Muslim clerics vow to support Obama cousin, Raila Odinga, for Kenyan president

Odinga reportedly entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Muslims promising sharia law back in 2008. Any coincidence that Muslims are backing Odinga 100%?

via Kenya: Muslim Cleric vow to support Mr Raila Odinga

Muslim preachers on Sunday declared their support for the Prime Minister Raila Odinga, a day after he was endorsed as the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate.

Cabinet ministers Mohamed Elmi, Transport Assistant minister Hassan Joho and deputy Speaker Farah Maalim were among Muslim leaders present at the meeting that took place at Mr Odinga’s Karen home in Nairobi, yesterday.


“Mr Odinga, 63, said that the US senator’s father, from western Kenya’s Luo tribe, was his maternal uncle.”

And Obama campaigned for Odinga.

And al Jazeera recently profiled other Obama relatives who are raising money for sharia, Obama family raising money for sharia in Kenya.

12 thoughts on “Muslim clerics vow to support Obama cousin, Raila Odinga, for Kenyan president

  1. Would be nice if Odinga made Obama his treasury secretary or minister of health services and the poor excuse for a president moved there to institute his socialist policies.

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  3. This is not suprising that Obamanation has reached as far as Kenya.
    The left who voted for Obamanation do not even no what sharia law is and none of their leftest news stations they watch even mention it.

    They are unrealistic, ignorant scared jackass rabbits running from the truth……..

    • Hey BayouCoyote, if he is in violation of the, Logan Act, why then are proceedings NOT being filed against him?

      “IF” proceedings are NOT being filed, how then do “WE, the People…” START such a proceeding? Do you think if “we” here on Creeping Sharia and a few other sites were to band-together, WE could initiate the required filing to bring him to justice???

      …just a “thought!” (yeah, i know, i’m “grasping-at-straws!”)

      • I for one have been wittnesing (and giving) lipservice here…bobby, you are right Creeping sharia and Atlas shrugs and who ever else needs to make a lincoln memorial stand….I would be more than willing to help if we could figure out how and when to do it…soon it will be to late

      • More like pulling on razor blades. The cesspool that DC has become is beyond reproach now & they’re drunk w/ an assumed power that gives them the impression that they’re untouchable…in a very Chi-town way.

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