Muslim American inaugural event places minaret over White House

As Muslims in Algeria took Americans hostage and killed them, Muslims in the U.S. could care less and will be busy celebrating one of their own, Barack Hussein Obama. On their website they superimposed a minaret over the White House for the big event. It’s over an American flag in the Facebook flyer.

“The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.”

The event is sponsored by unindicted co-conspirators to the largest terror financing conviction in U.S. history, Muslim Brotherhood-linked CAIR and ISNA, to name a few. Former Nation of Islam brother and now Muslim Congressman Keith Hakim X. Ellison and Sheila Jackson Lee are honorary co-chairs. 

We’ve been hearing Muslims say for years that the black flag of jihad will be flown over the White House too.

jihad flag WH

According to Muslims, “Islam Will Dominate”

We also have a DC imam entrusted by the Obama administration on video stating he envisions an Islamic North America by 2050.

According to this Muslim inaugural group, 20% of DC is already Muslim:

Muslim Democratic Caucus of DC

The Muslim Democratic Caucus of the District of Columbia was formed in 2008, during the historic election of President Barack Obama. As an organization, it represents the estimated 20% of DC residents who are Muslim or live in a household with a Muslim. During the 2012 elections, the Muslim Democratic Caucus endorsed winning Democratic candidates, raised funds and recruited dozens of volunteers for its endorsed candidates, and mobilized hundreds of votes from our community. According to Islamic tenants, Muslims participating in democratic elections are obligated to vote as a bloc based upon a consensus of the Muslim community.

Another Muslim inaugural event on Monday boasts a who’s who of terror-linked, terror and sharia supporting, Muslim Brotherhood connected Muslims and their cohorts in government. There’s pictures of past events too, including this one from the 2009 event:


Update: The White House has no problem participating with those who plan to implement sharia in the U.S.:

Gala Update: We’re pleased to announce the White House has confirmed its participation in Sunday’s Gala. posted yesterday at 8:58am facebook

Just how did less than 1% of the U.S. population get so much influence?

Off topic but relatedRapper Lupe Fiasco thrown offstage during pre-inauguration event after anti-Obama rant [VIDEO]

This isn’t the first time the rapper, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, has been vocal about his dislike for the president.

25 thoughts on “Muslim American inaugural event places minaret over White House

  1. How can 50% off Americans be sooooooo Dumb ASSES to re elect this illegally sitting Muslim President. And why were there 6000 Russian troops in Denver ????? Russia has never been America’s friend!!!!

      • Yep – half of America is liberal. Glad you conservatives have figured out that you’re just a minority now. I’m sure NOW you’re concerned about minority rights…we’ll consider giving you a few.

        • I don’t need you considering anything for the rest of us. You’re not capable of actually governing, and when the time comes, you will discover that your opinion is as valueless as you are. You’re such a hypocrite and a bigot. Minority rights. MORON. We care about EVERYONE’S rights if they are American. So I guess that doesn’t apply to YOU anymore since you’ve freely given up your citizenship to THIS country.

    • Ialready vomiited! WHEN ,WHEN ARE WE WAKING UO, and how much more can we take? We need to organize, it seems we cannot count on either party, let us form our own. Let it be called FREEDOM , or we will be called idiots tha did not wake up in time to extinguish the fire in their homes. Let us use our laws and impeach the entire left leaning government, and back to our western Judeo Christian laws and life style.

  2. OFA forming new organization… michelle obama is featured in short film.. work not yet done… it’s now called Organizing for Action…
    she just couldn’t picture herself without all the perks… nor without all the power…

    • It’s an existing organization that the corrupt one is getting changed to a non taxable organization. So they can get all kinds on illegal contributions and not pay taxes on any of it! Total corruption corrupts totally! Mooslems are taught to lie to non-mooslems, let the revolution begin.

  3. “The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom.”

    • Let us help you and your cretin friends to your end as quickly as possible so the rest of the world can enjoy the rest of life without worrying about a bunch of 7th century morons murdering and terrorizing.

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