Credit union for Muslims launching in Texas


via Muslim investors launching credit union in Texas – San Antonio Business Journal. h/t Europe News

Muslim investors have filed an application with state regulators to form a new credit union in Houston that would target the Shia Muslim population in Austin, Houston and Dallas.

Jafari No-Interest Credit Union would not charge its members interest on loans or pay out interest to their members on deposit accounts. Islam prohibits Muslims from charging fellow Muslims interest on loans.

However, investors behind the credit union would have to submit a business plan to regulators to show how the financial institution would be solvent. Jafari would have to support its operations primarily from non-interest income in the form of various fees.

 Fees, interest. Sharia finance is a sham.

9 thoughts on “Credit union for Muslims launching in Texas

  1. good place to launder money for terrorists; if the bastards refuse to assimilate then to hell with them; how long will it take cair to jump on this one??

  2. You might be able to get a loan, but being non-Muslim they would charge you interest. That is illegal, they can’t charge you interest and not charge Muslims. That is discrimination. But they will come from the view of religion. As the article says, according to the Islamic law Muslims can’t charge interest to other Muslims. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. But it would seem that no one important gives a crap. We all know the people are completely ignored unless it is time to vote for one of the scumbags.

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  4. Amazing how ignorance ruins a society. This is what happens when there is widespread mis-information all over the Internet and the media. So sad. It’s not discrimination if the organization is nonprofit, which this one is. When Muslims do something good for their own, it’s seen as discrimination and Non-Muslims seem to be especially concerned and negative. You don’t see Muslims in the US complaining when a Christian Nonprofit financial firm provides the same services to their own people. Guidestone Financial has been providing services for years for members of their own faith. . Want to learn something about a religion? Ask someone who knows more than a little something about that religion. The Internet is filled with Mis-information, spins, and smears provided by people that think they are the experts on world religions. Be careful where you get your information from, because every religion has its fanatics and the media does a fantastic job of bringing those fanatics to the forefront. Majority of the things I’ve seen on this site are from unauthenticated sources.

  5. Whenever I had a question about Christianity, I went to a church and asked a pastor. I went to the best source. Sadly, I don’t see that happening the other way around. Instead, hatred has consumed this world.

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