Vegas judge sets bail for Saudi Air Force sergeant accused of child rape


Bail for an accused child rapist from another country? via Saudi Air Force sergeant accused of child rape in Las Vegas | Reuters.

Jan 18 (Reuters) – A Saudi Air Force sergeant in the United States for training has been arrested on child sexual assault charges over accusations he raped a 13-year-old boy in a Las Vegas hotel, and bail was set on Friday at just over $1.2 million, authorities said.

Mazen Alotaibi is accused of raping the boy on New Year’s Eve at the Circus Circus hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, where both Alotaibi and the boy were guests, according to a criminal complaint.

Police said that Alotaibi, 23, had been visiting Las Vegas while temporarily stationed at Lackland Air Force base in Texas.

The man’s defense lawyer said his client had been in Las Vegas with a group of Saudi military friends ahead of the impending end of his U.S. training, and had spent the hours before the incident drinking.

“He was two weeks from graduating. He came to Las Vegas to celebrate. It was New Year’s Eve,” the attorney, Don Chairez, told Reuters, complaining that Alotaibi was intoxicated when he was interrogated by police and that he admitted he may have had sexual contact with the boy only under aggressive questioning.

“There is no evidence my client dragged this kid to the hotel room,” Chairez said, adding that the boy had approached the Saudi group looking to buy marijuana. “They repeatedly tried to get rid of him.”

A court clerk said that bail was set for Alotaibi at more than $1.2 million on Friday on charges including child sexual assault and coercion.

Las Vegas media reported that the judge ordered that Alotaibi surrender his passport and remain in the United States if he posts bail. He could face life in prison if convicted of the most serious charges, his lawyer said.

 He was granted bail? Will the Saudi’s bail him out? Will he disappear like the bin Laden family members did after 9/11?

From the original report, Saudi sergeant arrested, admits raping 13-year old boy in Las Vegas hotel:

The boy told police that none of the men spoke English.

Alotaibi later told police he offered the boy money for sex, and when he refused, he raped the boy, the report said.

The boy was able to leave the room as Alotaibi was getting dressed. He told hotel security about the incident and was taken to University Medical Center for treatment and testing by a sexual assault nurse.

The exam confirmed sexual trauma, the report said.

The boy was visiting Las Vegas with a relative and did not know Alotaibi, said police Lt. Dan McGrath.

“We have a very strong case based on the victim’s statements and evidence at the scene,” he said.

Alotaibi told police he was drinking Hennessy all night and was drunk when he met the boy. He first denied allegations, but later admitted he “put his penis in his mouth for just a couple of seconds” and his penis “accidentally” went into the boy’s rectum.

30 thoughts on “Vegas judge sets bail for Saudi Air Force sergeant accused of child rape

    • Yes, of course. There are lots of true Christians who don’t. Because God tells us to love him, and everyone else….without discrimination. And to always forgive everyone…no matter what. And to pray for them. That means everyone.

  1. put him away for life and make him eat pork; in his country he’d be hung in less than a week. we spend too much time making sure we don’t hurt their feelings; he needs the same treatment he did to that young boy; oh I forgot, that is their way of life due to islam being the most unnatural belief ever.

    • I thought Islamics were forbidden to drink alcohol. And they hated gays? Or is it that they don’t want anyone else to do it but it is okay for them? Doing Muhammad’s work you know. If someone is gay, that is fine. But to rape a boy is heinous. I don’t understand why we need to bring these turds to America to train with our military. That is why the scum that were involved with the Twin Towers on 9/11 knew how to fly and were able to slam those planes into the Towers. They were allowed to come here to learn. We can’t give our kids a free way to college but we can educate the scum from one of the richest oil regimes in the world.

      • Wake up world! What’s this afraid and kiss theMuslims Sos double standards? Its ok fir them to chop heads and carve up Americans troops, but if one if our soldiers pee’s on one of their sticky corpses or waterboard them, they get sent to jail. Send them all back to their camels and deserts. You are harboring an enemy that hates you and will eventually cut your head off and invade the country. Why in the hell did America re elect aMuslim President????

  2. ‘his penis “accidentally” went into the boy’s rectum’.

    Could happen to anyone.

    You’re alone with a naked 13 year old boy in a Las Vegas hotel (as you do) and before you know it your penis has for some unknown reason wormed it’s way into his backside.

    Unfortunately there are many within the liberal camp who would choose to believe this hokum.

    • “Unfortunately there are many within the liberal camp who would choose to believe this hokum.”

      Not merely believe it…envy it. Islam is only a symptom. Leftists are the disease.

  3. WEll, this will come down to IF THE JUDGE is a Muslim or Socialist.
    They SANCTION this type of action.

  4. Islam is a sick non religion of evil, a male dominated do as I say not as I do evil non religion. Although islam hates gays it is rife with adult males raping young boys. Arafats guards used to report that hundreds of young boys would visit him each week for sex Many believe he died of aids. These people are devils incarnate and have to be stopped very soon before they destroy all mankind. Wake up western leaders and see exactly what these vile, evil people are upto

    • You need to aware of your own history. I don’t agree with what was done to a child in SIn City.However. we see priest who skrew boys in the churches in which they preach. Is their actions enough to condem a religion or the people who practice it ? Las Vegas is called Sin City, where all kinds of sins happen by All walks of low lives that are attracked there. personally I would pick a better place to take my children. Remember, this. It is easy to condem a people you don’t like. read the Anonymous posted the 21st. 11 :56 am.

    • There are people who called themselves christians, that cloke themselves in rightousness. History has found them guilty of murder, rape, theaf to every race of people on the planet.It was christians that killed of the first people and owners of the land America. Kidnapped a people forced into slavery for over 400 yrs. Who dropped twice a Atom bomb in two cities.You people have a God complex. You are truly a threat not just mankind but the planet. So-called christian history tells their story.How many Priest has raped boys in the Name of God ?

      • None – NONE – of the things you listed can be attributed to the teachings of Christ or of His apostles as found in the 66 books of the Bible. NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE.

        However, every single atrocity now being committed by Muslims can be laid either at the feet of Mohammed via his teachings as contained in the Koran or by his own life example, or attributed to Muslim jurisprudence which evidently carries as much weight as the former.

        Likewise, atrocities committed by atheists are a direct result of their (in their own foolish, darkened minds) assassinating God and His Law, thus elevating themselves (again, in their own foolish, darkened minds) to the status of God over everyone over whom they wield power.

        But of course you’re already aware of that and so are just a tiny little hypocrite wanting some attention. Now that you’ve gotten it, go away.

        • And by the way…with reference to the 400 years of black slavery, other blacks happily defeated and captured enemy tribes and sold them to whites. That does not justify any aspect of slavery as it existed at America’s founding, but it does prove that you’re either badly ignorant or are selective in your choice of facts. Either way you’re not to be taken seriously, based on your grammar alone.

        • said: Of course you don’t owe your ways to the teachings of the bible.Where did you learn it ? What do you base your demonic mistreatment on mankind ?

  5. Completely acceptable under sharia. Tell a church bringing these sons of Satan in, and a Liberal for amusement. I love to see their faces when I tell them thats what they are helping to get here. The final punch is wait till it happens to a family member of theirs.

  6. “WOW!” 1.2 Million Dollars??? whew!!! That’s a LOT of money…isn’t it?

    Oh yeah…we’re talking about a “Saudi”…right!

    Where everyone drives 500 & 600 Mercedes…as a “second” car…right!

    Oh…I guess some child will have to ask their Parents for the $1.2 Million…huh!

  7. Reminds me of the case of the “middle eastern” terrorists who were caught in the act of trying to blow up the George Washington Bridge on 9/11 but later released and deported without facing any trial whatsoever. In the words of CBS’s Dan Rather, ““Two suspects are in FBI custody after a truckload of explosives was discovered around the George Washington Bridge. Whether the discovery of those explosives has anything to do with other events of the day is unclear, but the FBI…says enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge.” Google “Five dancing Israelis arrested on 9-11” for more information.

  8. First, I’m American, and Christian. Second, yes, to answer the ignorance above, the Quran does forbid alcohol and homosexuality.
    Obviously, this guy, and his buddies don’t care. That is a common attitude among rich young people worldwide, I’ve noticed. Has more to do with parents, than religion, I think. .
    And for those of you who do care, Las Vegas has a huge population of runaway homeless kids who are desperate for drugs, food and shelter. That is probably also a parenting issue. If you do care, you can contact the chamber of commerce, and I am sure they can direct you to numerous to numerous services, charities, churches, temples, and mosques that would be willing to take your donations of time or money to improve their situations. Ignorance and talk will do little to change this situation. Love and action for our young people, and the young people who come here as students from around the world will make this world a better place. I hope this guy gets justice for screwwing this kid. And I hope the other kids parents have had a wake up call, and change their ways.

  9. By the way, @ erom, Jesus also teaches love, humility, and forgiveness. Please review the Sermon on the Mount, all the red letters, Matthew 5,6 and 7 is a good location. We’re condemned sinners given mercy by God. Show mercy. Love our enemies, and pray for them. Otherwise, how are we any different from anyone else, brother?

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