Minneapolis, Columbus cops and firefighters seek to hire Somalis

Equal opportunity? Not so  much. h/t RRW

via Minneapolis, Columbus seek to hire Somalis in public safety | The Columbus Dispatch.

About 35 young men showed up at a meeting in Minneapolis last week to find out how to join the city’s fire department.

They were all from the local Somali community, which is the nation’s largest.

Community leaders organized the meeting because Minnesota’s largest city is making an effort this year to recruit from the Somali and eastern African communities, said Casidy Anderson, the fire department’s community risk-reduction officer. “It’s important for the fire department that it reflects the face of the community,” Anderson said.

Columbus is making a similar effort and is hiring a consultant to work with both the fire and police divisions to increase diversity.

“There is a targeted approach to reach out not just to the Somali community but to all immigrant communities,” said Napoleon Bell, the executive director of the Columbus Community Relations Commission. Columbus is home to the country’s second-largest Somali population. Some are hesitant to apply to become a police officer or firefighter because they don’t trust authorities, based on bad experiences where they came from, Bell said.

The city is to begin a 35-member fire-recruit class in June.

We think we need to rebrand our product,” Fire Chief Gregory Paxton said. “People don’t understand what opportunities are available in public safety.”

Rebrand your product? WTF? It’s not a product. It’s a job. Paid for by citizens and thus should be open to all citizens not specific segments of the population.

People with Somali backgrounds can act as interpreters and liaisons between safety forces and the community, said Hassan Omar, who leads the Somali Community Association of Ohio.

Minneapolis is aiming for younger members of the Somali community who have grown up in America and are more comfortable with the idea of joining the fire department, Anderson said. “It’s almost like they’re straddling two cultures,” Anderson said.

Cherie Penn, the assistant chief of administration for the Minneapolis Fire Department, said the Somalis are one segment of the population being recruited in an effort to diversify its work force overall.

Minneapolis hasn’t hired firefighters in seven years, Anderson said.

Abdirizak Bihi, the executive director of the Somali Education and Social Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, said Somali women also are being encouraged to apply to be firefighters.

They’ve followed Somali’s demands in the past.

Communities in the Twin Cities area began hiring Somali police officers about a decade ago, after Somali leaders demanded it, Bihi said. He estimated there are seven now, including three in Minneapolis. St. Paul just hired its first Somali officer.

The Minneapolis fire department wants to make sure it reflects the changing face of the city, Anderson said. “The Somali community is here. They are here to stay.”

Cops and firefighters will be selecting from a community that has wreaked havoc on local citizens, schools and law enforcement agencies across the country. And for that they are rewarded. Expect sharia concessions like prayer rooms, halal food, paid prayer breaks, gender segregated tasks, and Islamic holidays to follow shortly thereafter. Lawsuits as well.

And who can forget when Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress. 15 died.

26 thoughts on “Minneapolis, Columbus cops and firefighters seek to hire Somalis

    • That community needs to step up and stop the obvious reverse racism. America needs to fight this war one battle at a time. They are on the front lines. Yes the Somalis will add Islamic law in their performance of their job, that is what Sharia does. I hope this community realizes the importance of their fighting back. They are fighting for all of America. They need private investigators to investigate why the firefighters are even hiring right now. And the new employees must be checked too.

      • If you are right (about Sharia) could they refuse to extinguish a fire at the house of a Catholic? Jew?….opens up a lot of doors

        • Bill,
          Are you serious? That shows how narrow minded you really are. My God! Do you think anyone would ever leave another fellow citizen, neighbor, or even the people one serves as a professional firefighter in a blaze? Unbelievable! I so disagree with you, I have nothing more to say…

      • well…if you do not like/hire someone based on thier color or religion….sounds like racism…and if it is happening to you (if your white) are you not being prejudiced against???? which would be reverse racism

  1. I wonder how a Somali Police Officer will be able to enforce laws that he doesn’t believe in. Let me guess, he believe’s in Sharia Law, not our laws. Like they said above, look for paid prayer time, Halal Food, segregated tasks. I know they have Muslim police officers in this country, who are just waiting for the right time to practice Sharia Law.

  2. It is hard to imagine the EEOC would say its against the law to base someone being hired for a “taxpayer funded” job based on nationality rather than hiring the most qualified.

    Now someone will be forced to file a discrimination lawsuit and tie up our courts and spend scarce resources based on bigotry with good intentions.

    PC can’t have it both ways.

  3. Hiring on race and color. They are racists! Its not the best man for the job. 1% somalis get 50% of the jobs. What about the Hmong? And every other group there? Anyone understand Sharia and how it would help if they cannot touch the muslim or white women and carry them out of a burning building? I think huge lawsuits against the city could be bad? The inmates run the asylum there.

  4. Affirmative Action is a recipe for mediocrity, and will always be a failure. But this nonsense, have they gone stark, raving mad?

  5. Obama has a lot to answer for! he particularly is importing somalis to the US above minority refugees who are being persecuted and slaughtered by muslims in muslim lands…Somalia claims it has wiped out the very last christian from their country..Why would christian Obama favor those who kill his fellow christians? hmmmmmmmm..does it quack like a duck?? yep! its a duck!

    • Yes, I think Obama KNOWS that everyone knows he’s really a Muslim and is against all Christians… and at this point, he doesn’t give a damn!

    • Because number one OBAMA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN…when are people going to realize this? He was raised a Muslim/Communist which means his religion is Islam and his politics is Communist. So why would he care for human life what so ever??

      • Right ON!

        Absolutely TRUE…

        It proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that Obama will LIE as much as he can to get what he wants… That is THE ISLAM way!
        Lying is the #1 TOOL of Islam to get what they want!

        Believe it! IT IS TRUE!
        Obama is the PROOF!

          • Exactly… He actually tried that in Debate #1… One track mind…
            He would say the lie…
            Romney would disprove it…
            He would say the lie again…
            … went on for 2-3 more times…
            Obama was not about to let Romney get the last word on it…
            That was the night that Obama made a fool out of himself!! LOL

  6. Islam believes that dogs and, of course, pigs are dirty. They believe that the angel will not visit a house where a dog is. Will firefighters of Islamic belief be able to extinguish a fire where these animals are?

  7. My friend and his wife are both fire fighters in Minneapolis and the wife is a higher rank, she’s the boss. He has told me about the problems she has had from Somali fire fighters they work with because they do not respect women.

    What happens when there is an emergency call during prayers? Is there a policy on that?

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