US missiles intercepted in Egypt bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza

via Patrick Poole » Libya Blowback: US Missiles intercepted in Egypt bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Egypt Independent reported:

The North Sinai Security Director seized  a shipment of advanced anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles at dawn on Friday.

The directorate received a tip that the missiles were being secretly stored in a repository in Be’r al-Hefn — just south of Arish, the capital of North Sinai — and would be smuggled through tunnels to the Gaza Strip, said a security source.

After informing the Interior Ministry in Cairo, two assistants to the interior minster led a large formation of police in a raid on the area. Be’r al-Hefn has often been used as an illegal storage area for explosives and weapons.

“With the help of secret informants, the police found the storage site, where they found six US-made advanced missiles inside large holes in the ground [that were waiting to be] smuggled to the Gaza Strip through tunnels,” the source said.

He said the shipment likely originated in Libya, and that the range of the rockets was 2 km.

That US-made weapons are finding their way from Libya should be of grave concern for American security officials. Presumably these are weapons provided by the Obama administration to the Libyan rebels in their fight against Gaddafi in 2011.

US weapons have also made their way to Syria via Libya with active US assistance according to reports. In October, Russia accused the US of sending Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, a claim that Defense Secretary Panetta denied.

Back in August I noted here at PJ Media the New York Times caught scrubbing one of its stories of any mention of CIA funneling arms to the Syrian rebels.

10 thoughts on “US missiles intercepted in Egypt bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza

  1. This is a scathing indictment of the Obama Regime and it’s pro-islamist sympathies and another example of the Regime’s treason.

    “Torches, pitchforks and guns, now!”

    • Hello Ann!

      Yeap…what “we” are ALL missing…is the ability to “band” together and “unite” as ONE to combat the evils of this world! The “Mayan Calendar” is correct! This is the time in which “we” must be raised to the next level of “consciousness” AND realize, once and for all, the ONLY way to remove these “Mudslimes” from the world IS to UNITE AS ONE PEOPLE & ONE RACE just as Jesus said we ARE!

      Is that really so hard to accept? That we are ONE species of “human beings???”

      • Speak for yourself. I am in no way of the same species as the Muslims you can see in videos on this site, beheading people. They are not humans, they are animals – which makes them the same species as just about NO human being on the planet. Including you.

        • YKiT, sorry, I can’t let that one go; no animals are as bad–surely you agree? More like ‘sub-humans’, or maybe they are the ‘apes’ they’re always calling Jews! Well morsi looks a bit like a mountain gorilla, but I still prefer ‘sub-humans.’

          We agree they’re not like the rest of the human race; no other race or religion on earth seeks to proselytize the rest of the human race by way of murder, intimidation, rape, beatings and beheadings.

  2. bobby,

    Can’t quite interpret your full comment. But anyway, I do not put any credibility in “Mayan” anything.

    I am a Christian and believe the pre-trib Rapture of the Church. But I also think we all, as freedom loving citizens of the world, should take a stand and expose evil and corruption when we can, whatever we can do, we must do. If it is to sign a petition, carry a poster and protest, support those who are on the front line at the homefront media.

    And in America under the laws of our land; The Declaration of Independance, the Constitution we do have every right to legally overthrow a tyrannical government. Thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

    (Why do you think this admin and the Brady Bunch folks want to confiscate our weapons?)

    It is very difficult to me to consider Islamists as part of a civilized human race.

    • And why did Bush rape our Constitution, eroding more and more of our rights as citizens while he was in office? It’s not just Obama. It’s Dems, it’s Repubs, it’s ALL of them.

  3. Why else did Obama and his regime keep lying about Benghazi? Its possible weapons Obama gave the Libyan Rebels were used in the attack on the Benghazi facility. Obama doesn’t like Americans owning guns but he’s fine giving Drug Cartels and Jihadists weapons.

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