After firing threatening Muslim prof, Univ of Iowa fighting criminal charges…in Jordan

via U. of Iowa objects to criminal charges in Jordan | WSAV TV.

FILE – In this Jan. 27, 2011 file photo, then-University of Iowa radiology professor Malik Juweid poses for a picture in his Coralville, Iowa home. The University of Iowa has hired a lawyer to fight criminal charges against two top administrators filed in Jordan, where they school says Juweid is seeking revenge against officials he blames for his firing. The university’s former medical school dean, Paul Rothman, and associate dean Lois Geist have been charged with making a death threat to Juweid, who was fired in August and has returned to his native country of Jordan. A university spokesman called the charges – which are based solely on Juweid’s statement to a prosecutor – baseless and part of a long-running harassment campaign by Juweid. (AP Photo/Ryan J. Foley, File) (The Associated Press) 76d7ca289e22c000250f6a7067004e96
This undated photo provided by the University of Iowa shows Lois Geist, associate medical school dean. The University of Iowa is fighting criminal charges filed against Geist and former dean Paul Rothman by fired professor Malik Juweid in his native country of Jordan. University spokesman Tom Moore says the charges against Geist and Rothman are baseless and part of a harassment campaign by fired radiology professor. Moore says the university has retained a Jordanian lawyer, and questions how two Americans who’ve never been to Jordan can be subject to its courts. (AP Photo/The University of Iowa) (The Associated Press)

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) The University of Iowa is fighting criminal charges against two administrators filed by a fired professor in his native country of Jordan.

University spokesman Tom Moore says the charges against associate medical school dean Lois Geist and former dean Paul Rothman are baseless and part of a harassment campaign by fired radiology professor Malik Juweid.

Juweid claims Geist called him and said that she and Rothman could have him killed if he pursued a civil lawsuit.

Moore says Geist hasn’t initiated contact with Juweid since he left the U.S. in 2011. Geist and Rothman plan to skip a court hearing Sunday in Amman.

Moore says the university has retained a Jordanian lawyer, and questions how two Americans who’ve never been to Jordan can be subject to its courts.

Why did the university even respond?

Back stories here including not only that Juweid dropped his charges against the university in US court but claimed his death threats were a result of “cultural differences.” 

(AP) — A University of Iowa professor said his erratic behavior and unprofessional conduct can be explained by cultural differences and by the mental stress he suffered working at the UI.

A three-person judicial panel heard testimony and arguments Friday in a 2 1/2-hour hearing. They will make recommendations to UI President Sally Mason about whether Dr. Malik Juweid, a tenured radiology professor, should be disciplined for alleged behaviors including threatening coworkers and violating patient privacy laws.

Juweid appeared at the hearing via Skype from his home country of Jordan. Although mostly in shadow, Juweid’s verbal outbursts earned him an admonition early on from investigating officer Randall Ney.

“Big liar! Big liar!” Juweid shouted at Dr. Lois Geist, associate dean for faculty affairs in the UI’s Carver College of Medicine.

Geist had just testified that Juweid swore at her in a Dec. 5, 2011, phone call and hoped for her death.

“If I have to stop you again, we’ll hit the mute button until it’s time for you to talk,” Ney warned Juweid.

Members of the UI’s Threat-Assessment Team testified about meeting Jan. 11, 2011, with about 20 hospital employees who were bothered or threatened by Juweid’s behaviors. The next day, the UI put Juweid on administrative leave.

“I was hopeful you could come back to the university,” said Lt. Peter Berkson, a UI police officer and member of the threat-assessment team. “However, you continue to cause problems, send emails that are inappropriate, talk poorly about people, make what people consider threats. You said a number of times that you hoped people died horrible, terrible deaths.”

Wishing death upon someone is common in Arabic cultures and shouldn’t be taken as an actual threat, Juweid said.

“In Arabic countries, people would say ‘I hope God will take you’,” Juweid said.

Juweid asked Berkson why the team did not talk with him before putting him on leave. Berkson said Tom Rice, associate provost for faculty, told the team they did not need to interview Juweid.

Maybe they were afraid Juwied would follow through on his threats of death. As noted at The Iconoclast yesterday, Academic Jihad:

Juweid’s suit was dismissed in November — seeing it was about to be thrown out anyway,  Juweid then apparently “asked” that it be dismissed — and no doubt fooled the University of Iowa into thinking it had heard the last of him. But then Juweid sued the university, preposterously, in Jordan, where Juweid now lives and where he hoped to have Muslim v. Infidel justice done. The University of Iowa, of course, has nothing to do with Jordan, and all of the acts which led to Juweid’s dismissal took place in Iowa. End of jurisdictional story, and no need to solemnly juggle in rem and in personam as one is compelled to, yaningly, in first-year courses in Civil Procedure.

12 Responses

  1. Oil and water never mixes. West is trying to make islamic converts to live like human being and respect others. This will never happens as when mind is changes to a hate mode ,to bring back is not possible. So its time west should give up on islam and leave them alone to live like 7th century no use educating them This is thankless race and taught to hate the roots and past..

  2. This is a backdoor option to get Sharia in the US….watch…the DOJ will let this trial/suit to be addressed

  3. The typical behavior is to blame the victim for what they do. Death threats are muslim tools. Ask for a change of court venue to Israel.

  4. Someone should kill that savage for lying about his dismissal. I hope the Devil will take him.

  5. Does it seem as if we are allowing too many of those who detest us to enter the US medical profession? I find it frightening to consider them in such positions of trust, especially since they make it clear they consider it an honor to kill us infidels. What are we THINKING?

    • My thoughts our with yours.

    • We’re not thinking and we’re full of self-hate and white guilt. Otherwise, we’d not be doing this to ourselves. In our frenzy to elect a non-white president, we’ve opened the doors to hell and it’s commensurate Islamic horror show.
      Islam is poison.

  6. islam does not care one whit about truth; the Univ had the right to get rid of him; he is a brainwashed islam idiot; why in the world would ANY institution of any kind hire a muslim to work for them????

  7. Juweid is nothing more than PIG shit. He has no concept of what truth is. He threatens people & blames everyone else for his problems. Kind of sounds like obama.

  8. This imbecile (moral idiocy) thought he could subvert our laws into Jordanian laws. My guess he thought he could do it because of Obamination…………………..

  9. This is war, people. It is time to stop seeing this Islamic thing as a Perry Mason episode.

  10. Just to clarify one thing I know him he and his family are not moslim you can check his records in Jordan I known him as a child and as an adult he comes from a will known Christian family . All respect to all humans races and religions thanks

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