Canadian military intelligence: Muslims in Bosnia shelled their own people

Some interesting tweets by @Serbianna via Google Translate.

THE HAGUE – The Canadian military intelligence officer has testified today at the trial of Radovan Karadzic before the ICTY, said that BiH. Muslims artillery firing at their own people in Sarajevo in order to blame the Serbs and to provoke international intervention against them.

Former President of the Republic of Serbian accused of terrorizing the population of Sarajevo campaign of artillery and sniper attacks, the genocide in Srebrenica, the persecution of Muslims and Croats throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the taking of UN peacekeepers as hostages, 1992-95.

Testifying for the defense of Karadzic, the identity of a protected pseudonym KW-554, a Canadian officer said that the main command of UNPROFOR in Zagreb, where he served, “was a widespread belief that Muslims were responsible for some of the most notorious incidents” in which over War killed civilians in Sarajevo.

“There was a belief that Muslim forces artillery shoot their own people in order to blame the Serbs and provoke international intervention in their favor,” said the witness.

He pointed out that, according to the information he had, the Muslims were responsible for “at least one” of the two explosions at Markale.

In the first, fifth February 1994, killing 66 people and injuring more than 140 people. In the second, 28 August 1995, 43 people were killed, and the wounded 75th

Another post reports that Muslims acted with impunity, General Michael Rose: The U.S. and NATO weapons, and Muslims in violation of UN resolution.

When asked by defense counsel Lukic, Rose has confirmed that it requested a NATO air raids on Muslim forces that have undermined the Igman exclusion zone artillery around Sarajevo, UNPROFOR ultimatum violated and attacked the French troops.

The commander of NATO air forces in Naples, Rouzovim at him, he replied that the alliance “will not accept” to do so. “So, the Muslims were not in danger, although they violated agreements,” offered the conclusion Lukic.

It also fits the timeline of Bill Clinton’s offer, via The “Srebrenica Massacre” as a Western Myth:

Dorin also reminded of the statements by the Muslim politicians given to media about an “offer” American president Bill Clinton made to Bosnian Muslim war leader Alija Izetbegović back in April 1993, to have “the Chetnik [Serb] forces enter Srebrenica and massacre 5,000 Muslims, which would result in the [US-led NATO] military intervention” against Bosnian Serbs.

At the same time, Dutch UNPROFOR troops testified that Serb Army treated Muslim civilians in an entirely correct manner, while Srebrenica Muslim warlord Naser Orić with his fighters was massacring Serb civilians in the most monstrous fashion for years in Srebrenica municipality, and pillaging and destroying their property all the while.

Muslims were not only defended by the U.S., they were illegally armed by the U.S., Clinton OK’d Iran-Bosnia Arms Sales.

Clinton-administration officials insist that the decision on the arms shipments was justified. The United States was always sympathetic to the Muslims, who bore the brunt of Serbian territorial aggression, and amenable to easing their plight short of violating the embargo.

Although history has been rewritten, bits and pieces of the truth can be found.

9 thoughts on “Canadian military intelligence: Muslims in Bosnia shelled their own people

    • You and me both. And we were, and are, right. But this is, and was par for the course; the west getting it wrong yet again! And still the west is hunting down Serbs; anything to appease their muslim darlings.

      Even travel film maker Rick Steeves goes out of his way to paint a rosy picture of muslims–in Bosnia he spends over twice as much time with a muslim woman telling him of the attrocities against muslims.

  1. Billy the rapist told them (the KLA/ koranimals) to orchestrate a massacre in order for him to create a narrative that caused outrage in the west & thus intervention. Hellova way to repay the Serbs for saving so many American airmen’s lives during WWII..

  2. I don’t need a report for this. My in-laws and a few hundred other people can tell you that their village (a Serb enclave on the edge of Sarajevo) was accused of bombing that market on that day and it happened on a day when everybody knows that nothing was fired and there was no fighting. They remember hearing on TV that they had done it and they knew they hadn’t. Many years later I happened to see Julia Gorin at Republican Riot mention this, I happened to find out that the truth had come out. CNN didn’t correct it and it didn’t make headlines. This is just what I know from experience, I wonder how many of the stories are like this.

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