How We Win

via Gates of Vienna: How We Win.

Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom has scored another victory. He sent out an email earlier today describing his recent success against the Brent mosque, and looking ahead to the coming challenges in Leeds and other locations in the UK.

How We Win
by Gavin Boby

We’ve won 16 out of 17 mosque cases that we’ve fought — a 94.11% success rate.

That could be beginner’s luck, right? Maybe we just keep stumbling on four-leafed clovers.

So I thought I’d drill down into one of our recent wins where the evidence is online.

Please see the Brent case, here, our last win but one. Our brief write up is here.

We hit the ground with this application on 20th October 2012. Please see the Council’s comments page, here: 298 comments in total, and all but 10 of them were objections. Pretty strongly worded, too.

You’ll see that this application was registered on 14th September, and had only got 2 comments by 20th October, when we got involved. But the reaction was immediate. See the objections from 20th October onwards. This is how we won.

When the refusal notice came through, the refusal reasons (see here) were very similar to the objections we suggested local people might like to use in their letters (see here).

The reason I’m going on about this is to show that:

  • You have to get ordinary local people to register their objections with the Council;
  • Ordinary people don’t want a mosque near them, and are keen to register their objections if they know (a) how and where, (b) that it isn’t a stitch-up, and (c) the they can win;
  • If you help people in this way, Councils have to take notice, and you will win.
  • Other than that, let Councils know that they’re on the hook for their decisions. Be relentless. Push.

Apparently the British government isn’t forcing mosques on citizens and letting local communities sort it out. 

4 thoughts on “How We Win

  1. They won’t quit. They are determined to have a mosque in that area, and like a plague they will be back and destroy the people who live there..Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  2. It seems to me a common thread is to establish a stockade where it does the most hard to the NATIVES. This way COLONISTS can get better deals on housing. Along with the typically oversize fortress comes JIHAD PARKING, parking wherever there is space in complete disregard of local and state conventions. Look at what happens in parts of New York city every Friday. Its moslems imposing their will (always in the name of religious freedom) on the non-moslem future dhimmis.

  3. Eventually, they will just stop asking and go ahead anyway.

    One lady in Britain complained about them, and was told the police would need 3,000 more cops if anyone wanted to deal with the crime from these hellions. Sounds like its time to bring the army in and declare marshal law in these no go zones. Then collect them up and apply military law in a war zone. Or, its over.

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