Obama involves U.S. in another war, Mali

Intervening once again without the consent of the people who pay for the intervention and without even a hint from elected officials. So the U.S. is on the same side as al Qaeda in Syria (as it was Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) but against them in Mali? via France: US helping support Mali operation – Yahoo! News.

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) — France claimed new successes in its campaign to oust Islamist extremists from northern Mali on Sunday, bombarding the major city of Gao with airstrikes targeting the airport and training camps used by the al-Qaida-linked rebel group controlling the city.

France’s foreign minister also said the 3-day-old intervention is gaining international support, with communications and transport help from the United States and backing from Britain, Denmark and other European countries.

The French-led effort to take back Mali’s north from the extremists occupying it has included airstrikes by jets and combat helicopters on at least four northern towns, of which Gao is the largest. Some 400 French troops have been deployed to the country in the all-out effort to win back the territory from the well-armed rebels, who seized control of an area larger than France itself following a coup in Mali nine months ago.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the military effort succeeded in blocking the advance that had prompted the intervention. “The Islamist offensive has been stopped,” Fabius said on RTL radio Sunday. “Blocking the terrorists … we’ve done it.”

He sought to stress that the operation is gaining international backing, despite concern about the risks of the mission in a stretch of lawless desert in weakly governed country. “We have the support of the Americans for communications and transport,” Fabius said, but gave no details.

U.S. officials have said they had offered to send drones to Mali and were considering a broad range of options for assistance, including information-sharing and possibly allowing limited use of refueling tankers.

Transport and drones, and of course the operators that have been on the ground for months. The sheeple will remain silent as long as it’s just their taxes being plundered.

Interestingly, the same media that regularly defend, if not promote, Islam and boldly claim there is no threat of sharia in the U.S., report on the obvious and deadly plague of sharia-implementing Muslims in Mali as if it were an isolated incident.


Entering a more visible phase of counter-terrorism operations in northern Africa, the White House said Tuesday it is sharing intelligence with France and considering a request to provide military aid in the French fight against Islamist extremists in Mali. “We share the French goal of denying terrorists a safe haven in the region and we support the French operation,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney.

“We are supporting the French by sharing information. And we are considering requests for logistical support.” State Department officials said that support could include cargo planes to shuttle troops in and out of theatre, flying tankers for aerial refueling, ammunition, spare parts, and even troops’ rations.

However, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta, traveling in Europe, ruled out the possibility of U.S. combat forces being involved. “There is no consideration of U.S. boots on the ground,” he told reporters Tuesday.

Except for the boots that are already on the ground and have been for some time.

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10 thoughts on “Obama involves U.S. in another war, Mali

  1. Has anyone figured out BOTH the Democrat Party and the RINO leadership/followers of the Republican Party are sending our military overseas to fight and die helping the Muslim Brotherhood install Shariah/Islamic law around the world in their effort to form a global Caliphate? And, they absolutely refuse to hold hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and why the Obama’s DOJ flatly refused to prosecute CAIR and the other unindicted coconspirators identified in the Holy Land Foundation trials.

    • Democrats are full of muslims now. They are similar like the Nazis are to Islam. They use muslim prayer and sent the Catholics packing now. We need a replacement party for them. May be time for the Federalist Party to come back.

    • It’s not just the parties. Obama is Islamic. Why else would a President make all these political moves that weaken America, up to and including ObamaCare(effectively taking over the health care system), gun control(taking all the assault rifles away so we will be fighting the Jihadists with handguns and shotguns when they have the assault rifles and large cap. Magazines), wanting to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants(so that he can drive so far into debt we will not be able to get out), not doing anything to stop reductions of our military and spreading them as thin as possible (not to mention tiring them out and many are killed or maimed to the point they can not fight), not addressing the indoctrination of our youths to Islam( setting the stage for future Islamists), spending money faster than the nation can earn it ( two classes, ruling and poor. The poor can not survive without government. Dependency is his mantra)?

  2. It won’t be long before the muslim brotherhood is taking over America, just like they have said they would. And the thing about it is our government is letting them do it and letting them gain power. They need to stop islam now.

  3. Read the Protocols of The LEarned Elders of Zion. They have been planning this for a very long time. Pitting Muslims against Jews and “Goyim” and funding all sides of this ‘war” while reducing the population to “manageable” numbers.

    when, oh when, will we stop being so blindly led by psychopaths?

    • why? it’s a forgery, a fiction, plagiarized from an older story- created by Stalin to discredit the Jews and justify his purges. Don’t be blindly led by IDIOTS, troofers and Stormfront. Muslims put it on their best seller lists as they are huge fans of any jewhater literature. ………………………………………………………………………………………….
      VOODOO HISTORIES: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History. David Aaronovitch. Riverhead. 388 pages. $26.95.
      David Aaronovitch and I are reporters, born the same year, but it seems he was a lot luckier than I for the first 30 years or so of his career. His first exposure to the world’s wing-nut conspiracy theorists came only in 2002, when one of his cameramen earnestly explained to the dumbfounded Aaronovitch that the 1969 moon landing was faked by NASA for reasons unknown but doubtless sinister.

      Underwhelmed by the theory — “a hoax on such a grand scale would necessarily involve hundreds if not thousands of participants” — but fascinated that an otherwise sensible colleague could believe it, Aaronovitch plunged into the murky waters of conspiratology.

      Voodoo Histories is his witty and unnerving report on what he found, and apparently Aaronovitch has more than made up for all those years of sheltered existence. He’s spent much of the past decade reading and speaking with the world’s most profound nut cases. From the murder-by-enema of Marilyn Monroe (by the Mafia, the Kennedys, communists, her shrink, her housekeeper, take your pick) to the nerve-gas assassination of Princess Diana (by a transvestite hooker or an irate dry cleaner, take your pick), poor Aaronovitch has listened patiently to them all.

      He even read the collective works of the Chaucer of conspiracy theorists, former newspaper reporter Jim Marrs. Marrs has written books connecting the Kennedy assassination, the Trilateral Commission, 9/11, Freemasons, UFOs, Nazis and ESP. “Here is a man,” Aaronovitch observes respectfully, “who must think very deeply before taking a decision about whether to cross the road.”

      It is tempting to regard conspiracists like Marrs as the political equivalent of circus clowns, wearing tinfoil hats instead of bulbous red noses: comic relief in a troubled world. Does it really matter if a few loons want to waste their lives linking cattle mutilations to the death of Marilyn Monroe?

      The answer, as Aaronovitch argues with grim conviction, is yes: They divert us from real threats. Fruit-loop perorations about explosives concealed in the elevator shafts of the World Trade Center distract Americans from the unimaginary conspiracy by Islamic fundamentalists to destroy us. And if the feds really blew up the levees during Hurricane Katrina, there’s no need to examine the emergency preparedness of New Orleans’ government, is there?

      Worse yet, conspiracy theories can creep through history like evil vines, enveloping and strangling the innocent. Easily the most fascinating — and horrifying — section of Aaronovitch’s book is his account of the origins and growth of the myth of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      Supposedly a series of secret lectures by senior rabbis outlining their master plan to destroy civilization and impose an autocratic Jewish world government, the protocols read like a ludicrous parody of anti-Semitism. (Or, as Aaronovitch drily suggests, a transcript of “the board meeting of Evil Jews Inc.”)

      And, in fact, they started out as satire: They were first published in the 1860s as a satirical commentary on French politics between the souls of the conniving Italian diplomat Machiavelli and the French philosopher Montesquieu as they roast in Hell. They had nothing to do with Jews.

      But a German author plagiarized them for a Jew-baiting novel, which Russian anti-Semites stole and presented as investigative journalism. By the 1920s, the protocols were widely circulated throughout Europe as a satisfying explanation for World War I that didn’t require any self-examination by the continent’s political establishment. The protocols were sympathetically received by The Times of London, Henry Ford and The Christian Science Monitor.

      They also came to the attention of a frothing little German politician named Adolf Hitler. “They uncover, with really horrifying reliability, the nature and activity of the Jewish people,” Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf. Even when German newspapers began denouncing the protocols as a forgery, Hitler insisted that was “the surest proof that they are genuine.” (Even then, conspiracists were ranting against the mainstream media.)

      Nor did the protocols die with Hitler or his six million victims. Since World War II, they’ve continued to inform the dingbat yet deadly ideologies of anti-Semitic ravers from Idi Amin to Hamas and the mad mullahs of Tehran. Iranian television recently used the protocols as the foundation of a program accusing Israel and the CIA of carrying out the 9/11 attacks.

      The obvious rejoinder to that is, if George W. Bush and the CIA were such adept conspirators that they could pack skyscrapers in Manhattan with explosives and fake planes flying into them to justify the invasion of Iraq, why couldn’t they manage to plant a weapon of mass destruction or two in Baghdad to avoid all the embarrassment that came later? But that question, Aaronovitch sadly concludes, misses the point. “Conspiracies aren’t powerful,” he writes. “It is instead the idea of conspiracies that has power.”

      Glenn Garvin is The Miami Herald’s television critic.
      http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/02/28/v-print/1501993/behind-the-lies.html (sorry link is no longer valid)

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