Disaster: All American hostages in Algeria reported killed

Unconfirmed ‘religion of peace’ massacre via The Associated Press.

AIN AMENAS, Algeria (AP) — Algeria’s special forces stormed a natural gas complex in the middle of the Sahara desert on Saturday in a “final assault” aimed at ending a four-day-old hostage crisis, the state news agency reported. It said 11 militants and seven hostages were killed.

The report, quoting a security source, didn’t say whether any hostages or militants remained alive, and it didn’t give the nationalities of the dead. It said the army was forced to intervene after a fire broke out in the plant.

The siege at the Ain Amenas plant, jointly run by BP, Norway’s Statoil and Algeria’s state-owned oil company, transfixed the world after radical Islamists stormed the complex, which contained hundreds of plant workers from all over the world.

Algeria’s response to the crisis was typical of the country’s history in confronting terrorists – military action over negotiation – and caused an international outcry from countries worried about their citizens.

The latest deaths bring the official Algerian tally of dead to 19 hostages and 29 militants, although reports on the number of dead, injured and freed have been contradictory throughout the crisis.

On Thursday, Algerian helicopters opened fire on a convoy carrying both kidnappers and their hostages, resulting in many deaths, according to witnesses.

In their final communications, the militants said they were holding seven hostages: three Belgian, two Americans, a Japanese and a Briton. They had threatened to kill them if the Algerian army attacked.

Algerian authorities estimated that about 30 militants occupied the Ain Amenas site Wednesday and with 18 already reported dead, it appeared Saturday that the hostage crisis was finally over.

Like the reporting from Sandy Hook, the news reports on the numbers of terrorists, hostages and number killed are all over the place.

Various reports stated there were seven Americans taken hostage and all are now dead. Obama’s policies of appeasement, funding al Qaeda terrorists and redistributing American taxpayer dollars to Muslim dictators around the world is beginning bear fruit. How many more Americans have to die before Obama is removed from office?

Update: More of the confusing and unconfirmed media reports that don’t add up:

The U.S. government confirmed that one of the dead hostages was Frederick Buttaccio from Texas.

The militants claimed Friday that they were holding two American hostages and would exchange them for two people being held in the United States — the blind sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and Aafie Siddiqque, a 40-year-old Pakistani neuroscientist and mother of three, who was convicted of attacking U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. That would appear to account for all five Americans thought to have been at the plant, one U.S. official said, if the militants are telling the truth.

Not sure how NBC counts, but that only accounts for three. They report five hostages while most other sources reported seven American hostages.

Day 4 and our government can’t even assure the American people they know what is going on.

14 thoughts on “Disaster: All American hostages in Algeria reported killed

  1. Arrest Obama on Inauguration Day and his Gay Band of Muslim Terrorist Friends. I’m tired of his treasonable actions and inactions. He doesn’t think right. And, the little house he’s had built across the WH means he’s a wus too.

    • “He doesn’t think right.”

      He does if he’s really a Muslim after all, or a Stalinist who wants Muslims to believe he’s one of them.

      In either case – take your pick, the end result will be the same – every single thing he does and doesn’t do makes perfect sense.

  2. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Obama’s letting Americans die abroad. What does that tell you? MSM won’t demonize Islam Extremists or Obama’s Funding them and the Muslim Brotherhood at home or abroad. These Massacres against Americans at home or abroad – by Terrorists that Obama pays with Our Tax $$ is Treasonable. Arrest Obama & his Muslim Brotherhood nut jobs, in our Government.

  3. America’s non-response to this atrocity of seven Americans tells me more than ever that the White House is run by the MB, and therefore why respond to the atrocities of fellow Muslims? America…you are up Shit Creek without a paddle or a hope in Hell.

  4. These so-called militants should be buried wrapped in pig entrails etc., and in a anonymous (non recorded) location
    I believe that will keep them from their virgins and warn off others that if they do this — Hell awaits (it does anyway)

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