British Freedom Party chairman arrested over Facebook comment

1984 has become a frightening reality in Londonistan. At least for those who critique Islam. via BBC News – EDL’s Kevin Carroll arrested over race hate crime.

A leader of the English Defence League and chairman of the British Freedom Party has been arrested and bailed on suspicion of a race hate crime.

Kevin Carroll was arrested in Luton on Saturday by officers investigating a message he is suspected of posting on the social networking site Facebook.

The message allegedly incited racial hatred.

In November Mr Carroll unsuccessfully stood for election as the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “A 43-year-old was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive or insulting written material with intent to cause racial hatred.”

What race is Islam?

Peter Mullins, founder of the British Freedom Party, which Mr Carroll represented in last year’s election, said his arrest was “heavy-handed” and “an absolute disgrace”.

Enforcing the sharia. More on Chairman Carroll’s Arrest

Kevin Carroll, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, was arrested in Luton on Saturday for making a comment on Facebook.

“Boy oh boy, Baron,” you say, “that must have been a really dangerous comment! What did he do? Call for killing people? Did he incite rebellion against Queen and country?”

Well, actually, no. It wasn’t anything like that. This is what was posted:

“They are all backward savages, a devil-spawned death-cult worshipping all that is unholy and barbaric. Pure evil.”

Screen shots of the comment “allegedly” made by him were provided to the police, and that was enough to have him arrested for the crime of Religious and Racial Hatred. He has now been bailed with conditions, and has to sign in at the police station twice a week.

A reliable source reports that he was on his way to a meeting in Luton when he noticed he was being followed. The men in blue all pulled up around him, with pepper spray, flashing lights, the whole police state rigmarole.

Kevin himself sends this brief account:

They swooped down on me, blues flashing and sirens wailing — you would have thought I was a serial killer or something. Right in the middle of the town centre!

“Religious and racial hatred,” is what they called it. I’ve been bailed again for four weeks approximately, and have to sign on at the police station Tuesdays and Fridays.”

An EDL supporter writes with this recommendation for anti-sharia activists in Britain:

I suggest that everyone posts this [“a devil-spawned death-cult” etc.] as their Facebook status. Let them arrest thousands of us!

All the solicitor has to do is refer to suras in the Koran to find religious hatred in abundance. Then they should go and arrest every Muslim in this country who prays five times a day to this evil book of hate

Obama is bringing the same sharia enforcement to the U.S. whether it is Koran-burning or making movies about Muhammad or simply defending your residential neighborhood from foreign-funded and attended mega mosques.

14 thoughts on “British Freedom Party chairman arrested over Facebook comment

  1. i agree that those comments are indeed hateful and indiscriminate and should be punished. Especially the reference to the devil is very offensive. Condemning Islam is fine, but you have to qualify the condemnation somehow, make an exception (between parentheses, if you like) for Mohammedans who are not fanatics and who can be very nice people. Counterjihadists should avoid alienating people without need. Let’s keep focused on the troublemakers, calling them by name whenever possible.

    • Stop being such a weak apologist and grow a backbone! They are what they are, and the sooner more people start saying it like it is the better !

    • Islam is evil, period and falls into that category with everything else that’s evil……“They are all backward savages, a devil-spawned death-cult worshipping all that is unholy and barbaric. Pure evil.”

    • Igor,,you Muslims are all evil and backwards devil worshipers,,and pedophiles,child rapists and inbred dirty scum ,the Koran is full of lies,which I use for wiping my ASS ,and your god Allah is a dirty peadophile ,child rapist ,why don’t you all go back to your shithole countrys ?

    • I say they all are fanatics. Mainly because the Muslims that claim they are not, do nothing to stop the ones that are. The Muslims that say they are not radicals still call non Muslims Infidels. What does it say about Infidels in Koran? Convert, enslave or kill all Infidels. Doesn’t that sound a little bit radical? Did any of these non radical Muslims step in to help the Christians in Afghanistan who were slaughtered because they were carrying bibles? There should have been a bunch of them around is only 1 or 2% are radicals. I was told to be weary of false Prophets, and I consider Mohammad to be one. No one can go around preaching hatred, death and etc and still be a prophet of God.

  2. Wow! Did others post the comment? This is coming here folks.

    What happened to the other British anti sharia leader who was put in jail a while ago?

    May be best to say / write Sharia law vs Islam. Gee am I self censoring?

    • Not sure if folks will fight for 1st Amendment with the same vigor as 2nd Amendment. 2nd more tangible. Both equally important.

  3. This is an example of how much you have to pay for exerting freedom of speech in Londistown today. It make you vomit.
    At this moment England is undergoing morti-rigidity. From far away in the Caribbean we send you our condolence !!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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