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  1. They are sick

  2. Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist . Vile filthy murdering Islamist.She’s proud she murdered 8 children.

  3. The frightening thing is that she isn’t some religious nut. Their so-called holy books tell them to do such things. It’s the embodiment of evil.

  4. These people are brainwashed by hate, and yet we are supposed to give them a state. Will we call it Hate State? The more we give in to hate the more it spreads. Appeasement doesn’t work.

  5. What a sick b*tch!

  6. Of all the Muslims the Fakestinians are the worst- but his woman gives truth to the fact that Muslims do worship of god of death. And Israel- why no death penalty for this trash? Why allow her out to be made into a hero? when she got to Gaza she was honored- Muslims love murderers of children…………………

  7. Unless and until this type news is broadcast regularly, the typical American will not understand what they are up against. Question; why was it altogether acceptable to show the Viet Nam war on T.V. and not this?

  8. Americans are being brain washed to think this is just a few of them. They all read and go by the same quran. They state their purpose to kill all that do not conform to their way. what don’t people understand about what they theirselves say and you see it being done daily!

  9. islam is nothing but learned sociopathy.

  10. And people say the devil doesn’t exist…

  11. Pure, unadulterated evil.

  12. sand into glass-it’s the only way to be sure

    • Might yet come to that!

      • She’s quite the speciman, ain’t she…?

        Yep..start at Mecca…(neutron bombs are best)…move to Medina. then Ryad…then continue till the whole region is a rotting ruin…but get the Jews out first, then let them go back in when all is clear and turn the whole region into a stable, sane place with no more islam…EVER!!!

        The Jews ain’t perfect, but by Jesus, they’re for the most part, decent people.
        And no other group of people on this planet can come close to the collective insanity of muslim’s…It will come to a war, I’m certain.

        • It just struck me while I was reading a book about islamism that islam is the ONLY RELIGION which preaches violence. Take a moment to let that sink in. Only mohammad’s god allah preaches VIOLENCE. Kinda like a warning on a coffee cup stating the contents are hot. Obvious but how many people pay attention?

  13. Kurwa jebana !!!!!!!!!!! fuck muzlim !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RE; !!!!!!!!!!! fuck muzlim !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ah Balkans… U can take village-man from the Balkan but U can’t take Balkan from a village-man. It is scary that people of this kind are coming to our country. The best place would be Australian NSW State Apparently it is dumping ground for criminals all over the world. They say that NSW is the most corrupt state in the world. Everything decent is leaving country permanently. The bad Guys are taking over.

      • Balkans? Learn you Geogrphy! They are talking about middle Eas! Yes there are Muslims in Balkan, but not Islamist with Jihad in theit mind. Australia? What twisted ideas you have? What are you reading or listening to ?

        • Greta what are u a doctor of? I hope your native language is not English- BALKANIZATION is a term not necessarily describing a geographic area but a state of social deterioration. As in Muslims populate an area then make demands then secede with Democratic USA admin help.
          And yes Bosnians do indeed have Jihadists- ones who have made assassination and bomb attempts (see Nato: suitcase nukes) here in USA and ones who taught the Egyptians how to have a A Springtime for Hitler. Other Bosnians are harboring, hosting , helping Al Qaeda. I think you should take your own advice: catch up on your reading and vocabulary

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