Spanish police confiscate Muhammad filmmaker’s residence card, say he’s illegal immigrant

via Vlad Tepes.

This just came in email from Imran:

As you all know that my refugee status was revoked by the Spanish ministry of interior for the reasons that my activities against Islam are a risk for the national security of Spain. I was given a month for filing an appeal, which I am in process of doing so. But the persecution doesn´t end here. All what the Spanish authorities have done against me in order to make the Muslim world happy is not yet sufficient for them.

This evening I got a call from the police station. I was ordered to come to the police station and return back my residence card. I told them that look, I am in the process of filing an appeal and you can´t do that to me. I need to have my identity until the high court gives the final word on my status. I refused to go to the police station.

But as usual the Spanish authorities are in so much hurry for deporting me to Pakistan that they by themselves came to my home at 21:00 pm and ordered me to return back my residence card. I was also threatened that from now on I am not anymore a legal resident of this country and that I am an illegal immigrant who can be caught or deported anytime.

Losing my residence card means I am a stateless person now without any identity. Anytime any policeman can put me behind the bars for being an illegal immigrant. I can´t even work as my work permission has also been revoked by the Spanish authorities. They have made me handicapped. They didn´t even wait for the judgment from the high court on my appeal.

You know why this all is happening to me? For criticizing Islam. My status in Spain has not been revoked because I have committed a crime according to the Spanish law, but I am being persecuted because of my opposition against Islam. Now expressing our view on Islam in the western world has been declared as an official crime. Spain is feared by the Islamic world. The Spanish authorities have given a message to the Muslim world that Spain has lost its dignity and that Spain is going to live like the Muslim world wants. Do you think; in this manner the Islamic terrorism and injustice can be stopped? Of course not. This encourages Muslims more to continue the path they have been following and not to be changed.


I am sad and shocked. Where is my right of freedom of expression? Why instead of being protected, I am being persecuted by the Spanish authorities? Is it a crime now to speak the truth about Islam? Am I going to die because of my opinions on Islam? I need the world´s support. If I get deported to Pakistan (which is highly probable now), then never anyone will dare to fight publicly against Islam´s violent ideology and the world will have to submit to Islam. Please raise your voice for me and help me to be protected. Thank you very much.

Below, an interview that was translated for us by Hermes:

From Digital Alert:


Do you confirm that the Spanish government is in the hands of Islam?

Yes, absolutely. On one hand, we are talking about freedom of speech, and on the other, when somebody wants to express an opinion, then one is persecuted in order to be silenced. I have been revealing Islam’s filth for 7 years, and nothing happened during that time. Besides, it was because of having criticized Islam that I was granted the refugee status in Spain. Why do they want to pressure, persecute and deport me, and revoke my asylum rights? The reason is clear: fear from the muslim world. We have lost our rights and western values due to fear for the economic relations with the oil-rich Islamic countries and the unjustified violence of muslims.

– So you fear for your life? Does this revoke of your refugee status a sure death sentence?

I would have never dared criticizing Mohammed or Islam if I had been scared for my life. Jesus has given a special purpose to my life. God and truth are with me, and this makes me have no fear of anything or anybody. I will fight for my rights till the last breath, and I will continue fighting in order to make known that islam is a danger to western society. Look, in any other circumstance, if a citizen warns the country which embraces him about the danger that a visible enemy poses to the coexistence, peace, security and freedom of that country, then that person would be praised.

Full Video: The Innocent Prophet

15 thoughts on “Spanish police confiscate Muhammad filmmaker’s residence card, say he’s illegal immigrant

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  2. Dear Imran,

    you broke the law and thus you have now to pay the consequences as a foreign national. In addition you have abused your status and disprected a nation that has allowed you to live and work freely.

    Spain has clear laws in regards to the difference between “freedom of expression” (libertad de expresión) and “soliciting collective hate” (normas contra solicitando odio colectivo).

    In addition, you have exagerated, which puts into doubt all your other claims. You state that because the authorities have confiscated your identity card that now you are subject to arrest because you have no documentation. That is false. Since the authorities have taken your card, they are fully aware that you must leave. Spanish laws are clear in regards to who and why people are detained and the limits to what the authorities can and cannot do. Simply put, if they screwed you, you could make them pay for it in court. In fact I suspect that you were given a yellow piece of paper stating that your identity card has been returned and that your status is now limited to a period of up to 30 days.

    The facts are clear, you have pushed the limits of free speech to that of publically pushing collective hate. You have assumed that Muslims somehow get special treatment when that is not the case, and in contrast, you have expected special treatment above the laws. I will also add that there are more than sufficient methods and procedures that are legal and in fact supported by the authorities (and NGOs) that can accept evidence of abuse and do something about it. That you have failed to do that also signfies that simply put it is your own words and nothing more. We in Spain call that “intolerancia” or in English it is called bigotry.

    There is no place for bigots in modern Spain as we suffered three generations of it and cost us millions of lives. You have every right to believe what you like, at home.

    No te olvides de empacar repelente de mosquitos!

    Abogado calificado para el Tribunal de primera instancia, La Línea de la Concepción, Algeciras, Ceuta y Melilla

    • Ceuta y Melilla, Muslims are the bigots and intolerant as you will find out. Tthey are being quiet for now until they have the power to turn the government over The president of Egypt saying that the State of Israel will soon be overthrown ,The Muslim riots in Paris this new years over turning and burning nearly 1200 car and the peace loving media not covering it. In America the Muslims are the new KKK. You’ve been living unthreaten for many years it is now quietly happening again as it did WW II

      • Dan,

        though I am Spanish (with British dual-nationality) and a proud Catholic, it might be worth your while noting that I work with Muslims, actually have a degree in Islamics and speak pretty good Arabic. I have travelled and worked for a number of years in Syria (before all this conflict, some 20 years ago) and I still travel regularly.

        Now based on that, with all respect, your full of it.

        I find just as much “intolerance” amongst my own people as with most Muslim communities. It is a shame that (using your own style of wording) that people like you have the nerve to assume what others are like or how they live. Please do tell me your own experience and travel amongst all the various Muslim countries and communities. Basing your knowledge on individual events or how perhaps CAIR and other groups in the US work reflects only on them, not the entire groups, community and faith.

        Frankly speaking it is old hat and getting boring the same old rhetoric of generalisations that Muslims “do this” or “do that”.

        As for the Paris event, as like events in GB or past events even in the United States, it is pretty much clear that social stereotyping, migrant poverty, unemployement and ghettos create problems. Add to that two wars in which those groups either come from or have family connected to and of course there is a recipe for disaster. We can even add that local government politics likes to make scape-goats, an active far-right Front National with bigoted intentions and bingo, you have your events like that.

        Dan, try context and give studying and avoiding blogs for information and you may see the world through something other than your sh*t-tinted glasses.

        ps, note the dork faxxmaxx below and how badly he got everything wrong….


          • Anonymous, take your filth elsewhere, low-life’s like you give the site a bad name and accomplish nothing–grow up!

        • @DC I see your at it again with your repetive context crap. I go to the sources the Koran itself you fool.

          Islam is evil and vile and your a stones throw away……………..

    • The facts are NOT hate speech and no laws in the world will ever change that. People of good conscience like Imran will fight back and people like you “DC” will continue to be the willing useful idiots for an evil, vicious, barbaric, murderous cult.

  3. This is the new Europe. Norway, Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy all have become subjected to the Islamist rule. Any American or Canadian who vacations in Europe is contributing to the caliphate. It’s past time for the EU to halt immigration and send these animals back. BTW, to celebrate the new year, they set fire to thousands of cars owned by average citizens in Spain. Violence is how they get their kicks. When they’re not raping women, they’re meeting w/pastors and convincing them how peaceful their religion is. Spain needs to stand up and protect this man!

    • faxxmaxx, if you cannot get the basic facts right how can we even begin to believe anything you have said? The event was in a Paris suburb, and you may not know this but that is in France.

      • DC, I think you are very ignorant on alot of important matters. As far as I know moslems are always trying to bully the West whenever they have the upper hand..

  4. Europeans and Americans should avoid taking unneccesary holidays and avoid spending unnecessarily in middle east, africa and asia, in order to prevent islamisation of the Western world.

  5. while people have a right to defend any moslem or ex-moslem or non-white, why should we trust any moslem or ex moslems or asian or black after all the sufferring and imposition by those pro-moslems asians and moslems that their communities inflicted on the world. It is up to anyone discretion to trust or not to trust any moslems or ex moslem. But, I as a nonbeliever, after suferring so much in their asian pro=moslem and moslem infested place, I find it difficult to trust even an asian ex-moslem.

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