Saudi sergeant arrested, admits raping 13-year old boy in Las Vegas hotel

via Saudi sergeant arrested in rape of boy at Circus Circus – News –

A member of the Saudi Arabian military in the U.S. for a training mission has been charged with raping a boy in a Strip hotel on New Year’s Eve.

Mazen Alotaibi, a 23-year-old sergeant in the Royal Saudi Air Force, was arrested Dec. 31 and accused of assaulting a 13-year-old boy in a Circus Circus hotel room bathroom.

According to a Las Vegas police report, Alotaibi was on the sixth floor of the hotel about 7:30 a.m. when he pulled the boy into his room. Three other men were in the room smoking marijuana, the report said.

The boy told police that none of the men spoke English.

Alotaibi later told police he offered the boy money for sex, and when he refused, he raped the boy, the report said.

The boy was able to leave the room as Alotaibi was getting dressed. He told hotel security about the incident and was taken to University Medical Center for treatment and testing by a sexual assault nurse.

The exam confirmed sexual trauma, the report said.

The boy was visiting Las Vegas with a relative and did not know Alotaibi, said police Lt. Dan McGrath.

“We have a very strong case based on the victim’s statements and evidence at the scene,” he said.

Alotaibi told police he was drinking Hennessy all night and was drunk when he met the boy. He first denied allegations, but later admitted he “put his penis in his mouth for just a couple of seconds” and his penis “accidentally” went into the boy’s rectum.

Alotaibi is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base outside San Antonio. It’s unclear how long he has been in the United States. Police said he traveled from Texas to Las Vegas for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Alotaibi was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault of a minor and lewdness. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for later this month.

It is unclear if any of the other men in the hotel room will face charges.

McGrath said police have been in contact with federal officials to ensure Alotaibi remains jailed in the United States and were told there will be no interference from any federal or international agencies.

“As far as we know he’s staying here and facing charges – obviously very serious charges,” he said.

Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland spokesman Brent Boller told The Associated Press that records show Alotaibi is stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss. Boller said he could not immediately verify if Alotaibi had been at Lackland, but noted that international military students attend a Defense Language Institute English Language Center on the base to improve their English-language skills.

According to a base Website, Keesler houses an electronics training wing for U.S. and foreign military personnel.

Alotaibi’s lawyer, Don Chairez of Newport Beach, Calif., said Friday he had been in contact with U.S. military authorities at both air force bases and with the Saudi government. He said Alotaibi will plead not guilty.


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51 thoughts on “Saudi sergeant arrested, admits raping 13-year old boy in Las Vegas hotel

    • No he won’t…they’re obsessed with “accidentally” inserting their penis in rectums and the unfortunate wandering goat. They’d kill the boy…for tempting him.

    • Arthur, dude, when did the aliens bring you to Earth? When it comes to Muslims, unless you are educated about them, think “counter intuitive”, “warped”, “backward”, etc. Little else fits. Had it been a woman, they’d stone her to death for being raped, that is, after beating her and raping her some more. Muslims put the barbaric in barbarism.

        • And you forgot about the congratulatory pats on the back and continued participation in the pedophilia by the police, guards and judges (in Saud). Had the little boy been a woman and they were in Saud, the rapist and the cops would have a good laugh while having steaming cups of camel urine. Then the woman would have been beaten, tortured and raped some more, then she would have been executed, you know, for honor’s sake and because Islam is a ship of manly men.

    • Yeah, the women can take care of the kids and play on the beach a little during the day, while the men go out drink alcohol, take drugs, screw white women and have their homosexual and pedophile encounters that night.

  1. Notice men wearing current swim attire…women enjoy yards of comfy black, wet wool. FUN! I wonder if they cut holes in all the sheets like they do when visiting the swanky hotels around here during big race events like Derby, Breeders Cup? The Princes’ own half the Bluegrass now. I’ll let you guess why they cut a hole in the sheets.

    • Holes in sheets? That’s an ignorant JEWISH antisemetic myth, not Muslim. It began in the middle ages (somewhere way back then) when the Jews hung their tallits (prayer shawls) out on the line to dry.

      The ignorant Gentile neighbors, rather than ask what they are, decided they were sheets and that the Jews were just “holier than thou” and wouldn’t have sex with their wives unless it was through a hole cut in the sheets.

      Of course this is a lie and has never existed in Judaism to do this, then or now.

      But that never stopped the Gentile Europeans from torturing Jews over it. Europe is one big Jewish graveyard, the soil is soaked in Jewish blood.

      Go ahead, do a Google search if you don’t believe me. Search “Muslims cut holes in sheets” and the only results you’ll get is “Orthodox Jews”, not Muslims.

      And now that you know the history of this ignorance, perhaps you can stop spouting it?

      • Thanks for the history lesson. I’d never heard it. I asked my friends in the hotel business if they’d ever heard it and they said no, had no clue about it one way or the other prior to certain incidents. So, I guess the torn linens were completely accidental…and coincidental…kinda like this 13 year old boy happening by and accidentally getting raped. MY BAD.

        It really is a ridiculous conclusion to jump to after all….I mean its not like Muslim women are subjected to anything remotely puritanical or off the wall regarding sexuality. I mean if you look past being required to cover up to your eyeballs, not being able to drive a car, having your genitals mutilated to prevent sexual pleasure-and if you happen to have intact plumbing you must NOT handle phallic and erotic vegetables lest you become wildly aroused- being stoned for being an “accidental” rape victim without enough witnesses, etc….

        Nope, no hint of shamefulness hidden in there, no obsessiveness about sex and virgins and little boys and heaven…nope, not a bit.

        So, who knew?…they found torn sheets, jumped to the wrong conclusion and now we know that we are anti Semitic and responsible for blood soaked Europe.

        “According to Prophet Muhammad, women are an affliction and there is nothing more harmful for men than women (see Hadith in volume 7, Book 62, Number 33). He made this observation after being inspired by Allah, for he never said or did anything during his prophetic career without His consent, or permission.”

        Click the link
        <— Sex in Islam for more of the quoted text.

        I guess we in the hospitality business see a lot of things that we should never jump to conclusions over…I'm sure those famous rockers and those nice young female fans were playing twister when they destroyed their rooms. I should get my mind out of the gutter.

      • YKIT, what do you care? If it’s such a horrible, racist story, let it be transferred to Islam and be done with it. Or, do you want to hang on to it for resentment’s sake?

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  3. If the Muslim faith is not a cult, THEN they want to have people to respect them they will get people like this off the face of the earth.
    They kill family members, rape children ,but it is a sin to eat pork,drink alcohol.commit Adultery etc,etc.
    This really doesn’t even make sense to a any one.That Murder, having 4 wives ,participating in Homosexual activities, like we know about Barack Obama is a HOMOSEXUAL and a lot of Muslims belong to a club in Chicago Called the DOWNLOW CLUB, which Barack is a member of.
    Kinda looks like you pick and choose when it suits you.
    Take Barack back to KENYA where he can live and not have to lie all the time ,before he will be taken down by the People.
    Like killing people ,Here’s one , have at it.
    We will have to close our BORDERS TO ALL FOREIGNERS , NO MORE problems, if you like your life style ,Then stay in your own country and be happy. WE aren’t coming to any country and force our beliefs on them.
    Act decent for a change instead of like ANAMIALS.

    • It is a cult, they demand that people respect them and they won’t get people like this off the face of the Earth. Muslims have no shame, this is a normal guy to them, and they wouldn’t know respect or honor if either or both sodomized them, but, hey …

  4. So, let me get this right …. We allow Mid East soldiers to wander around America unescorted? And no one is bothered by this? BTW, molesting boys is allowed in the Mid East and is common practice.

  5. I hope they put this pervert in a cell with alot of prisoners called Bubba! Muslims are perverts and condone this behavior with children. Obama is one of them and if we don’t stop this from taking over our country we will be doomed.

  6. Life and everything in it (according to islamists) is for them; they talk about the licentiousness of western culture and can’t wait to dive in; they have many sex clubs in England where Muslims put girls (British) into prostitution as young as 9 – they adhere to the belief that white women are dirty while Islamic women are ‘pure’.
    The fact that they think something is a sin, does not stop their perverted pleasure.
    If this guy goes to a US jail, he will get the same treatment as Col. Hasan and sit for over 3 years, eating bon bons, waiting for his trial.

    • Well said smog,you are so right ,muslims sell white children for sex to other Muslims in england ,,,they are scum ,,,,im surprised, dc (dirty cunt) has not defended this muslim peadophile

      • Moslems like other asian, african and middle eastern community only care for their own community sick interest, no matter how bad or how disgusting it is. They treated us poor nonbelievers with comtempt most of the time. hopefully the white people will eventually be able to protect itself and prevent the horrible intrusion of
        islamic black culture from intruding onto decent white culture..

  7. Met the boy? Liar! You mean kidnapped the boy!

    I hope he goes to jail in the US. Although he will probably convert prisoners to pedophilia loving Islam followers.

    Stop training the enemy in our country O Hussein B.

    • It is the same all throughout islam. Do as I say not as I do. These people hate and excute gays, yet they rape young boys and nobody in their community says anything against them. This is NOT an isolated occurence with these satan worshipping trash.

  8. another example of islam behavior; luckily, the child got away or he’d be dead meat; put pervert in prison with bubba and hope he doesn’t live through the experience. the child is messed up rest of his life

  9. islam is senseless, why should women have to be totally covered? are the men so over testeroned that they cannot control their emotions if they see a sensibly dressed woman instead of raping them and the woman has to have four witnesses to prove it happened. women are doomed in the islam cult; not to mention the poor children who have been brainwashed since birth.

  10. the saudi’s have lots of money (our oil dollars) so this thug will probably get a slap on the wrist as they pay off this offense and the nutcase is set free. the saudi’s should not even be in this country; especially with an embassy and schools in the DC area where they can perpetrate their cult and have home grown terrorists. get saudi arabia OUT of our country, period. hopefully, he will be kicked out of their military. did you see that they were smoking marijuana; guess they can’t do those things in their country. . . . .beliefs with idiotic, unnatural ideas commit the very worst offenses. NOTHING is natural about islam. funny how they go hogwild when they get out of their own habitat where they would be killed for smoking marijuana and surely killed for rape.

    • They smoke hash all the time and rape, are you kidding? Come on, Anon, you know better than that. They’re congratulated for rape. The cops and jail guards join in if they are symbolically “arrested”. When it’s all over, they lash her, rape and torture her some more, then execute her. You and Arthur need to read a little more about what Islam actually is.

  11. This is normal behavior by Muslims in Muslim countries. Muslims feel its ok because their God Muhammad was a Pedophile. Whats good for their sleaze bag Muhammad has to be ok for them.

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  13. To the owner of this board: PLEASE keep your eye on this case. Odds are this guy with quietly “disappear” and the local cops mouths will be forever shut about where he went. If it doesn’t happen and he does do time, I will be truly, deeply amazed.

  14. the guy is a sick rapist bastard, but surprize , there are sick rapist child malesting bastards everywhere , from every race , color ,religion and nationality. no exception. its sad to see how many people blame it muslims or on arabs. its very ignorant and racist. when the priests who abused kids were exposed , u never heard anyone in the arab or muslim world accuse christians and christianity of being a religion of being pro child malestation. and the funny thing is,. the very same people who voice these racist rants are the same people who accuse muslims of being racist.

    • Oh, I get it, Anon, you ARE a Muslim or just some stupid equivocator dhimmi. Never mind. Talking to you is useless. But, yes, we did hear Muslims talking about what sick bastards the priests were. We agree. We still do hear, when they’re making excuses for their atrocities, just like you’re doing now. We agree, however, the priests are sick bastards and the people who protect them are sick bastards. Regardless, that does not minimize the pathology of Islam and Muslims. It is not a get out free card. And, Muslims are not a race. Islam is not a race. No matter how hard or how many times you try to play the race card. Games up, doolick.

  15. Saudi are great war planners They have perfected the art or war for 20 and 21 century.
    They don’t send any more arms and soldiers. They just send their book with mullahs .
    Foolish politicians and locals leaders don’t get it. These mullahs just pick only poor , uneducated and criminals and make them follow saudis culture and book.
    Now these poor locals are new anti national forces to destroy the nation ,neighborhood and local laws and way of life. Locals converts destroying own nation.
    Way is one and only isolate them( muslims). converts are threat to a nation all over the world.

  16. See, this is why Las Vegas is touted as a family oriented sort of place. You let your kid go for five minutes and he meets Satan. At least this is a kid who did not end up on the side of a milk carton.
    Islam is poison.

  17. “he admitted he “put his penis in his (the boys), mouth for just a couple of seconds” and his penis “accidentally” went into the boy’s rectum.”

    Hey, you see everything is cleared up, it was all very innocent and quite an accident …. yeah right!

    What a crock of horse manure but, wait for the cover-up cause it is coming. After all it was “only” a “kufir” boy not a real human, of quality.

  18. Ahhh ,saudia arabia , that peace and freedom loving nation that all others should emulate.Yep , the only nation that is ruled by a king and 20 million queens

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