Terror-linked CAIR lobby Washington state politicians to pass sharia resolution

In past years, they’ve hijacked MLK Jr. day to intimidate elected officials in the state of Washington. This year they’ve changed the date and their objective is no longer hidden – accept Islamic sharia law in America.


via 2013 WA Muslim Lobby Day | Events | CAIR-Washington State.

Witness history as our state’s House and Senate become the first in the nation to pass theFaith in Our State and Laws Resolution

Your participation and lobbying will make this happen. This is especially notable as more than 14 states across the country have tried to pass unconstitutional ‘anti-Sharia laws aimed at curbing American Muslims’ religious rights. Our resolution in essence affirms that our state welcomes all religious beliefs, that we have full confidence in our state laws and the US constitution, and that the House of Representatives does not entertain any concern that any religious law offers a threat to our state laws and the US Constitution.Click here to read the draft resolution.
At the event, you will join 500 Muslims from across the state as we enjoy delicious breakfast and lunch, march together to the Capitol Building, rally at the Capitol Steps, meet in groups with our state lawmakers in their offices, and take guided tours of the State Capitol Building and Campus, and learn how Washington State Muslims can build real political power in our communities.

Like their opponents who have stricken the word sharia from legislation to prevent the use of Islamic sharia law in U.S. courts, the ever deceptive Hamas-linked CAIR – who claims America was discovered by Muslims (and is therefore Muslim territory) – they omit the words sharia as well and simply refer to foreign or religious law:

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Washington State [House or Senate], that Washington State welcomes all religious beliefs, traditions and heritages, and

RESOLVED that this body has full confidence in the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the state of Washington and does not entertain any concern that any foreign or religious law offers a threat to the law of the land.

They’ll even be conducting Islamic prayers inside government buildings according to the program:

Duhr prayers may be performed in the Columbia Room in the Legislative Building.

26 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Help Restore Common Sense and commented:
    How about if CAIR kisses my ass.

  2. You want sharia law then that your goat humping ASSES back to the Middle East!!!!!! muzzies do NOT belong in the United States period…


    • bobby90247. ” IMPEACH, OBOZO…NOW !!! ” I have been reading such comments for the last four years , but nothing seems to have been done, nor it will be, as most Americans have no clue what to do, including your politicians. What is wrong with you people?

      • Hello surj! Everyone in this country has been “brain-washed!” As far as they are concerned “…it’s business as usual…”


        “Who’s on Dancing With The Stars?”


        the media only reports what is “Politically Correct!”…whatever that means???

  4. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Terror-linked CAIR lobby Washington state politicians to pass sharia resolution

  5. like moochelle said you ain’t seen nothing yet. You know he will pass this. It has pushed down our throats from the first day he and they occupied the White House!

  6. I was born in Seattle. Any of my Washingtonian brethren who wish to flee the depravity of the Left Coast where common sense has become very scarce, can relocate to my adopted home state of Kansas where we still uphold American values and believe that freedom is for everyone instead of just the ruling elite! http://definingthenarrative.com/2012/05/26/kansas-governor-signs-american-laws-for-american-courts-bill/

    • We may head out to Texas… just can’t give up yet. That Arsalan Bukhari is a SNAKE!!

      • Not Texas. Do your homework, I did. They are swamped with Sharia people! It went from #1 on my list to not being on my list.

        • We have 2 ALAC bills, an FGM bill and a decapitation bill in the legislature this year. 2013 we passed a bill into law that prohibits any Shari’ah courts in WA state. We are gaining ground!

  7. It says that Shariah is “unconstitutional”, and that it restricts the liberty of their faith. Well hell yes, when your faith tells you to kill everyone of a different faith. It also allows men to rape women and children. It also allows a woman to be beaten by her husband, or child killed for not knowing prayers. You bet it’s unconstitutional. And if the Washington State legislature makes Shariah legal none of these wonderful, peaceful men will ever do a day in prison for any murder or abuse.
    I suggest if you live in Washington State, call your state representatives and make your voices heard.

  8. any person in their right mind knows cair is nothing but an islam thug front who lie out their asses to get what they want. Surely the people in Washington have better sense, but then, I didnt think obama would get re-elected. another four years of nonsense and disaster for our country.

  9. What Islam is NOT:

    Islam is NOT a Religion. It is totalitarian Government under guise of Religion. The US Constitution GUARANTEES that the US have a “Republican form of Government” which Sharia is NOT. It is NOT protected by the First Amendment and is ANATHEMA to freedom. ANY attempt by Legislation to inculcate Sharia into our Government is NULL and VOID as it is unconstional ON IT’S FACE. See: Marbury v. Madison,(1803),USSCt.

  10. How is it that you know this before we do??? We are super plugged in to the politics here… thanks for the info – we will be addressing this.

  11. Thanks for this heads up. I will be working to mobilize my group to pre empt them. Those little sneaky bastards are early this year!! I was expecting they would not do this until the 21st! I really appreciate you in helping me keep up with these worms!!

  12. How can a religion?become so powerful that it is able to change the law of the land,?-Islam is the only religion that wants to install i’ts own law -Sharia -you cannot rule by two sets of laws-Sharia is not compatable with Western law- when migrants come to a country and become citizens they swear to abide by that countries laws -instead they work insiduosly to change them.

    Religious beliefs should not affect the beliefs of others,multiculturism does not -has not worked -look at England -Germany -Belgium – Norway and one day-Australia-over populated by the followers of Islam and losing their identity.

  13. Simply because they don’t maintain any concern does not mean that it’s not a threat. What is wrong with these people?

  14. the only part of this pogram on the world is that about 15% is religion and the rest is ideology to take over the world and subjugate everyone, especially women and children to conform to their dasterdly agenda.

  15. […] part of CAIR’s ongoing fight against ALAC Creeping Sharia revealed CAIR in Washington state is urging Muslims to lobby their legislators to pass the Faith in […]

  16. They ARE doing it on the 21st…MLK day… my bad.

  17. Islam can go bang itself.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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