Australia: Plan for Muslim only housing enclave

via Plan for Muslim housing enclave in Sydney suburbs |

AN interest-free housing project aimed at the Muslim community and boasting 100 per cent halal housing has sparked a major row, with critics labelling it a discriminatory plan that could lead to a Muslim enclave.

Qartaba Homes’ plan offers “100 per cent Halal housing to the growing Muslim community of Australia” in the heart of the northwestern Sydney suburb of Riverstone.

While the company has insisted people from all religious backgrounds are free to take up the offer, it advises that the loans are “100 per cent Halal” and a “chance to escape Riba (interest)” because interest is a sin under Islamic law.

Qartaba Homes director Khurram Jawaid said it was the real estate deal of a lifetime, open to Australians of all faiths and backgrounds, but the state MP for Hawkesbury Ray Williams said the project was divisive.

“I can only imagine the repercussions if a developer were to advertise a new Judeo-Christian housing estate; they would be hung, drawn and quartered,” Mr Williams said.

“I hardly think the advertisement for a 100 per cent halal Muslim housing community is inclusive; it’s very divisive and I’m sure it will be viewed that way by the majority of fair-minded Australians.”Blacktown councillor Alan Pendleton said the community was concerned it could turn into an enclave.

“There’s great concern about … what they consider could be an enclave. (There’s a belief) you have to be a Muslim, otherwise they won’t sell you a site,” Mr Pendleton said.

Whether they sell to you or not, who would want to live there? Afterthought: They are well aware non-Muslims won’t want to live there so what they say is irrelevant.

As we noted in a post long ago, Muslims have attempted this in the United States as well. From a 2004 article most of which has been flushed down the memory hole:

Plans for a Muslim Subdivision in IN (Indiana):

Oct 25, 2004
By Staff Writer
Northwest Indiana News

On October 25, 2004 Northwest Indiana News reported, “spurned by some Chicago suburbs, Muslims are planning a large scale subdivision near the Lake-Porter county line. Congregants of the Northwest Indiana Islamic Center have been quietly buying land adjacent to the center in Merrillville with the dream of building a large residential subdivision modeled after one of Northwest Indiana’s most prestigious communities, but centered around a mosque instead of a golf course clubhouse… Some Chicago suburbs, including Orland Park and Palos Heights, have found themselves at odds with growing Muslim populations, but Muslim leaders in Northwest Indiana said their favorable reception locally encouraged them to plan to build their own community on open fields in Merrilville. Even so, some Merrillville officials suggest the plan has obstacles to cross before gaining approval, including extension of water and sewer lines and concerns about increased traffic.”

Read the full story – A Muslim Mecca in Merrillville

Elsewhere in Australia:

A RADICAL sheik who has called for Australia to become an Islamic state ruled by sharia law should be “slapped down” by moderate Muslims, according to a federal MP.

Sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah, the Australian head of extremist Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, suggested during a Christmas Eve sermon that jihad should be used to implement hardline teachings.

Queensland Liberal MP Steve Ciobo said the sheik should adopt Australia’s values of tolerance and a fair go for all or “pack up and ship off”.

Grow some and start the deportation process.

Here’s what the imam actually said: We Will Establish The Caliphate, Instate The Shari’a, And Make Arabic The Official Language.

11 thoughts on “Australia: Plan for Muslim only housing enclave

  1. Didn’t The PM of Austraila just get done saying she/they will not bow down to the muslim community and if they did not like it then just leave???

    • No, that was former PM Howard, but it was wrongly attributed to the obama-hugging Julia, who can’t wait to see Oz islamicized.

  2. Ah, yes, the comment that they could be “hung, drawn and quartered”! Does this apply to the vendors or purchasers?

    If they want “:halal” then let them return to country of origin! There are other alternatives which come to mind!

    One ray of hope on the proposed property to be sold: no water connection. What with that added attraction, the proposed Moslem ghetto might just cease to exist, all of its own!

    Willling to wager real money, the younger generation would leave the area in droves, were they to be asked, or were they to reach their own majority. Likely. they woould prefer to become fully integrated, if but asked!

  3. I seriously doubt Christians or any religious group other than muslims would wish to live in this type of environment since they would be treated or more than likely mistreated according to the koran.

  4. We do not want enclaves of any kind in Australia and, in particular, we do not want religious enclaves.

    The solution is very simple.

    Blacktown Council has the power to prevent this. They should not approve this development.

    One wonders why these divisive sects get any airplay at all.

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