Video: The Grand Deception (Muslim Brotherhood in America)

An extended sequence of excerpts from the 70-minute film produced by The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception”. This particular set of clips (almost 8 minutes in length, total) reflects key moments from the film, a film that everyone should see.

Please go to to learn more.

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8 thoughts on “Video: The Grand Deception (Muslim Brotherhood in America)

  1. infiltrate hell, O has given them the keys to our country; there is not a place where there isn’t a muslim. this is not good for our country no matter how many times they say they are ‘peaceful’. Tell the victims of 9/11 how peaceful they are. when will our country grow some balls and wake up and learn the word NO????? o needs a wake up call.

  2. Peaceful? Zero gives money to the eastern countries that use it to buy weapons to kill Christians! What do you think he will do in America? This guy got elected AGAIN because so few of us know islam.

  3. I am in contact with Steven Emerson, this film’s producer. He’s worked for the CIA and the Council on Foreign Affairs. He’s very well connected. The Brotherhood has access to the WH and inside information. They are America’s enemy. They are Obama’s friends. I suggest, if you really want to know what you don’t know, order the DVD.

  4. I can not understand the politicians on the left like Pelosi, hillary Clinton
    ect… not being aware of this information we just saw. I mean you would think that they would be having conversations with the Repulicans & they would clue them in?
    And Al Boar (Gore) selling his comedy network to the Arabs? I new he was full of himself but this is right down devious what a f*cking pig

    The left all act like they have had frontal lobodimies!!!!

    The only Islamic Country that has nuclear capabilities is Pakistan. Iran is on its way to nuclear arms & the muslim brotherhood have ties to Iran and we have muslims in the administration and 35 terrorist camps in the United States.
    This not looking good folks…………….

    • Well, I say “WE, the People…” take matters into our own hands a “destroy” those 35 terrorists camps here in the United States just like the “Mudslimes” kill everyone not a “Mudslime” elsewhere!!!

      …what’cha think?

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