetic use of the word taqiyah and how it makes you look stupid.

        Second, you obviously sit in an armchair all day with your head into your computer screen lapping up blogs like this one. You have absolutely no idea about life and the reality outside a probable 25 mile radius.

        Have you been to a Muslim country, probably not. Have you read, discussed or studies Islam, obviously not. I have both.

        Salafism is an extreme puritanical sect within Islam’s Sunni faith. It is but one view. Most Muslims are neither Salafi or in fact respect it but we can argue that they allow it and tolerate it to a level that is a mistake. Most Muslim countries do not allow Salafis to create politcal parties because they know what happens.

        That is the reality that obviously you are not aware of or you would not have said something as rediculous as you have just done.

        Get real.

        My goal on these blogs is simply to put realism into arguments. I do not care the position one takes as long as it is factual and not based on sick ideologies, political or religion agendas.

        • And YOU do not sit in an armchair doing the same thing, since we can deduce from your post that commenting on here is a sure sign of that?? You are trying to distract from the discussion using emotional & judgemental manipulation. I suspect you are muslim.

          • So do I Dorothy, he also says he’s Spanish, and they are converting back to the “religion of peace” faster than a horse can gallop. Five hundred years of freedom from islamic tyranny going down the drain. As we have all noticed, only his “facts” are facts, the rest of us are in his warped, narcissistic opinion, uninformed. You might also have noticed his predilection for insulting people, which he does with every comment. Not exactly a nice person.

      • faxxmaxx, you cannot even get your facts and data correct, so who the hell are you to tell me whatever? Shall I quote your rediculous comment on the other thread about what happened (or did not in fact) in Spain???

    • Im sick of you dc you ugly cunt ,you are a child rapist peadophile ,fuck off before i find you ,i think you need a bullet in the back of your head ,lefty scum like you is why Muslims are taking over my country ,if anyone can give me info on this ugly child rapist i will send the boys to pay him a visit,,and he will rape no more children ,im in a internet café so cant be traced ,, ,LAST WARNING UGLY PEADOPHILE

  2. to DC: i didnt make the word up, google it yourself, theres still time before muslims petition the UN to remove all traces of the word from the WWW yet. you ask if ive visted a muslim country. how many muslims have visted the US before they passed judgement on americans? muslims have this unique problem, they want to claim victimhood while being the aggressor…muslims whine about their rights in the US.thats really is somethin else, considering the rights jews, hindus and christians have in muslim nations EVER! muslims dont like being judged by the same yardstick they judge everyone else, now that takes balls.. were i calling the shots here in the US, id deport muslims and close down their mosques. you already own half the world and look at it? they are mired in poverty, ignorance & thanks..thats not my idea of a perfect religion

  3. I agree with Betsy Ross 1776.
    Even those moslems women are as bad as their moslems men. Those moslems men and moslems women tend to intimidate us nonbelievers who are poorer than them . And whenever they have a bit of socalled power, they used their islam to threaten us nonbelievers or deny us nonbelievers a decent living. Even the way they speak is disgusting and pretentious. Islam is not only dangerous to white civilisation but also is incompatible with decent white culture . Moslems caused misery to us nonbelievers who do not wish to kow tow such a horrible ideology.

  4. I despair when I saw those asian christians and of other faiths knowingly supported those many moslems politcal candidates even thpugh they are aware or should have known the futility and danger of supporting any moslem political candidate. first those moslem political people would say sharia is only for their islamic community, but I don’t believe what they said. Even too many asian business people of other faith have known to pander to moslems interest, which caused not only caused extreme
    discomfort to lone nonbeliever like myself but also damaging to our freedom.

  5. Furthermore, people should know the futility of supporting any moslems political candidates, whether they are head covering moslem women or not or whether those moslems are moderate or not. They refused to see the danger of supporting moslems political candidates, who in in the end would only caused endless misery..

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