Sword-wielding woman at Florida mosque married to Muslim

As we noted here, there’s a likely reason why CAIR and the Islamophilic media haven’t trumpeted this story. Is she a convert to Islam? via Sword-wielding woman a disabled Navy veteran: Sword-wielding woman a disabled Navy veteran – Orlando Sentinel.

The woman accused of carrying a sword into an Orlando-area mosque was transferred to a facility for mental-health treatment after her “uncooperative behavior” kept her from appearing before a judge, jail officials said.

Dominique Vianneyte Elloie, 47, was charged with disturbing school functions and possession of a weapon on school property after she was detained Dec. 19 walking into the Islamic Society of Central Florida’s mosque on North Goldenrod Road with an unsheathed sword.

Elloie has missed more than four court appearances, has refused to take a booking photograph and was placed on suicide watch during her weeklong stay at the Orange County Jail.

Officials said she was involuntarily committed to a Lakeside Behavioral Healthcare facility early Friday under the state’s Baker Act for mental-health observation. Elloie can be held there for up to 72 hours.

Family told the Orlando Sentinel, the U.S. Navy veteran is disabled and suffers from bipolar disorder.

Military personnel records confirmed Elloie served from 1984 to 1994 as a cryptologic technician collecting and analyzing intelligence.

Elloie has been in custody after a school security officer spotted her walking into the mosque with the weapon.

She was inside for about 15 minutes and exited, leaving the sword inside, records show.

According to her Facebook page, Elloie was living in Arizona with a Muslim man she married in Morocco and complained he was cheating on her in a long, ranting post on her wall.

Who is the husband? Why wouldn’t the Orlando Sentinel provide more information on him and get comment from him? Was he “cheating” with another wife? The Facebook page appears to have disappeared.

Investigators, though, have not indicated any motive to Elloie’s armed intrusion of the mosque.

Elloie’s mother Bessie Elloie was reached at her home in Los Angeles and said her daughter needs help.

“I’ve been begging, I’ve been crying and I have a basket full of numbers [from the Veteran’s Administration] and no one was able to intervene. No one,” she said.

It is possible Dominique Elloie — who was previously identified as Dominique Eloi by law enforcement — had not been taking her medication, her mother said.

“She’s a beautiful person who served her country diligently and, when it was time for her to get help, it was very difficult to get the help that she needed,” Bessie Elloie said. “This is off the charts. It’s really off the charts.”

It is shameful when politicians who destroy our country award themselves better healthcare than veterans.


10 thoughts on “Sword-wielding woman at Florida mosque married to Muslim

  1. We hear that story a lot lately….a basket full of numbers and no help for the mentally ill.

    Bring back the state mental institutions. I worked in one.

    Many of those patients are the homeless on the streets now.

    The patients had 3 meals a day, shared a bedroom, had a “family” room to share, were APPROPRIATELY mediated, had visitors, some could leave on pass, job training, activities of daily living training, etc. It was not a country club. It was a long term care facility. Much more humane.

    • Yes, we can thank President Ronald Reagan for throwing tens of thousands of mentally ill patients right out into the streets – literally – and shutting down mental health facilities all over the country. Great job Ronnie! Hope you’re rotting in hell for that one. SO many mentally ill people and their families have suffered terribly because of him, for so long now.

      • I beg to differ, You KNow It’s True, Jimmy Carter closed the one in Milledgeville, GA – long before Ron Reagan was President. He started the business of closing the mental hospitals. The book and movie – The Snake Pit fomented the thinking involved.

  2. Did you know that uk mobile phone operator Hutchinson 3 has censored your site ! it cannot be accessed on mobile internet ! so much for free speech!

  3. uk person; are muslims in charge of the phone system or is the uk afraid of the muslims who are against free speech; especially if islam is criticized. . . . .

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