7 Americans taken hostage by Muslims in Algeria (updated), 1 dead

Update 1: Thirty+ hostages reported killed in Algeria assaultno word if the Americans, if there were any actually taken hostage, are dead or alive and the White House and State Dept. are SILENT.

“The terrorists told us at the very start that they would not hurt Muslims but were only interested in the Christians and infidels,” another survivor, a 53-year-old local man called Abdelkader, told Reuters news agency. “We will kill them, they said.” He added: “The terrorists seemed to know the base very well … moving around, showing that they knew where they were going.”

Update 2: One American dead in hostage siege in Algeria

Officials told the Associated Press the deceased American is Texas resident, Frederick Buttaccio.

A Mauritanian news site that often reports news from North African extremists received a statement Friday about the Al Qaeda-linked group offering to trade two Americans being held for two terror figures jailed in the United States. One of the two, Omar Abdel Rahman, masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Obama’s meddling in Mali is coming home to roost. If U.S. troops weren’t on the ground before, they’ll likely have to be soon to rescue the U.S. hostages.


via Sahara Islamists take hostages, spreading Mali war | Reuters.

(Reuters) – Islamist fighters seized dozens of Western and Algerian hostages in a dawn raid on a natural gas facility deep in the Sahara on Wednesday and demanded France halt a new offensive against rebels in neighboring Mali.

Three people, among them one British and one French, were reported killed, but details were sketchy and numbers of those held at Tigantourine ranged from 41 foreigners – including perhaps seven Americans as well as Japanese and Europeans – to over 100 local staff, held separately and less closely watched.

What is clear is that with a dramatic counterpunch to this week’s French build-up in Mali, the region’s loosely allied, al Qaeda-inspired radicals have set Paris a daunting dilemma and spread fallout from Mali’s hitherto obscure civil war far beyond northwest Africa, challenging Washington as well as Europeans and shutting down a major gas field that pumps energy to Europe.

The attack, which Algeria said was led by a veteran, Afghan-trained holy warrior-cum-smuggler dubbed “The Uncatchable” by French intelligence, came just as French ground troops in Mali launched their first assault after six days of air strikes.

The United States, which like European powers endorsed France’s decision to intervene last week against Islamists who have seized vast tracts of northern Mali, confirmed Americans were among the hostages and said it would work to “secure” them.

Western and African governments have been alarmed by a flow of weapons and fighters across the unmarked Sahara borders following the end of Libya’s civil war in 2011 and fear that Mali, where Islamists drive the national army from the north nine months ago, could become an Afghan-style al Qaeda haven.

And who funded the Libyan “rebels” and aided them with air support?

The militants, who said they had dozens of fighters in the gas field, issued no explicit threat but made clear to media in neighboring Mauritania the hostages’ lives were at risk.

“We hold the Algerian government and the French government and the countries of the hostages fully responsible if our demands are not met and it is up to them to stop the brutal aggression against our people in Mali,” read one statement from the group, which called itself the “Battalion of Blood”.

In other comments carried by the Mauritanian news agency ANI, the group said its fighters had rigged explosives around the site and any attempt to free the hostages would lead to a “tragic end”. The unusually large numbers of gunmen and hostages involved pose serious problems for any rescue operation.

After dark, ANI quoted a militant source saying fighters had repelled a raid by Algerian troops. He added that the hostage-takers’ weaponry included mortars and anti-aircraft missiles.

The militants said seven Americans were among the 41 foreign hostages – a figure U.S. officials said they could not confirm.


If you can’t understand that, try this:

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  1. Pirates in Tripoli, muslims in the Phillipeans. What we did then we need to do now. Toobad we have a muslim caliph in charge and we will respond by paying the muslims their JIZYA like the tanks and planes given to Eygypt.

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