2013 list of persecutors of Christians dominated by Muslim countries

via Islamic extremism dominates persecution list 

WASHINGTON (BP) — Islamic extremism, especially in Africa and the Middle East, dominates the latest annual report on global persecution of Christians.

Eight of the top 10 persecutors of Christians — and 24 of the top 30 — are countries marked by militant Islam, according to Open Doors’ 2013 World Watch List released Jan. 8.

Meanwhile, North Korea, a non-Islamic country, maintained its hold on the No. 1 spot in the Open Doors list for the 11th consecutive year.

“Islamic extremism is the prime persecutor of Christians in the world today,” said Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Open Doors’ chief strategy officer, at a Washington, D.C., news conference. Among 24 of the leading 30 persecuting countries, “it is Islamic extremists, either in government or in violent opposition forces, that are the source of the persecution,” he said.

The new list of the world’s most severe persecutors of Christians includes five African countries that were unranked last year but reached the top 50 because of the impact of Islamic extremism: Mali (No. 7); Tanzania (No. 24); Kenya (No. 40); Uganda (No. 47), and Niger (No. 50).

In addition, militant Islam in Ethiopia helped catapult that East African country from No. 38 to No. 15. The Muslim state of Sudan, Ethiopia’s neighbor, jumped from 16th to 12th.

The uprisings against totalitarian states in North Africa and the Middle East that began about two years ago have produced greater persecution for Christians, according to Open Doors.

“The Arab Spring has turned into an Islamic Winter for the Christians in the Middle East,” Boyd-MacMillan told reporters. “In every country where a regime has been deposed — such as Tunisia, Libya, Morocco and Egypt — Islam is still in power and putting pressure on the Christian minority.”

The top 10 countries on Open Doors’ latest World Watch List, which covered November 2011 through October 2012, are: (1) North Korea; (2) Saudi Arabia; (3) Afghanistan; (4) Iraq; (5) Somalia; (6) Maldives; (7) Mali; (8) Iran; (9) Yemen, and (10) Eritrea.

Syria, which is torn by civil war as a result of an Arab Spring-like conflict fueled by militant Muslims, jumped from 36th to 11th this year.

 Download the report here.


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15 thoughts on “2013 list of persecutors of Christians dominated by Muslim countries

  1. so much for the ‘peaceful’ cult. the majority of problems on earth are caused by islam; when will so-called ‘moderates’ help their cult?

    if we continue to do nothing; islam will only continue pushing their agenda

  2. Good. It’s about time someone gave the Christians a dose of their own 2000 year old bloody, invading, murderous history. GOOD. Clean them all out, Im all for it.

    Let the natives of Africa return to their OWN religions instead of Christianity which was forced upon them. Every single African country named in this report was invaded by Christians and the natives enslaved and forced to convert, their original cultures and languages forbidden to them.

    Yep. Same exact thing the Muslims are doing to the Christians now. Karma, ain’t it a bitch.

    Same with the Native Americans in North America (including Canada), who were forced by Christian missionaries to convert to Christianity, their native languages were forbidden to them, their children were TAKEN from them and put into Christian missionary schools where their culture and languages were forbidden upon pain of beatings and death.

    How do you like it NOW Christians? Suck it up, you deserve it. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of savages.

    • Rather ‘forced Christian’ than ‘forced muslim’. And they seem to be quite happy being ‘Christian’.
      So now, today in the 21st century, it is acceptable to force those who are happy with christianity to either convert to islam or be killed (or be killed regardless), because some demented muslim outfit want’s to apply sharia.

      Go back in history and educate yourself what islam did to Christians, Jews and all the other non-muslims. Islam today, is what it is, through brutal force.

      P.S. I’m non-religious.

    • I’m not a Christian, but will happily go to bat for them in this case. These comments you make about Christians deserving “all they get’ have been made a hundred times on this site; we know they did these things, WE GET IT! But there is a big difference between Christianity and islam–as you know, YKiT. Never, has Christianity gone out with a bible and a sword, and said “Convert or die”.

      As you also know, islam is a very different problem, and not merely a religion. In todays world, this anachronistic, 7th century, quasi-religious movement is sorely in need of a reformation, but to mention that brings death threats from the often illiterate cretins. Sad that you think Christians did only damage, because even I, an atheist, know they did some good in the world–quite a lot, in fact; whereas I see nothing positive at all in islam. I’m amazed the western world tolerates it, it’s so bad.

      • Hi Peter, I agree with you that true Christianity NEVER is a forced belief. However, there witll be those who will bring up the crusades when thousands were tortured and killed in the “name of Christianity”. However, not everyone who says they are Christian are really Christian. So when the church of Rome issued an edict to convert or be killed, many people, including Jews, suffered imprisonment and death. True Christianity is one of love. Believers are filled with the Spirit of the living God and we radiate Christ and his love. We learn to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us! No one is forced to believe nor can they ever become a believer by force. It is the world of the Holy Spirit. All true Christians do is to bring the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ. You choose whom you will believe. Only you will be accountable to God. The writer who slammed Christians has no knowledge of the truth.

  3. I noticed that the author likes to use the words ‘militant’ and ‘extremist’ a lot – but as usual, never tell us where the ‘moderates’ are OR why they do nothing AND where are the ‘moderate’ moslem countries…. they just fell below the 1-50 mark? Like numbers 51-57?

    Never are authors, or anyone who tries to delineate the difference between ‘moderate’ and ‘extremist’ asked to explain the difference, nor know what jihad really means.

  4. In addition, militant Islam in Ethiopia helped catapult that East African country from No. 38 to No. 15.

    Remember the troll who tried to tell us that Africans should be able to have their native religions and how Xtian was forced upon them??

    LOL Ethiopia was Christian from 1st century- made so by influence of PEACEFUL Christians fleeing from the MUSLIMS who were warring on Jerusalem- Ethiopia is also home to Falasha people – descendants of JEWS also fled from Muslim who occupied Jerusalem- Now that ISLAM is warring on Africans in Ethipia ISrael has made hundredsof flights to FREEDOm – helping them settle in Israel

  5. Whether Africans be originally Muslems or not, we are all free to search for a true religion. Whoever want to be saved must first of all know that we can not be righteous by our own ways. Gone are thoes days wen Rams were used to aton for our since. The Blood of Jesus Christ has Cleansed us from all iniquities and made us whole. Provided that you are not born blind, you can see for yourself that Christians are peace loving people. Muslems always preach against Christians wenever they are gatherd. They always find means of hating christians the more. Christianity is peace in totality. If the whole world was christians, just imagine how this world will look like. Since God didn’t make this world to have one religion, I suggest thet we should learn to love ourselves since we are all humans. God is the altimate george so we should allow him to do the judgement. Ours is just to spread the gospel. God bless us all. Pls let us all shun violence and be our brothers keeper. We can’t claim to be fighting for God. God can do dat for himself if he wishes. Peace

  6. Really all violent happining arround the world today, ‘re mastermind of islamic jihad which every living creatures knows, then in the other hand they ‘re deciving people and said islam is for peace. to be frankly what we need to do is dedication and commitment to our supreme God, because there is no truth in that islam, all they ‘re worship ‘re month and stars where derive an believe from.

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